My Boyfriends Roommate

This particular venture of mine isn’t one I have shared with anyone in my real life, it happened quite a while ago now. I had put it to the back of my mind until I read something recently which intrigued me and had me back in that dorm room, remembering all of the dirty things we used to get up to. I can’t wait to share this story with you all, let me know if you have ever done this or wanted to do something similar! – Tamsin 💕

He was one of my first boyfriends, let’s call him ‘Pierre’. I want to protect his identity as he and the other guy involved would know immediately it was them if they ever came across my blog.

He was a great guy, tall, handsome, athletic, and actually pretty intelligent at college. He got good grades and had his head screwed on, he was the type of guy that you would be happy to take home to your parents and although I was wild and always ready to party, he grounded me in a good way.

Pierre was indeed a pretty face and I couldn’t get enough of him, he was the first boyfriend I had had since starting college and I felt free around him, always ready to fuck and he loved that about me. Now, Pierre’s dorm room was shared by another guy, we will call him ‘Louis’ for the purpose of the story. Louis was a nice guy, quiet, and friendly and at first, he tried to vacate the room as much as he could to give us some alone time.

The dorm room was small and their beds were close to one another, it was possible to hold out your arm and touch the other bed, therefore no privacy was ever had, no matter how quiet or discreet you were.

As Pierre and I spent more time together, Louis was unable to keep leaving the room, it was his place too and it wasn’t fair to expect him to go somewhere else just to let us fuck and so, Pierre came up with the genius idea of making him wear headphones when we needed a bit of private time, which suited him just fine.

At first, he would sit at his desk, working away on his laptop as Pierre and I got freaky under the sheets. His cock would be deep inside of me and I would glance at Louis who would be typing away at his laptop, writing some essay or paper for the next day. He was always polite and never made it awkward for me, which I really respected, however, I always knew there was something more to him and that excited me.

One day Pierre and I were under the sheets, as usual, his face was between my legs, licking my pussy sensually as I bucked and moaned in response to his wet, talented tongue and I looked over at Louis, he was typing away on his laptop but I noticed that his headphones weren’t plugged in. I moaned a little louder and noticed just a subtle change in his body language and I realized that he was listening, getting off on our sex noises. I felt a rush of adrenaline and suddenly Pierre’s tongue felt even better against my clit and I moaned louder and louder, looking right at him.

Louis stopped typing and I looked at the bulge in his pants, he didn’t look round, he watched me in the reflection of his computer screen and I bit my lip, letting him know that I knew his dirty little secret.

As I came, I soaked Pierre’s bed and he lapped up my sticky juices before plunging his throbbing cock inside of me, it felt good but it felt even better knowing that we were being watched. I begged for it faster as Pierre fucked me, sweat beads dripping down his toned back, his cock slamming inside of me, my pussy red and aching with his brutal thrusts. My body was alive with arousal and I couldn’t think straight as Pierre filled me with his hot cum and I saw Louis watching everything through the reflection on his screen. As soon as Pierre came, Louis continued typing, acting as if he hadn’t just seen and heard everything we had been doing. I wondered how long he had been watching and listening to us before this and my mind raced with excitement.

A few days later and I was back in their dorm room, Louis was passed out on his bed, and Pierre and I were spooning in his. His hands were inside my pants as he playfully touched my pussy and ass, his hard cock pressed against me.

“I wish I could fuck you”, Pierre whispered, nodding at Louis who was asleep.

“You can, he won’t mind”, I said, biting my lip and turning to face Pierre.

“He doesn’t have headphones on”, Pierre said I smiled a knowing smile and suddenly Pierre understood everything.

He slid my trousers down and I lay on my back as he began fingering me, I nestled my lips against his broad neck and kissed him. His fingers explored me and I let out a little moan as I felt myself moistening and wanting more.

I looked over at Louis and he was laying on his side, his eyes closed, facing us and I knew he wasn’t really asleep. Pierre continued fingering me, stretching my tight hole with his manly fingers and I wriggled beneath him, he pinched at my nipples through my shirt before pulling them out and sucking on them greedily.

Louis lay there, as still as a rock but I noted his growing bulge and his hand that seemed to be resting too close to his crotch.

I swapped places with Pierre and began going down on him, his cock in my mouth as I spluttered and moaned on it, tasting his pre-cum and enjoying his thick shaft in my mouth. I looked over at Louis whose hand was most definitely moving subtly under the sheets, his eyes closed. I moaned softly and Pierre let out a little groan and as he began to fill my throat with his seed, Louis’s eyes opened just a peep, and as I swallowed my boyfriend’s seed all down and licked my lips I winked at Louis who pretended to still be sleeping.

After that, I realized Pierre didn’t really care if Louis was watching or not, and soon enough he became bolder and bolder with how he watched us, being less discreet as time went by. We never addressed it but it got to the point where he was openly jerking off as we fucked and it was magnificent.

I would turn up at their dorm room and get straight into bed with Pierre, Louis would already be in bed or sitting at his desk and as soon as Pierre and I began undressing, Louis would reach inside of his pants for his cock and openly start jerking off to us, watching our every move and I loved it, it made me feel so sexy.

One time, I undressed completely, the first time Louis had seen me totally naked and I got on top of Pierre, tossed the sheets off of me, and began riding him with everything I had. I fucked him hard, holding his arms as I rode his cock, my pussy creaming all over him from the thrusting and Pierre was gasping for breath, he was so turned on that I felt the veins in his cock throbbing. I looked at Louis who was laying on his bed, jerking off hard, staring at my tits and I smiled, pinching my nipples and squeezing them hard. Pierre reached up and slapped my tits, making me jolt with pleasure and pain, leaving a red mark on my chest as I continued riding him hard. Louis liked that, stopping and trying not to cum and so I continued squeezing them and Pierre spanked them and fondled me roughly as I moaned loudly.

Both men stared at me, watching my body as I took Pierre’s cock effortlessly, pulling his hand around to my ass and forcing one of his fingers inside of my tight hole. As he entered me I let out a loud, guttural moan, staring at Louis whose mouth was hanging open as he jerked off roughly.

Pierre kissed my neck as his finger explored my asshole, his cock thrust hard into my pussy and I came hard, letting out a scream as I coated his cock in my cum, squirting all over him. Louis came too, his load huge, coating his stomach and his hand.

Pierre continued fucking me, my body weak as he used my two holes before he finished inside of me, a huge load, coating my womb with his cum and leaving me a creamy, hot, wet mess.

Knowing that Louis had been watching sent me into such a state of arousal that I was ready to go again just minutes after. It was amazing.

Authors Note: Remembering what I used to get up to with my boyfriend in college was a real trip down memory lane for me, I didn’t know being watched like that would turn me on so much, but it did and it probably still does. It was an exciting time and I would love to hear about any of your wild college stories. Let me know in the comments or get in touch! – Tamsin ❤

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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