That’s the biggest problem Sherry had with getting older, slowly feeling as if she was fading into the background and becoming invisible as life passed her by. Not being able to stand out anymore and not catching the eye of every man in the room. Of course, that’s all subjective because Sherry did catch men’s eyes, she was still beautiful in her aging years and she was the only one who couldn’t see it.

She may have passed many big birthday milestones but she was still so pretty, her face unlined, her body curvy in all of the right places, and a twinkle in her eye that had always made those around her want to fall to their knees for her.

The insecurity Sherry had about becoming invisible came from the media and a life of being told that beauty fades with age, she had believed it all and it was such a shame.

Sherry was a firework of beauty and passion, only she couldn’t see it. It took meeting George at a coffee shop downtown to ignite that flame inside of her once again and she thanks her lucky stars every day that he did.

Sipping her usual cappuccino with extra foam and a squirt of caramel syrup, Sherry smiles at George from across the room who she notices is staring at her. She feels her cheeks flush, the way he is staring at her is intense and she hasn’t felt that kind of devilish and playful eye contact in a long time. As she leans down to pick up her napkin from the floor George approaches her and introduces himself. She has seen him in the coffee shop a few times and always admired his youthful glow and handsome striking features.

“Hi, I’ve seen you here before, the names George”, he says, confidently putting out his hand.

Sherry takes it limply, shy at the whole ordeal, and answers him.

“Hi George, my name is Sherry, it’s a pleasure to meet you”, she says blushing.

“May I?”, Goerge says, pulling out the chair from under the table and motioning for himself to sit down on it. Sherry nods eagerly, she loves a chat with a nice gentleman and George is certainly making her body feel things it hasn’t in a long time.

The two get talking, they hit it off right away, it’s as if there is no age difference between them, they order more coffee and stay in that very spot for 2 hours, talking the day away, their opinions and memories sparkling and it’s safe to say the pair are quite taken with another.

“Y’know, I gotta say it, you’re beautiful”, George says, smiling at Sherry, his eyes twinkling with lust.

“Oh my! well, thank you. You are quite the handsome man yourself”, Sherry says smiling, she really likes this young man and is flattered by his obvious flirtation.

A few weeks later and Sherry and George have been on three dates, Sherry hasn’t been on a date in years and George has taken her to three of her favorite restaurants and completely spoiled her, he makes her feel so beautiful and it’s safe to say that she has been smitten by him and he is obviously head over heels for her too, although they haven’t told a soul about their meeting, they don’t want anyone to judge them because of the age difference. They also still haven’t had sex but tonight is the night and she can’t wait to ask George back to her place.

After finishing their meal and taking a large sip of her drink Sherry looks George directly in the eyes and says: “Would you like to come back to mine George?”

He looks at her, realizes what she means, and asks immediately for the check, he can’t wait to finally undress and enjoy this mature woman’s body that has been driving him crazy every time he closes his eyes.

Sherry is nervous as they get back to hers and head upstairs, she hasn’t taken a man to her bedroom in God knows how long and she can feel herself burning with anxiety, what if he isn’t attracted to her naked body? what if he thinks she’s too old to be doing this? Her mind is riddled with questions and finally, when they get in her room, George pulls off his shirt, his tanned muscular torso right in front of her. She feels her pussy dampening, biting her lip and staring at his naked chest, she says:

“I’m nervous George”.

He smiles down at her,

“Don’t be. You have been driving me crazy, I can’t think of anyone more beautiful than you”.

Sherry blushes and lays back as George lays on top of her and plants a kiss on her lips, slowly kissing her and stroking her hair before slowly moving down towards her neck and unbuttoning her blouse. Sherry flushes as he pulls her shirt off and then slowly her bra, her breasts fall down on her chest, and George marvels at them, grinning as he squeezes and sucks on them lovingly.

