I’m not on the pill, so will my mouth do?

“I just don’t like it”, Kirsty says to her new fuck buddy Giovanni. She hates the pill, she hasn’t been on it for years, and she doesn’t plan on being on it either. There’s more to sex than creampies as her new fuck buddy has learned.

In fact, Giovanni has never had such an intense orgasm as he has been having with Kirsty. Everything between them is platonic, there is no risk of falling in love or coupling up, everything they get up to is for pleasure and when they aren’t having sex, they are just hanging out until they do have sex. It’s a mutual exchange of satisfaction and both of them are very content with that.

Kirsty is in the same college class as Giovanni, engineering requires quite a lot of brainpower and so the pair like to blow off steam together after their classes. Nobody knows they are fucking, except for their roommates of course who have been sworn to secrecy. You see, the pair are complete opposites, Kirsty is a hot, cheerleader type, always up for fun but is career-driven and ambitious too. Kirsty could just about get any man that she wanted and Giovanni, although handsome, isn’t one to stand out. He comes from New York and his family of religious traditionalists who would quite frankly hate and disapprove of Kirsty. They have their eyes on a nurturing, motherly type for their only son and respectfully Kirsty is far from that, not that she would ever want to couple up with somebody like Giovanni anyway. If it wasn’t for ending up in the same class, the pair would never have even spoken to one another but they say that God works in mysterious ways and according to Giovanni this is one of those mysterious ways his mother is always talking about.

Kirsty and Giovanni quit their talking once they are back from class and back at Giovanni’s place and get straight into what they’re good at -fucking. Of course, Giovanni worries that one day he might get Kirsty pregnant considering she isn’t even on the pill, his mother would faint if he did that outside of marriage but his mind forgets all about that when he is sliding his cock inside of Kirsty’s tight purse. She is on all fours, completely naked, her legs spread, her pussy inviting and he feels his cock sliding deeper and deeper inside of her, closing his eyes to enjoy this moment, the excitement overwhelming him as he fills her up and enjoys her tight, throbbing walls around his erect cock.

Kirsty moans, enjoying his cock deep inside of her, his thick unprotected cock searching for her fertile womb. He pumps slowly, enjoying the sensations he can feel, his sensitive tip quivering with delight inside of Kirsty’s addictive and forbidden pussy.

She turns over onto her back and he gets a birds-eye view of her body, her perky tits, her red nipples that are being thumbed between her fingers, her flat stomach and, he has to admit, her pretty face is hard to ignore too. He pumps faster into her and Kirsty moans louder, she can’t help herself, Giovanni’s cock is great and she loves how deep he can get. She reaches between her legs and begins rubbing at her clit, fast circles with her fingertip as Giovanni buries his cock into her womb. She is getting off hard and she knows it won’t be long before they are both cumming and she can’t wait to taste him.

His cock pushes against her g-spot and she knows she won’t be able to control herself in a few moments, she continues rubbing her clit and without warning Kirsty she begins to blow, her orgasm shooting out of her and rippling through her body as she moans loudly and tries to bury her face into the sheets. Giovanni pants and moans too as her tight pussy tightens and clamps around his cock as she cums, making it hard for him to control himself, something he has to do if he wants to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant.

He wishes she was on the pill sometimes, just to fill her up with his cum would be a delight but what she does with his seed is worth the self-control he has had to master since meeting Kirsty.

Once she has come down from her orgasm he feels how wet his shaft has become, her pussy is dripping with juice, and it’s still throbbing around his cock, trying so hard to empty his balls inside of her. Giovanni can’t take much more and tells Kirsty who gets to her knees in front of him and opens her mouth, a delightful sight to see. He plunges his cock into the back of her throat and she closes her lips around the base of his cock, using her face to take him, swallowing him all up before he cups her face with his hands and starts to empty himself inside of her throat. His seed melts down her neck, and her tongue tastes him, swirling his head and licking off every last drop she can find, as Giovanni begins to pull out from her throat she sucks him gently, using her lips and tongue to massage his cock as he releases the last drops of his cum into her, licking her lips as he stands in front of her and catches his breath, his cock drained and sensitive, the memory of his orgasm strong on his mind.

You see, Kirsty loves cum and as she is not on the pill she makes it her mission that every single time they fuck he gets to empty his balls into her mouth for her to taste and clean up. Giovanni has never met a woman quite like her and he hopes this deal they have going on doesn’t end soon.

Authors note: I re-wrote this story a few times, I didn’t know what direction I wanted it to go in but I finally found the right balance and knew the two characters were perfect for one another once I got into the swing of things. I love forbidden love, it really excites me and with the added bonus of possible pregnancy and risk, everything just fell into place for this story. Blowjobs are one of my favorite pastimes and what better way to honor that than with a pocket rocket like Kirsty? Tamsin <3

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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