I Only Make Guys I Love Wear A Condom

Many people called me a slut. I know, they had their reasons. Hell, I even called myself by that name, but I don’t think that many of them realized that it was not that simple. Just because you’re a slut that doesn’t mean that you have no rules or no principles because I did and I was proud of myself for it.

Yes, I was sleeping around and yes I could have multiple guys a day, but I still knew that if there was something special between us it couldn’t be ruined by any amount of sex that I was having.

I made all the guys that I really liked wear condoms when they fucked me. I know, it doesn’t sound logical, but I wanted to make it special for the time when they would actually put their load in me. Even if before I had others inside.

Sometimes I would go absolutely feral in need of sex. My body would just need it and there was nothing I could do about it. My pussy was throbbing and my mouth just needed a cock inside, so what I could do about it? Why did I need to deny myself just to seem better than I was? It had no sense to me then and it still doesn’t have now.

If it happened during the morning I would usually come to the truck stop. Guys there were always in need of some help and they also bought me breakfast afterward. I would pick one of them that looked the most put together and clean when I came to them. They would eye me, knowing what exactly I was looking for, and soon I’ll get one of them in their truck for some fun. Sometimes there would be two or three of them, but not more. I couldn’t handle more in the morning.

They all asked to get their dicks sucked, so I got to it right away without a question. There was something so precious about the way they look while I had them in my mouth, sucking and making them feel good. That first load they’ll shoot in my mouth was always the fastest. That was why I preferred to suck them first – my pussy needed a good pounding after anyway.

Then they would get me laying on my back in the part of their track with the bed and I’ll just enjoy what they had to offer. It was relaxing to just look up as cock was moving inside my pussy making me feel good. If there was more than one I needed to put in work, of course. There would be cock in my pussy, in my mouth, and in my hand and I needed to make them all cum. In the end, each would get a go at my pussy or my asshole and it was great.

I would leave the truck stop having made all of these men happy and it made me happy too. They had a long day ahead and my holes gave them some comfort and pleasure. Sometimes this would just be enough for me, but sometimes it wasn’t. And I would get on my way to find someone else to fill my pussy and calm me down.

There was a place downtown next to the business center. People from the offices went there to eat during their lunch, but some came for something else. In the men’s restroom, there was a stall in the far end where anyone could come to get a blowjob or fuck a pussy. Local sluts would go there if they needed it, but mostly it was just me.

I would go there, turn my back to the door, pull my skirt up and show off my pussy so they would see what they were getting into. Anyone could come there and fuck me, sometimes there would be even a line and I had nothing against it. I enjoyed it more than I could ever describe.

I would be standing there, waiting, with my hands on the wall as men would walk in one by one. Some were rougher, some were more gentle, but they all needed the same – just my pussy and nothing else. They would make me bend and take their cocks inside, moaning lightly, as they were filling me in.

Once they were inside my pussy they all just needed a release and soon it would come. It took me usually three or four of them to feel satisfied, but if there was more waiting outside I’d let them hit it too. Some thought that it was disgusting that my pussy was messy and filled with cum after a few of them, but it didn’t matter to those who really wanted to fuck.

They were ready for me even if there were streams of cum leaking out of me, even if my pussy was gaping from an especially big cock. They just needed to be inside me and put their load in.

Usually, that would be enough for me. It was hard to want someone after that many cocks even for a whore like me, but sometimes I still needed more. Yes, even with my pussy taking this much and still being filled I needed more. That was when I would go to the club.

It was easy to catch someone there. People went into the club to find someone to fuck anyways and I wasn’t any different.

I would find myself a guy or in most cases, a group of them and offer us to find some other place to talk. They would be so happy that a girl was asking them for their cocks that they would just offer to get me back to their place so we all could have a good time.

Once we were there it would get easy. Usually, they’ll just use me in a circle, making it fun and enjoyable for all of us. One guy would be sticking his cock in my mouth, while I sucked him and massaged his balls and the other would be in my pussy, fucking me hard. Then there would be another two. And another, until I would be filled and satisfied with them.

If that wasn’t enough they would sandwich me and I’ll get cock both in my pussy and my ass. It felt overwhelming and so good, I loved it so much. Then they would get me home where I could finally lay down, fully satisfied.

Yes, I did do all those things even when I was dating. And if there was this special guy waiting for me at home, I’ll fuck him too, but only in a condom.

We would kiss and he would push in my pussy, not feeling all of that cum that was already inside me, not touching the walls of my pussy that other cocks touched and it was the purest form of love I had to offer.

They didn’t need to be like any other men and fuck me raw, leaving a trail, I wanted their cocks clean and nice for when I’ll be ready to accept their loads.

You can judge me all you want, but I’m happy being a slut. All the choices I’m making are turning me into a happier woman every single day and I can’t wish for more.

Authors note: To write this piece of erotica I closed my eyes and really envisioned myself through the eyes of my horny protagonist. I wrote this through real-life experiences and pure imagination, I wanted to express what it would feel like to be a slut and now I am really in the mood to meet someone just like this. – Tamsin 😜

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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