The interview with my crush Xan West

I knew she was a cool girl, I would see her at parties and she was always in with the popular kids and she even smoked, something my mother would have sniffed out of me a mile away. She had a cool name, her parents were from Vietnam and she was different from us, she was wiser, she felt older, experienced and she wasn’t shy about her sexuality. She was an out and proud lesbian, someone who wasn’t afraid to show off her preferences and to show everyone how serious she was, she even got a tattoo one summer, it was the pride flag and she wore it with honor on her skin.

I was a nerdy student, always had my head in a book, always turning in my essays and assignments on time and I was the head of journalism in my school. It came with a lot of responsibility but I was the whole reason the school produced a detailed magazine every two weeks and kept everyone in that place informed on the current affairs.

Now, as a journalist I liked to produce good stories, hard-hitting and informative pieces were my secret weapon, and one afternoon I had the bright idea of interviewing Xan, everyone thought she was cool, everyone was a bit afraid of her and I wanted to give her a two-page spread in the school magazine and show everyone more of this incredible woman. I also would be lying to myself if I didn’t want this interview just so she would notice me, she was in my mind 24/7.

I asked her confidently one lunch break if she would be open to it and she agreed, looking me dead in the eyes whilst mine danced around the floor trying to not die of anxiety overload.

She met me in the empty classroom I had arranged and we sat on opposite sides of the desk. She had a cigarette behind her ear and her confidence oozed out of her, whilst I squirmed and averted all eye contact and asked her my pre-written questions. She answered them confidently and I slowly realized that this girl was even more incredible than I had first thought, she was interesting and kind, something her hardcore demeanor didn’t really show. There was a reason that she was so popular and I was firmly under her spell, not even really listening to her words and just staring into her chocolate brown eyes.

“Are you?”, she said, looking at me. “Huh?”, I replied, shaking my head, completely lost in my own daydream.

She laughed. “Are you a lesbian?”, she asked me. I shook my head, I hadn’t come to terms yet with my apparent feelings and emotions.

She pulled her chair close to mine and grabbed my face, my heart started beating faster. “If I kiss you, tell me what you feel, ok?”, she said and I nodded, wanting nothing more than to feel her on my lips. She pulled me close and planted a kiss on my lips, I kissed her back and it was like sparks were flying between us. I was on cloud 9, every fiber in my body on fire with desire for this mystical woman. She pulled away and I panted, she smiled at me and grabbed my hand, pressing it against her chest and encouraging me to squeeze her breasts. I looked at her dead in the eyes as my hands squeezed and fondled her, I could feel my pussy moistening as I touched her, she was so sexy.

“Can I touch yours?”, she said and I nodded slowly. She reached out and began squeezing at my own breasts, they were sensitive, in a good way, under her hands. It felt strange but also so right to have her hands groping me like that. Suddenly, I surprised myself by saying, “Can I kiss you again?”, Xan instantly brought her head closer to me and began kissing me, this time with her tongue pressing against mine, our tongues swirled around one another and our lips behaved as if they were made for one another. I felt Xan’s hand move from my breast and I was slightly disappointed but then I felt her slowly inching up my thigh and rubbing slowly between my legs, I let out a little moan and I was so embarrassed but Xan didn’t mind, she continued rubbing me before moving her hand inside of my pants and rubbing my pussy through my panties, I ached for her touch and when she moved my panties to one side and actually began touching my pussy without any fabric between us I felt on top of the world. Her finger playfully ran across my clit, something I had only ever done to myself. I moaned softly and I felt her smiling as we kissed, I was soaked, I could hear how wet I was as her fingers played with me.

She reached for my hand and pushed it slowly inside of her own pants, I had no idea what to do in there but I followed what she had done, first rubbing at her through the fabric and then inching my way to the side and touching her fleshy mound with my fingers, she was hairy and as wet as I was. I began rubbing where it felt good for me on her and she rocked softly back and forth on my fingers as I rubbed her as best as I could.

It felt electric, I could have stayed there for hours but suddenly the bell rang, making us both jump. Quickly we stood up and sorted ourselves out.

“Well…er, thanks! thank you for the interview Xan”, I said, tucking my hair behind my ear, my cheeks red and flustered.

Xan looked unfazed, winking at me as she left the room as students hurried in she said: “Anytime, but I think we need to work on it a bit more, don’t you?”.

I nodded and smiled and at that moment I knew she had unlocked my sexuality and that is when I knew that I liked girls.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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