Locked Away

The morning was somewhat of a rush for Max, having an important flight awaiting him, but he had been planning this for months beforehand, knowing how much it meant for his relationship, it was going to feel like stepping into a new world! He was finally going to be able to meet the woman he had been chatting with for so long, excited to see her face for the first time and fall into a dream-like relationship with his ideal woman.

Everything went off incredibly smoothly. The transport arrived on time, with no delays in sight, and just over an hour to spare in the airport while awaiting the signal to board. Not wanting to simply sit and wait, Max took to the lounge, sinking down into the soft cushions of the sofa, a well-deserved break after the rush of getting ready this morning. With such a huge step in his life about to take place, he did his best to quell his excitement. As if hearing his need for a distraction, Max spied a curious glance from a woman across from him…

She was like a caricature of ‘sexy teacher’, a tight white blouse that barely contained her breasts and a pencil skirt that gave anyone a perfect view of her incredible legs, clad in sheer black stockings. It was as if the classic teacher fantasy was sitting across from him, tempting him with idle glances, and, for a moment, Max could swear he saw her blowing a kiss with her smokey-red lips… This teasing felt like it lasted for hours, but it was likely only a few minutes, Max feeling his dick strain painfully against his pants as she smirked at him.

There was always a deep-set shame over the size of his cock, Max couldn’t help but feel self-conscious over women seeing it, or even trying to get involved with a woman out of fear of their reaction, but he couldn’t resist this! She hardly seemed real, every part of her body screaming sex appeal, and while Max was still busy admiring her, she suddenly stood up, holding eye contact until she finally turned around toward one of the changing rooms. Before turning away from him, however, Max could make out the woman mouthing a word of encouragement, tempting him to follow after.


There wasn’t a moment of hesitation, Max quickly scrambled to get his things together before following after her, his face flushed red and a faint tent at the front of his pants. He caught a final glimpse of her disappearing into the changing room, eagerly trailing after her and diving inside, peering around to meet her gaze, but feeling himself roughly pulled to the side and pushed down onto a nearby bench inside.

“I’m glad you came”

Her voice dripped with arousal, each word with a sultry overtone that only deepened the desperation that Max felt for her. Though with the initial excitement over, Max began feeling the fear over his secret once again, a dread beginning to sink in as the woman sank to her knees in front of him. With both of them finally alone, the woman took a firm grasp at the hem of his trousers, yanking them to Max’s ankles and exposing his ‘little’ secret.

“Awwh! It’s okay, we can still have a little fun”

He instantly felt a shiver of shame across his body but stifled it enough to focus on the scene playing out before him. She couldn’t help but smirk to herself at the comment, her deep-red lips an intimidating sight as he tensed up his body in anticipation. Seeing Max’s desperation, struggling to hold himself back at the sight of her kneeling like this, she let out a breathy sigh before inching closer to his straining cock.

The sudden brush of hot air against his dick left him trembling on the bench, digging his fingers against the wood to hold himself back, but a single glance down at the woman’s lips mere inches from his dick was too much. With a shrill whimper, Max’s cock spasmed in the air, a weak surge of cum that would normally dribble onto the floor, but with her mouth so close, trickled past her lips and across her tongue. It only lasted a few seconds, but the woman’s demeanor shifted quickly, looking up at him with stinging anger, her mouth still full of his load.

When his orgasm finally died down, she raised an eyebrow, closing her lips before leaning forward again, placing a chaste kiss on his tip before sucking the last few drops from it, almost as if it was a straw. Such an intense orgasm left him completely exhausted, panting desperately as he let himself relax back against the wall, staring at the ceiling. Though Max wasn’t left to enjoy his afterglow for too long, the woman stood over him, looking down at his blissful face before running her fingers through his hair, grabbing a handful to force him to meet her gaze.

With her mouth still closed, she leaned down towards his face, pursing her lips as she came closer, a subtle smirk spreading across her face. There was no resisting, Max knew what was coming and tried to lean away, but was held in place, he was forced to meet her lips, feeling her tongue push past his own before allowing the flow of his sticky load into his mouth. He could feel her giggling to herself as she held him in a deep kiss, letting his cum dribble into his mouth as she spread it around with her tongue, ensuring he got the same experience that she was subjected to moments ago. Finished with her fun, she pulled back, leaving Max frozen in his seat as he wondered what he was to do next, only to be snapped to his senses by her spitting down the remains of his cum onto his face.

“Don’t you ever pretend you’re fit to be a man again. Look at you!”

A shameful quake of arousal came down onto Max as he was forced to understand the situation he found himself thrust into so quickly, and how pathetically it turned out…


It was instinctual, Max didn’t even think as he gulped down his load loudly, feeling it trickle down his throat as a tinge of regret and disgust lingered inside. Looking up, he struggled to hold eye-contact with the woman, who was very pleased with his blind obedience toward her order. Then, as if to make the encounter even more intense, Max watched as the woman kneeled down between his legs again, smirking as she sultrily gave her next order.

