Ana’s eyes fluttered open. She couldn’t believe she had fallen asleep. Then again, maybe it wasn’t that surprising, seeing as Derek and Austin had insisted on watching the most boring movie of all time. Her vote had been outnumbered. 

“Well, look who’s finally awake!” said Derek as Ana sat upright from her place in between the two men on the couch. “Someone must not like what we picked.”

She rubbed her eyes and laughed. “I vote we put on a movie I can actually enjoy. None of this action shit.”

The three of them had been friends for several years, ever since college. They usually got together for movie nights and the occasional hookup. It was always a good time, and Ana especially looked forward to these nights. 

Ana switched through the Netflix home screen and decided on a comedy that would actually keep her attention. As she did so, Derek’s hands began to wander across her t-shirt, squeezing her breasts through the fabric. Ana’s breath drew sharp at his touch. 

“Is this movie okay?” she asked, knowing it didn’t matter. 

Austin mindlessly reached between her thighs while Derek began running his fingers across her nipples, causing them to harden. Austin stroked her clit through the fabric, but never once bothered to look at Ana. It was almost like a habit, just something he did now. 

Austin’s hand slid into the waistband of Ana’s tiny shorts now. Her pussy was soft and smooth to the touch, and she writhed gently against him. 

Ana’s breath began to grow shallow and fast-paced. The men fondled and groped her as they sat ahead and stared at the TV, paying her no mind. This turned her on so much, and they knew this. It had become almost routine at this point. Her pussy began to throb, and she could already feel the wetness forming.

Austin began to undress her then, sliding her shorts down and pulling her shirt over her head, and taking her bra with it so that Ana sat completely naked now. The two men started to squeeze her breasts now, laughing at a scene on the screen. Ana was moaning louder now, her nipples reactive to their fingers tugging and rubbing her sensitive peaks.

“Dude, have you seen this?” asked Austin, nodding his head to the TV. As he spoke, he lowered Ana’s head, took his cock, and pressed it up against Ana’s lips, rubbing it there to encourage her to open up for him. She eagerly did so. 

“A long time ago,” said Derek, helping to pull Ana’s hair out of her face as she sucked off his friend. “Fucking hilarious.”

Ana began to suck Austin’s cock sloppily now, moaning against it, as he and Derek continued making conversation, completely blocking Ana out. The wetness between her legs was increasing with every passing second.

“Let me have a turn,” said Derek after a few minutes.

Austin withdrew his cock so Derek could gently pull Ana’s face down to his lap to give him head. Austin used this opportunity to get behind Ana, running his fingers across the lips of her pussy to feel her soaking wet.

Ana groaned against Derek’s cock as she felt Austin slowly press his way inside of her. 
“Did you know they’re making a second one? They’re going to ruin a good thing, I can already tell.”

Ana listened to Derek and Austin make small chat with each other as the movie played in the background. Derek held her face in one position so he could use her mouth, pools of spit forming at the corners of her lips and spilling out. 

“This pussy is so wet today,” said Austin, running his hand along the smooth tan skin of Ana’s ass before giving it a few hard smacks.

“Switch me, dude, I want to feel it for myself.”

Derek unceremoniously pulled Ana off from his cock as Austin came around and took his turn with her mouth. 

“Fuck, you’re right. It’s soaked today, isn’t it?”

Derek’s cock sank deep inside Ana, who was so turned on she couldn’t stand it. His fingers pressed into her hips as he fucked her roughly, causing her head to thrust deeper down onto Austin’s cock. Austin reached under her to pull her nipples, causing Ana to whimper. A delicious bolt of pain surged through her. 

Austin ignored her, instead choosing to laugh loudly at the TV. This really was the life, wasn’t it? He leaned his head back, relaxing as Ana continued to suck him off. Derek continued to pound her pussy over and over, skin slapping against skin.

“Let’s get her on the ground on all fours,” said Austin suddenly, wanting another chance with Ana’s tight pussy.

Derek pulled out from her and slapped her ass as though to say, “you heard him.”

She took her position on the floor of the living room on all fours as Derek and Austin got behind her, their hands roughly grabbing and fondling her. Ana moaned and arched her back, wanting them to fill her up again.

She got her wish moments later, as Austin took her again, going harder than he had earlier, causing Ana to fall forward so she was face down, ass up on the carpet. 

“Check her out,” said Derek, who was stroking his cock and watching the actress on the screen.

“Would love to rip that bikini off her.”

Austin laughed. “Hell yes. Talk about MILF.”

Ana groaned while listening to the two of them making conversation behind her as though she wasn’t there. Her pussy was absolutely throbbing and dripping wet around Austin’s cock.
“Ah, shit,” Austin groaned, “fuck. . .”

Ana realized he was cumming, filling her pussy with hot streams as he held her tightly against his cock. 

“Shit man, you always finish in her first,” said Derek, laughing annoyingly. “Next time, you’re getting my sloppy seconds.”

Austin slapped Ana on the ass and pulled out. “Sorry, dude.”

Austin got out of the way so Derek could have his turn filling Ana up. He dragged the head of his cock across the entrance of her pussy to find that she was leaking cum.

“Ooh,” Ana moaned, burying her face into the carpet again as Derek started to fuck her sensitive, soaked pussy in a rough, relentless rhythm. 

“Do you want a drink for when you’re done?” called Austin, who was heading to the kitchen.
“Yeah! Thanks, man.”

It didn’t take Derek long at all to cum. Ana’s pussy felt perfect wrapped around his cock and her ass looked so appealing, bouncing as he pounded in and out of her. 

“Ahhhh, holy shit,” he groaned, grabbing Ana’s hips and pulling her back against him as he filled her with her second load of cum of the evening.

When he pulled out of her, Austin had returned with drinks. They helped Ana up to stand and smiled at her. She could hardly stand from how weak she felt. 

The guys returned to their place on the couch. Austin reached down to grab Ana’s clothes and hand them to her, his face showing an expectant expression.

Ana’s heart was racing as she got dressed and sat down between the men once again, her pussy uncomfortably wet against her shorts.

She realized she had no idea what was going on in the movie and that neither of them would rewind if she asked. Sighing happily, she cuddled up against Austin, who passed her a drink as he turned the volume up to the TV.

Authors note: Those of you who know I love writing and experiencing threesomes will know how much I loved this rough and exciting sex story. There was something about the way that Ana was treated by her two lovers that made me hungry and craving something new… Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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