My best friend wanted to taste my boyfriend’s cum for her birthday gift

Haley, my best friend, was always overly slutty. Ever since I first knew her she was always hanging out with different men every week if not every day. She loved getting new experiences and I couldn’t blame her. She was free and had only herself to worry about, so I never questioned her decision or judged her. Maybe that was the reason why we stayed friends for such a long time.

Things changed between us when I met my boyfriend, Scott. I didn’t know how Haley would act around him and if she would be just as slutty and once they met my worries weren’t exactly put to rest.

I could see that she was into him and maybe the fact that he was mine added something to it, but I knew she wouldn’t cross that line, not when our friendship was on the line.

I let it go, still noticing all the little things that were happening when she was with us. Scott wasn’t made out of stone either, so I could see him looking when Haley was pulling something crazy off. She was open about everything, including her many sexual endeavors, so it was hard for me not to notice the way he reacted when she was mentioning once again how hard she had been fucked and how much she enjoyed having sex in a public place.

My feelings were mixed at the start, I didn’t know how to react. They weren’t exactly doing anything, but I still felt that something was wrong. After digging a little dipper, I realized that I didn’t exactly mind that they had hots for each other.

I was sure that Haley was still the best friend I ever had and that Scott loved me, so it didn’t matter if they looked at each other more than in a friendly way. I still could have them both in my life and be happy about it.

Everything changed the night of Haley’s birthday though. She was excited about it and had the whole party planned. I helped her with it, ordering catering and making her whole backyard look like we were in the tropics. I couldn’t wait for a celebration and of course, Scott was invited too. Haley had a date for the evening too, so I wasn’t worried that she wouldn’t get her fair share of fun.

When it started everything was as usual – we were having drinks, dancing, having fun, and celebrating Haley in any possible way. Scott was always close to me, looking as handsome as ever, and I noticed the way Haley stared at him. Her date wasn’t there even an hour deep into the party, so I was starting to worry for her. For a girl like Haley not having a partner for her birthday was a big deal.

“He’s not going to show,” she said with annoyance once I asked her. “Important business or something, I don’t care. The point is, it looks like I’m going to end the celebrating with a dildo”
I laughed at that but still felt sorry for her.

She needed some release and that made me think about something. I knew that tension between her and Scott wouldn’t last forever and someday they might fuck whether I approve or not, so maybe it was better for them to do it while I was around to control it? It also would’ve been the best present for Haley, so I decided to pull it off.

“Hey, do you want to go upstairs? I got another surprise for you,” I told Haley, seeing her face light up.

“Is that going to be what I think it is?” she asked with a laugh. “Okay, I’m going to wait in my bedroom”

Once I saw her going into the house I grabbed Scott and pulled him there too.

“Why are you suddenly so eager?” he asked, looking at me.

“No reason,” I tried to joke. “Just want to show you a good time…badly”

When I got upstairs and opened the door I could tell that both Scott and Haley were surprised. They both were waiting for a good time, but the group of us wasn’t what they had in mind. They looked lost, so I needed to clear the situation.

“Haley, I know that you’re my friend, but don’t deny that you want to fuck him,” I nodded at Scott. Before she said something, I talked to my boyfriend. “And you. Don’t tell me you weren’t looking at her when you thought that I wasn’t paying attention. You both want to fuck each other”

They started to come up with excuses, it was funny because they thought that I was mad when I wasn’t, so I put a stop to it fast.

“Listen, I don’t care,” I said slowly, watching their reactions. “I brought you both here because I think it would be best if you do it now, with me”

Everyone went silent, but only for a moment before Haley took control.

“You wouldn’t mind if we had some fun?” I could feel that she was already horny and ready to pounce.

“Yes. You can go on. Count it as a birthday present”

“Are you really fine with it?” Scott asked. I just laughed and nodded, watching as he came closer to Haley.

I didn’t interrupt them as they started kissing and taking the clothes off each other. I could see how hungry they were for it, how they grabbed and kissed each other hard, taking their clothes off. Haley pushed Scott onto the bed and he sat on the edge of it, looking down, where she already dropped on the floor and was opening his pants. They looked sexy together and I was starting to feel turned on.

“Are you still okay with it?” Haley asked, as she took Scott’s cock in her hand and was stroking him. The feeling in my stomach definitely wasn’t jealousy.

“Yes, you can take him,” I said, getting closer. I sat on the floor next to her, watching closely.
I saw as she opened her mouth for him and took his length in, wetting him and taking him deep. I loved that picture and the way Scott moaned with his cock in my best friend’s mouth. I leaned down, helping Haley, taking his balls in my mouth as she was working him up. I wanted her to get every last drop of his cum and was willing to help with it.

She was sucking him fast and hard, not the way I was used to with him, but it didn’t matter. Scott needed that experience and she needed him in her mouth, giving her all he got, so I could only support that.

The wet sounds her mouth made when she was taking him in made me horny too, but I was trying to hold it back. It was about Haley, not me. Scott pulled her head closer, stopping for a moment, as I saw the face he always did when he was finishing. When Haley moved up, I could see cum streaming from the corner of her mouth. I leaned to her and licked it off as she gave me a grateful smile.

She was on her feet again, pushing Scott against the bed, as she straddled his hips. Her pussy was right above his cock, so I helped them to connect by pushing his tip inside Haley’s pussy. She moaned, taking him in as she started riding Scott.

“Do you like it?” I asked Scott, as he grabbed her hips and pushed Haley down. “Like my friend’s tight pussy?”

“Yes,” he said with a groan, his cock penetrating her again and again.

“What about you?” I looked at Haley. Her tits were bouncing and I went to rub her clit, as she was fucked. “Like getting his cock in front of me?”

“Yes! Oh fuck, yes! I love it,” she almost screamed and I was happy that she had such a great time on her birthday.

I went behind them, seeing a beautiful picture of them slamming into each other, Scott’s thighs covered with Haley’s wetness. She was moaning louder and louder, as I heard wet sounds of their pleasure. She got a taste of him and now she was going to get even more.

She screamed again, this time falling forward, her body shaking. I knew that she just got the best orgasm of her life and it all was because of me. Scott followed her fast and the moment he put another load in her pussy, Haley moved to the side, laying on her back.

“Best birthday present ever,” Haley let out, breathless, as she lay down on the bed. I was happy that she loved it because it was the only time she would get it.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I laughed, looking at them.

I was happy to share with my friend and make both her and my boyfriend happy.

Authors note: I love threesomes, and I tend to write about them a lot but in this tale, I wanted to create something a little different, a generous girlfriend getting off on her own gift, the resistance not to get involved and just observe. It sure was a thrill to write about it! Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.


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