“They’re perfect”, he says breathlessly as he gropes her full breasts. Sherry’s body aches for him, she feels alive for the first time in years, this man adores her aging body and she hasn’t felt desired like this for as long as she can remember.

Sucking on her erect nipples, his tongue swirling around the hard peaks Sherry feels as if her body is trembling with desire. Slowly, Georges’s head moves down her torso, towards her skirt, which he effortlessly pulls off, rubbing his hands over her body, Sherry feels slightly self-conscious of her mature curvy figure but he brushes her hands away and peels off her panties, her small bush perched delightfully above her pussy, her lips visibly damp from her arousal.

George marvels at her pussy, compliments her endlessly and Sherry flushes, parting her legs for his face as he slowly pulls her pussy lips apart and pushes his tongue against her clit. Instantly she gasps, letting out a little moan as his tongue rubs against her clitoris, her legs begin to tremble as he sucks and flicks against her most sensitive part.

George’s tongue feels like heaven against her pussy and Sherry lets herself go, succumbing to the intense sensations and trembling under his arousing touch. His index finger slides inside of her wet pussy and begins penetrating her as his tongue continues sucking on her clit. Sherry wonders where George has learned to be this good at oral but she quickly pushes the thought from her mind.

Sherry aches for George’s cock, his young body pressed up hard against her mature skin, a stark yet beautiful contrast against one another. “Please, George, please…let me feel your cock inside of me”, she utters, blushing at her brazen words.

Still on top of her George pulls his cock from his pants, it springs to action, Sherry remarks on his length as he positions himself between her legs, his top lip glistening with her dampness. Slowly he presses his raw cock against her wet pussy, teasing his way inside of her previously unused pussy, and begins slowly pushing his way in. Sherry is remarkably tight, her pussy out of action for so long, she moans as he pushes his way inside and slowly gets his entire length in. Sherry digs her nails into his back as he begins thrusting into her, his cock filling her up and making her squirm beneath him.

“You’re so tight”, he whispers into Sherry’s ear, making her shudder with desire.

Thrusting softly, George enjoys the slow pace of their lovemaking, he is used to rough sex and women that want to try all kinds of positions but fucking Sherry slowly and passionately was the best sex he had ever had.

Her mature pussy was tight around his rock-hard cock, he could feel her wetness seeping out of her as he thrusts into her again and again. Sherry moaned beneath him, her pussy pulsating around his shaft as she breathed heavily against his neck, making his skin feel inflamed with desire.

“I…I think…I think I’m going to cum George”, Sherry suddenly said breathlessly.

George kissed softly at her neck and felt Sherry buckling beneath him, her body tense before suddenly trembling, her screams loud, her pussy clamping around his erect cock, he felt her wetness dribbling out of her as she breathed loudly, shivering and moaning with glee.

“Oh my God, I haven’t…had…an orgasm like that in…years”, Sherry said smiling breathlessly.

George nuzzled into her neck, his cock still pumping inside of her, twitching with the desire to cum too.

He continued pumping slowly inside of her, her fingers tracing down his back, sweat pooling on his forehead.

“Can I cum inside of you Sherry”, he asked, desperate to fill her mature pussy with his young seed.

Not having to worry about pregnancy any longer Sherry nodded, excited to feel warm semen inside of her after so long.

He thrust his cock deep into her womb and suddenly began to cum, filling her up with his fertile sperm, feeling it shooting out of him and inside of his mature lover. He let out a little moan as he came, his body shuddering with pleasure, Sherry’s nails stroking his back.

“Mmmm thank you George”, Sherry said into his ear, kissing his damp neck lovingly.

Sherry had never felt so desired or so beautiful and she knew that despite their age difference she and George had something very special indeed.

Authors note: I loved writing this tale, I found it erotic and romantic, a real turn-on and I couldn’t stop writing once I got going! This older lady feels invisible to the world until she meets hunky George who blows her mind and shows her just how beautiful she is. It’s their dirty little secret and I just adore it! Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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