Made To Watch

“Please honey”, Clarissa pouts at her husband David.

This is the 10th time this week that Clarissa has brought up being a cuckquean to David. She is really serious about it and after all of the fun they have had with other couples over the years, David knows he is finally ready to tell his wife ‘yes’.

David had made up his mind, he is going to agree to fucking another woman but he has some rules to lay down with his wife and he knows she will love them.

“Honey, I have thought about what you said”, David says to Clarissa as she sips her afternoon coffee. Her eyes are wide and desperate, he can tell she hopes it’s about her proposition, her body aroused with adrenaline.

“My answer is yes”, he says and Clarissa shrieks, spilling some of her coffee as she jumps around elated. David smiles and tries to calm her down, “But, hone…honey! honey…I have some rules first”, he says smiling, trying to put on his sternest voice. She calms down and he continues. “If I am going to do this, you must watch everything, you must be tied up, you must not make a sound, you do not get to cum, not before and not after, how does that sound?”, David says to his darling wife Clarissa.

“No orgasm?”, she says to him confused, wondering why she is being punished.

“No orgasm, I want you to be sexually frustrated and aroused”, David says, his mind lost in a sexual thought. One of Clarissa tied up naked and soaked, her legs wide apart, her clit enlarged whilst he is going down on another woman.

Clarissa takes a few moments to think about it, her eyes looking to the side, her brow furrowed. David wonders if she will agree to his outrageous rule just to live out her fantasy and without any further thought she says: “Ok, I agree. Let’s do this”, planting a big kiss on his lips.

A few weeks later and it’s time for her cuckquean fantasy to become a reality, there’s a soft knock on the door and Fiona walks into the married couple’s home. David greets her and tells her that Clarissa is already waiting upstairs. Fiona is the opposite of Clarissa a blonde, petite woman with dark brown eyes whereas Clarissa is a brunette with large blue eyes and a more curvy figure. David offers Fiona a drink and Clarissa can hear their conversation from upstairs, they are exchanging pleasantries and the thought of David being alone with a sexy woman makes Clarissa’s pussy throb. Her arms are tied behind her back, her legs apart, tied to the legs of the chair and her mouth gagged with a cloth. She is completely naked and oh so vulnerable.

A little while later she hears her husband and his new girl coming up the stairs, across the landing, and finally opening the bedroom door. Fiona looks flushed, she and David had obviously been making out and when she sees Clarissa she smiles, taking Davids’s hand and pulling him onto the bed, making sure that Clarissa had a perfect view of the pair. David begins undressing Fiona, taking his time, cherishing each moment, until finally she is completely naked and he is kissing down her torso, finally parting her legs and giving Clarissa a perfect view of this woman’s wet slit. She had some hair between her legs, unlike Clarissa who had waxed hers all off and David sniffed at her bush, breathing in her feminine scent before planting a kiss against her slit and licking at it hungrily. Clarissa felt her pussy moistening, she made a little moan that escaped from her mouth and was muffled by the gag, she rocked her body slightly, desperate to touch herself to the erotic scene before her but she had accepted Davids’s rules of no touching and since she was tied up, she had no way of doing so anyway.

Fiona moaned loudly with Davids’s tongue all over her pussy and she looked amazing, her nipples pinched between her fingertips, her back arched and her head lashing from side to side as David licked her into oblivion and Clarissa knew how good it would feel. She ached to be touched but knew the rules. Fiona suddenly began breathing harder, she was going to cum, and without any warning she did, her back arched up high, her legs trembling and a trickle of cum spilling out of her as David licked her until she begged him to stop.

She breathed hard and David wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, turning to Clarissa who was trying to rub her pussy against the chair she was on, just to feel something. He approached her and ran his finger across her arm and she whimpered, slowly he got to his knees and she cried out, whimpering and desperate for his touch. He gently ran the tip of his finger across her soaked slit and smiled, looking Clarissa in the eyes and getting back to his feet. “Good girl”, he said as she pleaded with him with her eyes, begging him to let her join them.

David went back to Fiona who was still recovering from her orgasm and she instinctively got onto all fours, directly in front of Clarissa. She parted her legs and buried her head into the sheets as David rubbed his hands across her ass and pushed a finger inside of her still-swollen pussy. Looking Clarissa directly in the eyes he began pushing his cock inside of Fiona, feeling it fill her up and her moans filled the air. She was tight and his cock was twitching inside of her, David had to steady himself as he thrust into her, he didn’t expect her pussy to be so tight and welcoming. Fiona’s breasts brushed against the cotton sheets, making her tingle with extra pleasure each time her nipples were tickled by the sheets, she turned her head towards Clarissa who was anguished and frustrated, aching to be released from her chair, her pussy was seeping with wetness and she wanted to lick it up for the poor girl.

David let loose inside of Fiona’s tight pussy, thrusting into her fast and hard, just how Clarissa usually liked it. He looked at Clarissa whimpering and fucked Fiona faster, enjoying her tight cunt, feeling her wetness dripping out of her, and watching Clarissa’s aching pussy doing the same, a breeze could have made her cum.

Fiona begged for it faster and faster and David gave her everything, growling like a beast as he gripped hard onto her hips to fuck her harder, his balls slapping delightfully against her as he fucked her pussy. Out of instinct he pushed a finger inside of her asshole and she cried out loudly, “YESS, FUCK!”, she shouted as his fingers made her scream, Clarissa looked tormented by their pleasure, she wanted to be touched too but she couldn’t deny how unforgettable this experience had been for her.

David fucked Fiona’s asshole with his fingers and thrust hard into her wet, tight cunt and knew he was about to blow. He told Fiona and she asked for it all over her face, except instead of staying where she was, she got onto her knees, right in front of Clarissa, and opened her mouth. David liked her style, he stood in front of her and began jerking off before spilling his seed, blowing his load all over her pretty face, bits of cum hitting her blonde hair, his cock dribbled with cum and Clarissa wriggled and moaned behind Fiona, desperate to have some cum on her and be included in their show but she didn’t get any, she watched Fiona licking it from her lips and she watched her husbands cock dripping with his seed. The pair kissed in front of her and David let them back downstairs, leaving Clarissa, naked and more sexually frustrated than she had ever been in her entire life.

Authors note: I got off so hard writing this piece of smut and really hope you did too, I love it when you tell me how you masturbated or got turned on by my writing and so if this tale made you feel or do something, please let me know. I am really enjoying this cuckquean content, it’s something new to me but I hope I can write more in the future. Maybe a part two of this erotic coupling? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.


  1. I shared this story with my girlfriend and we really got off by this fantasy. I don’t know if it will ever come true but i love to imagin me and my girlfriend as the characters off this story.
    Keep writing 🙂

    • That’s so hot! I’m glad you liked it! ❤️ – Tamsin

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