The Male Receptionist

I was used to being in charge. My whole life that was all that I did wherever I went. I was never tired of that role, I was doing it successfully for years and over time I earned a place as the head of a financial firm. I kept being the same – stubborn, smart, and dominant. No one said “no” to me and I was used to the state of things.

My receptionist decided to find a less stressful job and I needed to find someone to replace her. I needed someone serious, who wouldn’t be afraid to take on that role. I knew that it was challenging, but I was determined to find someone for me.

I interviewed one person after the other and no one seemed to be the right fit before I met him.

Matt was five years younger than me, with good education, and he was very charismatic. I was surprised when he came in for the interview – traditionally, it was more of a woman’s job, but I was open to seeing what he was able to do.

He looked great too and I knew that if I was to hire him he would be a magnet for all of the women in the office. Still, there was something about him that was making me want to hire him. He didn’t seem to be afraid of me, even when I knew that I was coming off as harsh. He also seemed to know what he was doing so, after some decision-making, I thought that it would be a good idea to hire him.

Once Matt got to the job I wasn’t disappointed – he was efficient and fast and I didn’t need to tell him what to do, he knew everything already. I was happy with him, but soon other emotions were mixed into it. We were spending a lot of time together and soon I started noticing that I was getting attracted to him. He looked good, always dressed sharp, and always smelled very nice any time he walked past me. I knew that it wasn’t right, but I still couldn’t stop myself from indulging in a fantasy.

I was staying at the office late more nights than not and I noticed that Matt did the same, even though I told him to go home. I was having a lot of stressful days and all the work was getting to me. One night, when I thought that there was no one left in the office but me, I felt especially stressed. My whole body was tense and I knew it wouldn’t go away fast and on its own. There was a thing I did when it happened – I masturbated while sitting in my chair. It was an easy way to relax fast and clear my thoughts and so I went to do it again.

I was sure that there was no one outside, that I was all alone and no one could interrupt me, so I spread my legs wide in the chair, making the skirt of my dress hike up. My pussy was already slightly wet and I pushed my hand there, running my fingers lightly against my clit. I moaned lightly, imagining something in my head that would’ve let me cum.

Against my will, my thoughts went to Matt. I thought about the way he was leaning toward my desk, about his hands. I thought about his hand against my clit and it was making me even wetter. I kept rubbing my clit, kept thinking about my receptionist fucking me, pushing my fingers in my pussy, feeling that soon I will cum, but, unexpectedly, the door to my office had opened.

I gasped, looking at Matt who was standing in the doorway, looking at me with my fingers in my pussy. I didn’t know what to do, it was an embarrassing situation.

My mind raced with thoughts as I tried to imagine what he thought about me, what I should do for him to not talk about what he had seen around the firm, but instead of walking away and closing the door, he came in, smiling at me. I moved my hand away from my pussy, sitting up straight.

“Oh no, don’t worry, you should keep doing it boss,” he said with a smile, looking at me. “Don’t stop”

I felt the heat rolling over my body. No one ever told me what to do like that, especially in a situation like this and Matt was just getting closer, smiling at me. I knew that a logical, reasonable thing would’ve been stopping it all right now, but instead, I spread my legs wide again and put my hand against my pussy. It was strange, but I felt myself fully in his control and I just couldn’t stop myself from doing what Matt wanted me to do.

“Yes, like that. Good girl,” Matt said, making me feel even more turned on.

I opened my legs, pushing my fingers inside my pussy, letting Matt see that I was following his instructions.

“Like that?” I asked innocently, surprised by how my voice sounded.

“Yes, very good,” Matt said with a smile.

I kept fucking myself as he came closer, moaning and looking at him. When he was closer, he pulled my hand away from my cunt and pushed it in my face. Knowing exactly what he wanted me to do, I sucked on my fingers, feeling my own taste. He leaned closer, kissing my neck, then going to kiss me on the lips. He pushed his tongue in my mouth, taking full control.

His hands went to my breasts, under my shirt as he pulled them out and started pinching my nipple. I loved it, I loved the control he had over me and soon he got even more. He put his hand closer to my pussy, rubbing me there and I looked him in the eyes, asking for more.

“Ask me to finger you,” he said, looking right at me.

“Please, fuck my wet pussy,” I begged, something I never did before. I don’t know what it was about him, but I was willing to do what he said.

Matt kept kissing me, as he pushed three of his fingers inside me, moving them fast and making me feel better than ever before. I was shaking, moaning as he did it to me and I allowed it. I knew it wasn’t right, but it felt so good, that I didn’t want to stop. He fucked me till I came twice and I thanked him for it. Matt left, leaving me satisfied and happy.

The next morning I didn’t know what to do. What happened wasn’t right, I was his boss, after all, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It just felt so right and I couldn’t deny myself that pleasure again.

Matt acted like he always did, professionally, but I knew I needed more. So, after a long phone call, I asked him to get to my office again.

“Do you need anything?” he asked, coming inside.

“Close the door and come here,” I said, seeing his whole demeanor change. Matt gave me the same smile he did before and locked the door behind him.

He came closer and as soon as he did I went to open his pants. I have wanted his dick since yesterday and now I can have him. I took him in my mouth instantly and started sucking, moaning around him as I did.

“Yes, use your mouth, good girl,” he said, grabbing me by the hair on the back of my head and tugging lightly. He started moving his hips, fucking into my mouth and I just opened wide, letting him do it. “You’re such a sexy little slut”

No one called me that, no one acted with me like that and I was soaking wet because of it. I needed him in me, his cum dripping down my thighs. After he was satisfied with my mouth, he told me to bed over the table and I did.

Matt pulled my skirt up, smacking my ass. He pulled my panties to the side, opening my wet slit and I felt his tip moving against me. I moaned, knowing that it would feel amazing.

“Please, fuck me,” I asked him, feeling hopeless and so turned on.

He pushed my head down, grabbing hard, as he was fucking me deep and fast. I moaned, feeling under his control, feeling like a slut he used. I wanted his cum so badly and I started moving my hips to meet him.

“Please, give me your cum, please,” I asked, not recognizing my own voice.

“You’ve been a good girl,” he said, his cock deep. “So you’ll get my cum”

I felt him filling me, his seed hot and thick. Once he moved away, his cum started dripping out of me and I felt so dirty and used by him I wanted more.

I never regretted my decision to hire Matt and from that moment on he always helped me to relax after a long day.

Authors note: I love a fight for power in a dynamic like this one and I let my imagination run wild with this high-flying female boss and her puppy-dog assistant. He is the perfect man for her and it pains her to see it. Have you ever had a situation like this? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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