But, It’s Not Meant To Go In My Butt

I was always pretty open about trying new things and it was the same with sex. I wasn’t exactly well-versed in theory, but the practice was something I was doing happily and with pleasure. Whenever my new partner would ask me to do something, I happily obliged, ready to try anything once, and it was the way how I got into many adventures and found out about new things.

This particular thing happened when I was dating this new guy, David. He was insanely hot and amazing in all the right ways. I was comfortable with him and open to trying things he wanted, so it didn’t bother me in the slightest when he asked to do it somewhere public or try some orgasm denial. I loved it, really and I trusted him when he said it would feel good. Still, there was a time he made me doubt that decision.

It was our usual date night. David and I were at the bar, having some drinks, before going home to him. I felt excited and turned on at that point, with him getting his hands on me under the table. I let him do it and enjoyed every second. I didn’t touch his cock though, knowing that it would make him more excited for the future.

Finally, he decided it was enough and we left to go to his apartment. I knew what was coming and prepared myself for it. I knew that, once we were inside, I’ll be thrown onto the bed and fucked thoroughly and I expected it to happen.

The moment we stepped inside, David started kissing me with passion and pressing me to the wall. I was moaning in his mouth, feeling excited. There was so much passion in everything he did for me and it was amazing. I started to undress him, touching his beautiful muscular body and kissing his neck. He was doing the same, unbuttoning my shirt and kissing the tops of my breasts. I was moaning as he did it, enjoying the feeling of his hot mouth on me.

We got to the bedroom, and I was almost fully undressed, with only my underwear staying on. David was in his boxers, but I quickly pulled those down. His cock was already hard and I couldn’t wait to have him in my mouth and my pussy. I got on my knees in front of him, stroking his length and smiling, as he looked down at me.

“Let’s make this night special,” I said, ready to do anything he wanted.

“Yes, let’s do it,” he answered, clearly happy with me.

I took his tip in my mouth, playing with it using my tongue. David seemed to love it, it wasn’t that much of a surprise, but he did like my mouth. I knew how to suck him so he would love it and now I was doing exactly that. I kept my hand on his balls, massaging them lightly while taking his length in my mouth and letting him go deep. His thick cock was filling me up nicely and I used my cheeks and tongue to make him feel good. He groaned, letting me know that I was doing everything right and so I kept going.

He moved his hips, fucking deeper into my mouth and I let him, just opening wide. I knew that he loved it when I did it, so I let him have it. He kept going faster and faster until I felt him spill inside me. I swallowed it all down, his thick hot cum running down my throat. My pussy was more than wet at this point and needed some attention. David knew it, so he put me on the bed and started taking my underwear off. He was kissing me anywhere he could reach, spreading my legs and kissing my inner thighs, before he turned me, so I would lay on my stomach.

I perked up my ass as usual and felt his tip move over my entrance. It felt good even now and I moaned, to let him know that I liked it. David read the signal right and pushed his cock inside me, making me whimper while I took him. I was wet and it was easy for me to have a cock as thick as his inside. I was moaning and sobbing from the first moment because it felt just too good. His cock was deep inside me and he fucked me with the intensity and force that I wanted. I was willing to give him everything now, especially once he did it just right and I climaxed on his cock.

“So,” he said while I was still recovering. “Since it’s a special night, can I use your asshole?”
I looked at him, not understanding the question.

“But…” I didn’t know that it was a thing, that it was possible. “It’s not meant to go in my butt. Right?”

He looked at me as if he was bewildered.

“Well, biologically no, but it feels good and it’s a hole, so…”

I looked at him, still thinking about it. I trusted David and I knew he wouldn’t do something to hurt me, so I might as well try it.

“Okay, but let’s do it slowly,” I finally agreed.

“I’ll make sure that you love it,” David said happily.

He pulled out lube and I knew it was serious now. He put some on my asshole, making me twitch from how cold it felt until he spread it around and started probing my asshole with his fingers. I whimpered, getting used to it. The feeling wasn’t bad, I just didn’t experience anything like that before. He did it for some time, making sure that I was getting used to it before he pressed his cock to my still-tight asshole.

“Ready to take it in?” he asked, leaning down and kissing my back.

“Yes, let’s do it”

Taking his cock was harder than his fingers. My asshole was still tight and tender and didn’t want to open enough to take him. Again, David was going slow and I was just getting used to it. I actually liked the feeling of his tip opening me more and more, moaning while he did it.

Finally, he was inside me, fucking me slowly so I would get used to it. The sensation was overwhelming, all of my body tense and hot.

It felt like losing my virginity all over, even though I was actually losing my anal virginity and this hole was so much tighter. I could tell that David loved it, his movements inside me becoming faster. He didn’t push all of his lengths inside me, making sure that I could take it and I was grateful. He grabbed my hair and pulled hard, while his cock was moving in my asshole, making it less and less tight. I was moaning too, knowing that I was giving him pleasure and enjoying it myself.

“I love your ass,” he groaned, going as deep as my body would let him.

“I love your cock in my ass,” I moaned, shaking lightly.

I could feel him cumming inside me, his hotness filling me in a whole new way. I wondered if it would leak out of my ass the way it was out of my pussy. I guess we were about to find out.

That night I learned something new. I took a chance and I loved the results and it made me want to say “yes” to new things even more.

Authors note: Mmm! I love anal, it’s a real turn-on and intensely erotic experience for me and I wanted the protagonist of this story to really experience that joy I have, for the very first time. Anal sex is wonderful (if done properly!) and I just adore people trying it and loving it for the first time. Do you enjoy anal as much as I do? Let me know! Tamsin <3

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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