ICYMI: Must I Use A Condom?

Candy made me feel special, looking back I am not even sure if that is her real name. She worked at the gas station that I used every morning on my way to work and she was married to the chief mechanic in the garage next door. She took the time in speaking to me, she would compliment me, and always gave me a beautiful smile whenever I came in and a cheeky wink when I left.

Candy was a pocket rocket and although I could have had the shit beaten out of me if her hillbilly husband found out about what we really got up to, it was worth it.

You see, at work Candy was professional, as nice to me as she was to everybody else but as soon as her shift ended she would find me in the parking lot and I would fuck her brains out for 30 minutes until she raced home, back to her husband who didn’t suspect a thing.

One night Candy finished her shift, as usual, I was waiting in my truck for her, my dick already hard as I rubbed it softly over my pants. I saw Candy walking quickly towards my truck, she was wearing a tight, low-cut red top and a tiny denim skirt, her work shirt draped over her arm and her purse in the other hand. Her blonde hair bounced with her as she ran quicker to me, smiling widely as she saw me waiting there.

Opening the door she kissed me a welcoming hello, tossed her stuff into the footwell and she instantly went down on me. She took my cock gleefully, enjoying the mouthful and she moaned softly as I face fucked her, her spit drooling over my dick and down her chin. I grabbed at Candy’s perky breasts, pulled them free from her red shirt, and squeezed them delightfully, I had waited all day for this.

Slowly I reclined my chair and pulled Candy on top of me, her small denim skirt riding up her back as she lay on me, kissing my neck and whispering dirty things in my ear.

I ran my hands over her smooth butt and pulled her up towards me so that I could get my dick close to her slit, rubbing it slowly against her opening, willing for her to let me in.

As always I asked her; “Do I have to wear a condom?”, pleadingly, in a whisper.

She smiled down at me, rubbing herself against my dick, and said:

“You know you do, we don’t wanna get caught, honey”.

I slid the condom onto my erect, pulsating dick, moved her panties to one side, and pushed my cock inside of Candy’s tight hole, gripping onto her smooth butt as I did, hearing her sweet moans in my ear as she began riding me, the truck moving slightly as she bounced on top of me, her breasts pushed up against my face as she took my dick deep inside of her. I wish it was bareback but Candy’s husband might just suspect something if she came home filled with another man’s cum.

I craved this woman deeply, she was perfection to me, she smelt so sweet and tasted like honey, she plagued my every thought, and when we are fucking it’s like two kindred souls letting out all of their sexual tension and desire into one another. My mind was wandering as she bounced on top of me.

Her pussy clenched tightly around me and I felt myself uncontrollably about to cum, I tried to stop her from moving but it was no use, I came, my condom filling with the semen that I wished so desperately to be inside of her. I pulled out of her and she got back into the passenger seat, her skirt still up around her waist where it had moved too and her knees bent, Candy looked at me and said: “We still have 14 minutes”.

Biting her lip, she leaned back against the door, spread her legs, her knees under her armpits, her breasts still hanging loosely from her red top and she began playing with her pussy, a show that she knows I adore to watch. She rubbed softly on her clit and then got faster, more furious, and ravenous for her own orgasm, tiny moans escaping her mouth as she tried to bite her lip to keep herself quiet. I could see and hear how wet she was, her pussy moving rhythmically with her fingers as she rubbed herself into ecstasy, her orgasm spilling out of her, her squirt landing on the seat, pooling beneath her as she let out a loud moan. She was terrific.

Candy left my truck, kissing me goodbye, hurrying home to her husband and leaving me with a soaked passenger seat that I was going to have to look at and get hard about every time I looked at it.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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