“Close your eyes.”

He couldn’t help but take one final look at her, admiring the rare sight of a woman on her knees for him before closing his eyes, awaiting another mind-blowing milking at her hands. The excitement of not knowing what she was going to do was overwhelming, leaving Max as a shivering mess as the woman let out another giggle from his eager submission, knowing exactly what he needed…


There was an awkward silence hanging in the air as Max heard the odd sound, suddenly becoming aware of an uncomfortable tightness around his cock. Still, he didn’t want to ruin the experience, so he kept his eyes shut, awaiting what was to come next. Though nothing did. It felt like at least a minute had gone by before Max finally opened his eyes again, hesitant at first, then panicked as he peered around, the woman nowhere to be seen…

The search didn’t last long, however, as Max hunched over suddenly, reaching to clutch his aching cock, only to be met with a cold, hard metal in his palm. Panic set in, even more, a rush of fear across his body, he stared down at the tight metal cage encasing his dick, not only stopping it from getting hard but making it uncomfortable even when he’s completely soft! He stayed in the room for several minutes trying to take it off, pulling at it, trying to twist or maneuver it in some way to slide it from his dick, but nothing even came close to freeing him from his cruel prison. As if to make his frantic sense of overwhelming anxiety even worse, Max caught a glimpse of the time, realizing the time for his flight was nearing dangerously close!

It was a mad dash as he collected his things, re-dressing himself in a hurry as the thoughts of his cage became secondary, for now, he just had to get on that flight and secure the next big step in his life! Despite his rush, Max still couldn’t shake the thought of how exactly he’d explain his predicament to his future partner…

Running out of the changing room, he got a few glances on his way to the gate, seeing the line before the checkpoint, sighing with relief as he still had ample time left. Relaxing somewhat, Max looked around, noticing that the line was full of gorgeous women and men, each looking as if they were on their way to a runway show… It elicited a stiff reminder of the issue between his legs, fidgeting in place as his turn came closer.

“Next please!”

Snapping him out of his thoughts of escaping his cage, Max noticed the security guard waving him over, looking slightly annoyed at him for zoning out.

“Come on, we don’t have all day!”

Shaking his head, Max stepped forward through the checkpoint, getting his things ready to hand over as a siren blared in his ears. The guards suddenly perked up, waving him back toward the gate, both of them beginning to surround him.

“You’ve set things off, sit still while we check you.”

Her words were cold and uncaring, almost as if it was business as usual, and with the crowd around him staring at the commotion, Max pulled away from one of the guards as she began undressing him.

“Hey! Don’t you dare fucking move!”

What was a brief objection at first became a struggle, Max flailing against the guards as they stripped him down, and despite his panic, Max could have sworn he saw them smirking…

“Get his hands behind his back! It’s probably in this girl’s pants.”

While it wasn’t the first time Max was mistaken for a girl, he was more focused on trying to keep his dignity in place, a cold dread washing over him as he became painfully aware of how he left his underwear back in the changing room in the rush. Kicking and flailing to avoid being stripped before everyone, the guard managed to pull his pants down completely, exposing his caged cock for the crowd to see, forced to face them as the guard held him in place.

Everyone tried to hide their embarrassment for him at first, but things soon fell into a spectacle, everyone openly mocking and taunting him as they enjoyed the sight of his shame.

“No wonder it’s locked away, look at it!”

“Look at his little cocklet!”

“Does… does it even work?”

“He’s better off like this! I’m sure one of us wouldn’t mind a little maid…”

Still recovering from the shock, one of the guards attempted to apologize for her comment earlier.

“Oh! I guess that’s a guy, sor-!!”

Whether from the utter humiliation of being stripped, exposed, and laughed at by the crowd in front of him, or the pent-up frustration of being caged like this, it didn’t matter… Max felt the same shame, either way, his body spasming desperately as his caged cock spurted cum across the floor, landing between him and the crowd of onlookers.

It was all too much, even the guards joining in on the humiliation, Max felt himself spiraling into a depraved sense of shame, taking a perverted pleasure from what was happening to him, everything else melted away. With the people still laughing at him, he played into the show, wiggling his hips to swing his cage, effectively humping the air.

“Eww! Look, he’s a fucking pervert!”

“Oh my god, he’s actually enjoying this?!”

His pleasures came as quickly as the last, Max tensing up again in the guard’s grasp as his cock erupted cum toward the crowd again, causing them to squeal and scramble backward. Seeing Max act in such a perverted way, the guards exchanged a smile before adjusting their grip on him, one pinning his arms behind him, the other leading in front as they loudly declared his fate.

“We’re taking this one away to be punished for public indecency. Board your flight before it leaves!”

Still, with a faint smile on his face, Max barely registers that his life-changing flight was disappearing behind him, but his senses soon returned. Despite wanting to claw his way back to the terminal, the iron grip of the guard held him firmly in place.

