Kelly’s Breeding Day

Kelly stretched out in her tiny yellow bikini, lounging by the pool. She took a sip of her fruity drink and sighed happily.

It was the big day. She was ovulating, she was horny, and she was so excited to get it on. She had been dying to get pregnant for a long time now, and luckily for her, she had a group of four men begging to plant their seed in her. They were about to arrive at her house, their cocks eager and waiting to impregnate her.

She didn’t remember dozing off, but when she woke up, she was delighted to see the four shirtless men surrounding her. There was Kevin, the short, muscular jock who loved to fuck her like a rabbit, fast and hard. Then she had Trey. Trey was tall and slim, with a buzzcut and a huge cock. Stefan was your stereotypical jock and Trey’s best friend. Last but not least was Anthony, who always had big loads of cum saved away for Kelly.

“Lucky you’ve got this private backyard,” said Kevin, his abs rippling in the sunlight. “We wouldn’t want anyone to see this event, would we?”

Kelly smiled, pulling off her sunglasses. She had beautiful, sleek black hair that hung midway down her back. The men ogled at her in her bikini, which left little to the imagination.

“And what an event it is!” she said happily, sitting up so she could take Kevin’s cock into her mouth.

The other three stripped down until they were completely naked, stroking their cocks while they awaited their turn. After a few minutes, Kelly made her rounds with each man, and then they took their turns eating Kelly’s pussy.

Kelly was in heaven, knowing that today would probably be the day she finally got her wish and became pregnant.

“So who gets to fuck you first?” asked Trey, stroking his cock as Kevin stretched out on the lounge chair so taste Kelly’s pussy.

“Mmmm, whoever can eat my pussy the best,” she answered, winking at him.

For the next half hour or so, Kelly enjoyed the feeling of each man feasting between her thighs, making her orgasm more than once. They were all so good at oral sex that it was hard to decide, but she finally chose Anthony as the winner.

Anthony was clearly excited by this, a huge grin on his face as he got onto the lounge chair with Kelly and pulled her legs back. In one thrust, his cock was buried deep inside her.

“Ah, fuck!” Kelly cried, forgetting how good it felt to be filled by cock when she was ovulating.
Anthony started to pump in and out of her in a steady, fast pace. He hadn’t cum in four days and was ready to explode. He was happy to be the first one to cum in her today, shooting his load before anyone else.

“How does she feel man?” asked Trey, watching enviously.

“Fucking incredible as always,” Anthony moaned, looking into Kelly’s eyes as he fucked her. It was cute how eager she was, so insatiable this time of the month. She was definitely going to leave from this being good and pregnant.

“You ready for your first load, baby?” Anthony asked, thrusting harder now.

Kelly nodded eagerly. “Yes, please. Please fill me up, Anthony!”

“Oh shit, oh shit!”

Kelly felt that familiar warm gush of cum shoot inside of her. It was a typical Anthony load, never-ending and big. When he pulled out, Kelly kept her legs raised and spread so that the sperm could settle in and get her pregnant.

“Okay, fellas, I want Trey next,” Kelly said, her body trembling. “I’m ready for more.”

Trey brought his cock to her lips for a few moments so that she could suck him before plunging inside her pussy.

“Fuck, you feel so tight,” Trey groaned. He couldn’t believe how much he actually enjoyed the feeling of fucking Kelly when another man’s cum was inside her like this. But it felt amazing – it made her even wetter and added to the naughtiness of it all.

Kelly watched as Trey fucked her. He was always so good at fucking, and it didn’t hurt that his cock was the thickest one she had ever seen. Kelly held her legs apart and watched how it looked as Trey’s thick, throbbing shaft slipped in and out of her, stretching her out.

“Goddamn! You ready for load number two?” Trey asked, pumping into her faster now.
“Hurry up, man!” called Kevin from the sidelines. “I’m dying over here.”

He didn’t have to wait much longer, because, within seconds, Trey was adding another helping of cum to Kelly’s pussy.

“Look at that,” Trey moaned, pulling out and watching the way some of the cum dripped out of her.

“No, keep it in there!” Kelly cried, not wanting to waste a drop. “Kevin, use your cock to push this cum deep inside me, would you?”

“You got it, babe,” Kevin said eagerly, taking his turn between her legs now.

His fucking was how it always was – fast, hard, and unrelenting. Kelly was a sweaty, horny mess by this point, wondering if the winning sperm had already been dumped inside her. She had two more loads to go, though, if not.

Kevin didn’t last very long. He let out a series of long, loud grunts and groans as his cock spasmed and shot more cum into the Kelly. Her pussy was now filled to the brim. Her legs were getting sore from keeping them raised for this long, but she didn’t care. In the end, it would all be worth it.

“Alright, man, you’re the final one,” Anthony said, patting Stefan on the back as he approached Kelly’s chair. “It’s gonna be nice and wet for you.”

Stefan gave Kelly a playful wink as he dragged the head of his cock over her pussy, slipping inside of her easily. She was so wet and warmed up by this point, that she felt so slick. Everyone could hear how sloppy she was, by the sounds happening as she was getting fucked.
The other three guys decided to help her out by holding her legs for her so Stefan could get in nice and deep.

“You ready to take all of this cum?” asked Stefan, his brow sweaty as he looked into Kelly’s eyes.

“You ready to get pregnant from me?”

“Nah man, it’s me,” said Kevin, shaking his head. “You guys know I’ve got potent sperm.”

“Get the fuck out of here,” Trey interjected.

Kelly wasn’t listening to any of this. In the end, she didn’t care who got her pregnant. All she needed was one.

When Stefan added the final load to her pussy, Kelly felt completely satisfied and properly used.

“Do you feel like we made a baby for you?” asked Anthony.

Kelly contemplated it for a second. “I really, really do. You guys are the best.”

“So does this mean we get to cool off in your pool since we helped you out?”

Kelly laughed. “Yes! Jump in, boys. I’m gonna let this cum sink into me for a few more minutes and then maybe I’ll join you.”

She watched the guys splash into her pool as she laid there stretched out and thoroughly fucked, the cum working its magic. . .

Authors note: There’s nothing better than a cum-filled, dripping wet pussy used to the max. I have been craving being filled with copious amounts of cum lately and writing this has made my craving even worse! – Tamsin. 🥰

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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