It’s Not Going To Suck Itself

Some people are just meant to be played with. They need to be taught, humiliated, and put into their place and for the longest time, I thought that I was one of them.

I was the one treated badly in all of my relationships and my previous boyfriends thought that I needed to act submissive and grateful no matter what they did. I thought that it was normal and acted the way they wanted me to until I felt that I was fed up with it. I needed to put in my own rules and I wasn’t going to submit to anyone ever again.

I set a goal for myself – to break the next guy that I was going to meet. I had all the toys and tools that once were used on me and I knew that they were actually meant for someone else, a submissive guy that was supposed to soon come into my life. I was talking with a few, but not one of them seemed like he was the right fit. They all wanted to act dominant and show me my place when I was the one about to do it to them.

Finally, there was someone who could probably take what I was preparing for them. His name was Alan and he seemed like the sweetest guy ever. He seemed to be thrilled with the idea of me being in charge and taking anything I wanted from him, but he didn’t know yet how far it could go and I wasn’t about to ruin the surprise.

I invited him to my place and he seemed to be surprised by how easily I trusted him, but the truth was, he would be the one in more danger than I was. I was excited to finally meet him and turn all of my fantasies into life. I wanted it for so long and so badly I prepared everything that I had at hand to use on him.

I wore a black short dress for our date and when I opened the door Alan couldn’t take his eyes away from me. I knew that he liked it right away and I loved seeing him appreciate all the work I put into our date.

“Have you eaten?” I asked, looking at him. “I can’t have you starving for what we are about to do”

“Yes, I did as you told me,” he nodded and I was happy to hear it. Finally, a man that listens. “I wasn’t sure if I need to bring something with me”

“Oh no,” I smiled at him. “Just yourself. I’m more than happy with what you have brought here. Now take off your shirt and pants and do as I say”

Alan swallowed hard and started undressing. He looked good and I could tell that his cock was big. I wondered if he could take the one his size, but we would find out about it later. I took a riding crop and his eyes went a little wide.

“Starting now you’re going to be my little toy, my slave. I do what I want with you and you can’t do anything about it. Understood?”

“Yes,” he nodded, ready to be my boy toy.

I moved the leather crop over his chest, giving him light hits. I paid special attention to his nipples and soon he was looking at me with even more desire. The more his chest was becoming red the harder he was getting and I loved it.

“You like it, right? Like being treated like a little bitch you are?” I smiled, giving him another hit.

“Yes, it feels so good,” he said and I knew he wasn’t lying.

“Now get on your back and show me how grateful you are”

Alan did as I asked, looking at me while I got on top of him and pulled my dress up. I was wearing no underwear, so my pussy was right above his face. He was about to pull me closer, but I didn’t need it. I grabbed him by the hair and pushed myself down, pressing as hard as I could to his face.

I was rubbing my clit over his lips and his chin, feeling how good it was.

He was still sticking out his tongue, teasing me even more and I moaned feeling it. I knew that he was the right pick and I was only starting training this man. We could have so much more if he would keep acting right.

I whimpered, feeling my orgasm coming. I rubbed myself even faster now, getting closer and closer until I finished myself on his face. When I moved away Alan was bright pink and breathing hard, with his face being slick with my juices. I smiled, grabbing a ball gag and getting closer.

“How about I give you this so you can save my taste?” I asked with a smile.

“Yes, I’d love it,” Alan nodded.

I pushed the ball in his mouth and pulled the stripe tight on the back of his head. He looked good with it and I enjoyed the view. My pussy was still throbbing and now I wanted to finish him off too.

“You’re about to be my little fuck toy,” I said, as we went to my bedroom.

There I made Alan bend over the bed and put his hands behind his back. I tied his wrists, so now he couldn’t go anywhere, and pulled out a dildo. I showed it to him.

“Like it? Is it big enough to satisfy you?” I asked, moving the tip over his face and seeing that he enjoyed it. “Good. You’re going to take every inch up your ass and enjoy it”

I went behind him and pulled his boxers down. His cock was hard and I stroked him lightly. I grabbed the lube and put a generous amount over his asshole. He got tense but didn’t move away. Now it was time for him to be good and be fucked.

“You’re going to love this big cock tearing your ass,” I said, moving the tip of the toy over Alan’s asshole. “You’re going to be filled and fucked, isn’t it wonderful?”

He moaned as I started slowly pushing the toy in. I watched as his tight pink asshole was opening up for me, and it was amazing. I was doing it slowly while stroking him until we got halfway. Alan was tense and I wanted it to feel good for him so he would return to me again and again.

I started fucking him faster and stroking him faster too, so he could feel every last bit of pleasure. He was whimpering through the gag, but it was muffled. I didn’t care how he felt, I just needed to own him.

“Take it deep, you whore,” I said, pushing the dildo all the way in and making Alan scream. He was shaking as he got fucked like this and soon he started spilling on my hand, while still taking a cock up his ass.

When he was finished and left shaking and whimpering on the bed, I went to untie him and pulled out the gag. He looked at me with a smile, his eyes filled with gratitude.

“What do you say after your ass got fucked so good?” I asked looking at him.

“Thank you. Thank you so much, Mistress”

I knew that it might’ve been the first time I did it, but not the last. After all, there were so many men to break that were just waiting for me to find them.

Authors note: I just adore channeling my inner femdom queen! I am usually a sub in the bedroom so being able to unleash something so hidden inside of me is always so exciting and always has me aching for some restraint and a good tease. – Tamsin 😘

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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