With his verdict carried out in such a rush, and his senses returning, Max almost felt relieved at being pulled away from the dreadfully humiliating spectacle that he had become. Though there was still the walk of shame as he was marched around by the two security girls, both of these gorgeous women manhandled him with ease, pushing him forward and giving him taunting smacks across his ass.

“Keep up!”

He could hardly manage the pace they were forcing him to, constantly staggering and tripping over himself from the painful arousal that he felt from his caged cock, trembling in their grasp. After tripping again, one of the girls had enough, raising her hand to strike Max across his ass again, only she didn’t stop at just one, letting out her frustration at him through a flurry of spanks.

“You prissy little bitch!”

People were staring, some were giggling to themselves and pointing, smirks and shocked expressions as they watched Max’s expression change from pain to arousal. His eyes began rolling up into the back of his head and he couldn’t stop from arching his back, eager for the next sting of the guard’s palm across his ass… Then they all erupted into laughter…

Max tried to fight it, but the humiliation of his ordeal crashed down onto him again, leaving his body a quivering mess as a thin trickle of cum dribbled from his cage, leaving a puddle of his desperation on the floor between his legs as the guard continued to spank him. The other guard had other ideas, however, leaning down and cupping his chin, speaking directly at Max as he continued to leak onto the floor.

“Poor little girl… you made such a big mess!”

Straightening herself out again, she gave a motion to the other guard, prompting her to stop spanking him for a moment as she began speaking again.

“Good girls clean their little messes up…”

A tense feeling of dread swirling in his chest, Max felt the guard’s hand grab a fistful of his hair as she continued her taunts.

“You’re going to be a good girl for us, aren’t you?”

As she spoke, the guard slowly pushed Max to the floor, bringing his face closer to the mess he had left on the floor, leaving him a single choice to avoid whatever punishment they’d subject him to. He reluctantly stuck out his tongue, lapping up his cum that they forced from him with a spanking, hearing the taunts and jeers of nearby women enjoying the sight. For once, Max was thankful for his small loads, not having to suffer through his punishment too long before the guards were satisfied, lifting him from the floor and marching him forward once again.

It was like a parade as he was ushered to their offices, a crowd of people seeing a caged man taken away for ‘processing’ after his shameful display. Finally having arrived, Max was roughly bent over a nearby table, a crowd of girls working away in the offices, each of them now glancing over at the display of his judgment. After a few moments held there in silence, a door opened out of view, the intimidating clack of heels coming closer as Max felt his sentence coming closer, his eyes widening as the woman carrying that judgment stepped into view…

Her deep-red lips, a blouse that strained against her breasts, the pencil skirt that hardly left anything to the imagination… Max stared up at the woman who had teased him at the lounge, the one that led him into the changing room, forced a humiliating orgasm onto him, and then left him caged, causing the entire predicament that he now found himself in!

With a smile, she practically ignored the feelings that Max was struggling through, giving the guards a nod toward the hall, signaling them to lift him from the table and march him away. Though for a single moment, he heard one of the guards address her as ‘Tilly’…

“W-wait! You-!!”

His objections were cut short by a tight grasp on his balls, catching his breath in his throat long enough for them to shove him into a nearby room.

“You will speak only when spoken to from now on, understand?!”

It was the first of many orders and restrictions forced onto Max, he spent the next few days at the mercy of his two security guards, his private ‘educators’ that taught him his new place. It felt like only a week before resistance slipped away, giving way to the obedience they wanted from him so badly, slowly changing him into a compliant toy for their office. Some days he’d be able to see Tilly bent over, watching another man elicit moans from her lips as she came on his cock, staring over at him as if to intensify the humiliation he felt.

Soon enough, his training ended, and a new job, uniform, and schedule were organized for him, Max didn’t quite get the relationship that he was hoping for. Instead, he became a part of Tilly’s perverted fantasy, fucked alongside her by a personally-picked array of studs. Forgetting how long it had been by this point, Max was now eagerly following orders, dressed in a micro-skirt that let everyone see his little cage and a shirt tied in the front to show off his midriff. He was given menial duties often enough, but his main duty was as the office toy, spending most hours tied down or bent over something, teased by the lecherous workforce, each of them enamored with how easily he dribbled from their taunting words.

Max soon became eager for each chance to submit to his superiors, savoring the humiliation of being at the complete mercy of so many people, each eager to force a shameful orgasm from him. Whatever he was before was gone, all that was left was the desperation to hear their spiteful words of taunting insults, feeling himself go over the edge without so much as a single touch, the perfect little office toy.

Authors note: Humiliation, degradation, exhibitionism, and cuckolding are just some of my favorite things. I wanted to try a different way of writing my fantasies in this story and I really enjoyed it. I got totally lost in this one and I really hope you did too. Let me know your thoughts on humiliation, does it turn you on? – Tamsin 🥰

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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