I masturbated to you

Callie shuts the door to her bedroom, turning to face the big king-size bed that she sleeps in alone – most nights anyway. She has lit some candles and turned on her bedside lamp, the perfect piece of mood lighting.

Callie is happy, she saw her sister and her brother-in-law today and since they left her company, he is all she can think about. Her sister’s husband is a real charmer, tall, dark and handsome, the triple threat. He has been married to Callies sister for just a year now but Callie is aloud a little crush, she can daydream and fantasize, what’s the harm in that? She would never hurt her sister and this slice of pleasure that she gives herself, isn’t hurting anyone.

She knows that her sister’s husband gives her the eye, quite frankly, he has said as much behind his wife’s back but Callie likes to just tease him, charming him with her flirtatious nature, and then go home and masturbate thinking about him.

Today she has chosen something big to use, a girthy, long dildo that will make her cream. She knows it’s wrong, she shouldn’t be masturbating thinking about her brother-in-law but what harm can it do if nobody knows?

Her pussy is already wet, she has been thinking about him since he left her house and she knows just by looking at him how good he would feel inside of her. His fingers are long and manly, perfect for probing and playing with her pussy, she notices his bulge through his pants and her own sister even mentioned what an unforgettable man he was in the bedroom. She had to try not to flush when her sister said that because she had already imagined everything there was about this man and now her suspicions of him being a good fuck were confirmed.

Callie climbs into her bed, her skin is smooth and sensitive, aroused by the loud thoughts of her brother-in-law circling around her mind, She reaches for her large dildo and closes her eyes, thinking of him on top of her, big and strong, his musky masculine scent filling her nostrils, the smell strong enough to be real.

At first, she uses her fingers to play with herself, parting her waxed plump labia and rubbing her fingers over her swelling clitoris. It feels good and she can’t help but dive inside of her tight hole with one of her fingers, letting out a little gasp as she feels how wet she is. She rubs at her clitoris and fingers herself with one of her freshly manicured fingers for a few moments before taking her large dildo and teasing her entrance with it. It vibrates and spins, everything you could want from a sex toy and she marvels at the sensations as she pushes it inside of herself, feeling as if her entire pussy is being stimulated at once by this thing.

Her mind floats towards thoughts of her brother-in-law, imagining that this is his cock pushing inside of her, she lets the thought consume her as she thrusts the large dildo in and out of her tight hole, her clitoris throbbing from the vibrations and the dildo coated in her creamy fluid that she secretes when she is this turned on. She knows her sister doesn’t have a libido as high as hers and wonders about her brother-in-law at that very moment, is he masturbating too? perhaps even thinking about her, she thinks to herself.

Her dildo squeezes all the way inside of her and she spreads her legs wider, feeling the sheet beneath her dampening from her creamy wetness. She lets out a little moan, her body trembling with pleasure, she can only think of her brother-in-law and what he would do to her body. She imagines him walking into her room, wearing just a towel, letting it fall to the ground as he comes closer towards her, crawling up her bed, planting kisses along her feet, over her legs, and up her thighs before finally reaching her pussy where he plants a longing kiss against her wetness, lapping at her pussy, sucking on her clitoris and began her tremble more. His hands reach up and squeeze her breasts, groping them longingly as he moans into her pussy, his breathing heavy and his cock rock solid beneath him.

She imagines him flipping her over onto all fours effortlessly, spreading her ass, and pushing his way into her pussy, remarking on how tight she is and enjoying her deep, wet canal. Cassie moans loudly for him and feels him filling her up with his seed as he fucks her roughly, slapping against her hips. When he is done he probes inside of her ass and finds himself rock hard again as he slides in and begins stretching her asshole, making Cassie whimper and cum hard.

Her mind is plagued by these thoughts as the dildo reaches deep inside of her, her cream seeping out, and the patch beneath her increased. She is sweating too, her eyes squeezed shut and she knows she can’t hold off this orgasm for much longer, no matter how much she teases herself. She tries to pull the dildo away from her clitoris, giving her more time to enjoy the fantasy of her brother-in-law that she is so lost in but it’s useless, she has no control and suddenly she begins to cum. Her orgasm shoots out of her, soaking her sheets, creamy fluid leaks from her hole, her body trembles, and her knees shake, arching her back, more liquid pours from her pussy as she tosses her dildo to one side. Wriggling around and feasting on the sensation, Cassie accidentally utters his name as she comes down from her orgasm. Breathing hard and trembling, she lays there for some time, still trembling and whimpering each time the remnants of her orgasm trickle around her body.

Suddenly, from under her sheets, she hears someone saying: “Cassie?”, followed by some heavy breathing.

Frantically she looks around the room, pulling up her sheets and finding her phone, she had accidentally dialed his number and he has heard everything.

Authors note: Masturbation is a big deal to me, I love blowing off some steam and getting rid of any pent-up sexual energy with a nice masturbation session. I know how much the main character needed that orgasm and I hope you enjoyed it too. Let me know if you like self-masturbation stories! Tamsin

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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