I’m Not On The Pill

I like to take risks.

I don’t want hormones in my body and I don’t want to ruin the glorious sensation of a throbbing hard cock inside of me by masking it with a thin piece of latex.

The truth is, I love sex and I don’t want any contraceptive ruining that experience for me.

I try to be careful but the risk brings me so much satisfaction and such a thrill that I find it hard to give it up.

When I met Casey he didn’t know I wasn’t on the pill, we went on a fabulous date, we were flirting the entire time and I felt his eyes hovering over my breasts in my tight black dress, he was eager to see what was underneath after so much sexual tension between us.

As we kissed in the doorway to the restaurant, his hands lingered on my lower back, gently moving down and stroking my ass. He squeezed my butt gently and I felt a shiver of desire for this man through my body, I wanted him bad but I like to make them wait because it always makes them do what I want. I span on my heel, gave him one last kiss goodbye, and disappeared into the night. His eyes lingered on my ass as I walked away.

I text a reliable hook-up, I needed a release but it couldn’t be with Casey, not just yet.

I walked to his apartment, he had the door already open for me. He was on his couch in just his underwear, black Calvin Kleins, tight around his already hard cock. I smiled knowingly at him, he knew me so well.

“Date go well?”, Max asked as I sat on his lap, kissing his broad neck.

I smirked, “Yeah, he’s a great guy but, y’know my rules, no fucking on the first date”, I said, my tongue circling around his ear lobe making his skin prickle with arousal.

“Yeah, I know your rules”, he said, holding my waist and closing his eyes as my tongue enjoyed the soft nape of his neck, suckling on his soft skin and breathing in his manly musky scent.

Before I knew it, his hands were under my dress, fondling my pussy through the tiny pair of panties I had chosen for my date with Casey. I moaned softly as his fingers pushed against my opening, my panties stopping him from getting any further inside of me. They were now soaked from my own wetness and Max loved that, he turned animalistic, ripping my tiny panties from my body and tossing them to the floor in a rush of desire and pure want.

His hand found my pussy once more and this time there was no fabric stopping him from sliding his fingers inside of me, two of them at once, curling deep into my pussy, pushing against my g-spot, his thumb rubbing my swollen clit.

I closed my eyes and let my head fall against his broad shoulder as he fingered me, making me feel so good. I moaned softly against his skin, my breath hot as my pussy spilled with wetness. I couldn’t take it any longer, I reached between his legs and squeezed his hard cock carefully contained inside of his black designer underwear.

I pulled his cock out from the constraints of his waistband, it was bulging from his mighty erection, the veins in his shaft throbbing under my fingertips. I held it in my hands as his fingers explored my pussy and slowly began jerking him off, feeling his body tensing under mine, his desperation even wilder now. I ached for him inside of me as my pussy dribbled with my own juices and I knew he was unable to resist fucking me for much longer.

Just as I was about to start begging him to fuck me, he pulled his fingers from me, they were glistening with my wetness as he slowly pushed them into my mouth, making me suck and lick them clean with my tongue. I took them gratefully, right to the back of my throat. I swirled my tongue around his index and middle finger, tasting myself and moaning softly as I continued jerking him.

Grabbing my waist he pulled me closer to him and positioned his cock against my opening, his hands fell to my thighs as I pushed his cock inside of me, gently easing myself down his thick shaft before slowly moving up and down, riding him softly, expectantly, because I knew what he was about to do next.

Just as I had known he pushed me back so that my hands were now resting on his hands and he held my hips as he began thrusting faster and faster inside of me, the loud sounds of sex filling the room as his cock smacked harshly into my pussy. I cried out with pleasure, I loved when he did it like this. His thrusts were hard and fast, making my pussy begin to cream with arousal, his cock coated in my own sticky fluid, pushing me closer and closer to the brink of orgasm before I could hold on no longer and began to explode, cumming hard all over his cock and trembling like a frightened puppy as he continued fucking me, my pussy clamping around his cock, desperate for his raw, unprotected cum.

I thrust my head back and he pulled at my dress, releasing my breasts, making them bounce as he continued thrusting hard into me.

“Do you want my cum?”, Max said through gritted teeth, sweat beads forming on his forehead.

I couldn’t get any words out so I just nodded enthusiastically, I did want it so badly, it’s my favorite thing in the world after all.

“Tell me”, he said, thrusting harder into me still, the loud slaps of his balls hitting my pussy echoing around the room.

“Please, please, I want your cum so much”, I said breathlessly, aching for him to fill my unprotected pussy up.

Max groaned loudly, squeezing my thighs tight, leaving red marks where his fingers had been as he began to explode inside of me, soaking my pussy with his cum, large throbs spilling inside of me, filling me up and coating my walls with his hot, sticky liquid.

We both panted loudly and as I climbed off of him his cum began spilling down my thighs, there was so much of it. I smiled and sat down next to him, exhausted but completely and utterly satisfied.

“I think I’ll text Casey and tell him to meet me tomorrow”, I said, smiling at Max who was still sitting in the same position, his eyes closed, his mouth open.

“Glad to be of service”, he said smiling cheekily.

As I felt Max’s cum dripping out of me I sat and pondered about what Casey’s cum would be like, thick? thin? tasty? sweet? or sour? I couldn’t help myself and I wanted it all. I would tell him I was on the pill as he undressed me tomorrow, one tiny white lie, just so that I could taste him tomorrow, I couldn’t wait a moment longer.

Authors note: I love writing from the perspective of a horny and mischievous person and in this story, I wanted bunny-boiled themes, I wanted risk and persuasion. I am a fan of unprotected sex myself but does this sexy protagonist take things too far? what do you think? – Tamsin 🍆

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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