My Crossdressing Horny Hubby

Nothing stood out to me as unusual about my husband, Ray. He seemed to be your average, typical husband. Imagine my surprise when I came home early from the office one night to find him standing in our bedroom, wearing one of my summer dresses.

He was looking at himself in the mirror, admiring the outfit. When he turned to face me, I realized he was also in my makeup, his eyeshadow a lurid blue, his lips glossy and pink.

“What the fuck, Clara?” he gasped, his face immediately flushing red. “I thought. . . I mean. . . it isn’t what it looks like.”

I crossed my arms over my chest, amused. “Really? Because it looks like you’re cross-dressing while I’m at work, babe. What’s with the look?”

Ray sighed and sat down on the bed, pulling me with him. That was when he told me about his secret fantasies. He enjoyed dressing up occasionally as a woman and often wore my things while I was away. It was endearing to hear the way he talked about putting on my makeup.

“I also always wanted to see what it would be like to get. . . well, fucked like a woman.”

I raised my eyebrows, my interest piqued. “You want me to peg you?”

Ray hung his head. “I know that’s a lot to ask, and if you don’t want –”

“Oh no, we’re doing it,” I said, cutting him off. “I’ll peg you, baby.”

That was how we found ourselves a few nights later in our candlelit room, Ray on the bed, eagerly awaiting what was to come. I was so turned on by the thought of fucking my husband with a dildo. We had got a beginner-sized one to use first, a smaller and slimmer toy.

“You ready for me?” I asked, hidden behind the bathroom door.

“More ready than ever,” he called back.

I came into the bedroom and Ray’s eyes widened when he saw the harness around my waist and the dildo sticking straight out, its thick curve ready to slide inside my husband’s ass.

“Lay down,” I ordered him, feeling dominant and bossy now that I had this strap-on.

Ray got onto his back, and I lowered my head down between his legs to start sucking his cock. He groaned as my mouth took his thick length all the way down my throat, my tongue running against his shaft. I slid further down now, eating my husband’s ass.

“Oh, fuck!” he groaned, his voice loud and guttural. I loved knowing how much he was enjoying himself. I ran my tongue against his asshole, pushing it inside. Ray stroked his cock at the same time, and I couldn’t wait to get this dildo inside him.

I grabbed the bottle of lube I had set aside and squirted the thick gel all over the dildo, coating it, and then poured a generous amount onto my hand. Ray shivered and moaned as I rubbed the lube against his asshole, getting it nice and wet for the toy to slide inside.

“You ready to get fucked?” I asked, looking into my husband’s eyes, and I could see the excitement and anticipation in his face.

He nodded. “Yes please.”

Slowly, I started to slide the dildo into his ass, and as soon as the tip was in, Ray lost it. His low moans turned into near-screams, and he held his legs up for me so I could start to go in even deeper. It was hot watching the dildo disappear into him, his ass swallowing the toy up entirely until it was all the way inside of him to the base.

“God, that feels so fucking good,” he moaned. “Yes, baby. Fuck my ass.”

His breathing was ragged and fast as I began to thrust in and out of him now, similar to the way he would fuck me. I only pounded into him for a few minutes before he was shooting his load, completely uninhibited.

“What did you think?” I asked, laying down beside him and grinning.

Ray’s face was beaded with sweat. He laughed. “Holy shit. It was. . . amazing!”

The next time I fucked my husband, we both had a surprise for each other. He wore makeup and a cute little skirt, bending over backward on the bed for me, and I surprised him with a dildo one size up. This one was a good seven inches and nice and thick.

I went slowly, but Ray quickly started to back his ass up onto the toy, until he was basically fucking me from all fours. I ran my hands over his ass, flipping up his skirt until I was finally holding him still. That was when I really started to fuck him, sliding the lubed-up dildo in and out of his asshole as he fell forward onto the bed.

“Yes, baby, just like that,” I moaned, with my husband face down, ass up in front of me. The sight turned me on, because I had never seen him in a position like that, and I had never been the dominant one in this way.

I liked watching him lose control, his body tense and quivering. I fucked him as hard and fast as I could then, my heart pounding in my chest. The dildo made a satisfying wet noise as it slid into my man’s ass and all the way back out again. Every thrust caused Ray to scream louder and louder into the pillow.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” he cried, his voice muffled and tense.

“Yes, cum for me, baby!” I moaned, unrelenting in my thrusts.

“Ahh, fuckkkkk!” Ray screamed, stroking his cock until every last drop of cum was out.

When I slid out from his ass, Ray collapsed onto his stomach, panting and twitching. I stroked his back, taking the harness off from around my waist.

“Mmmm, that was hot,” I said, sighing contentedly.

He sat up and smiled at me. “Yes, it fucking was.”

With his made-up face – mascara-swept lashes and pink blush cheeks – my husband got in between my legs. He held my thighs apart and started to eat my pussy, eagerly and hungrily. I never thought I’d look down and see him with makeup on as he made me cum, but I loved every second of it.

“Fuuuuck!” I shouted, my back arching off the bed as I came, my pussy soaking wet.
I collapsed down onto the bed, sinking into the mattress as Ray and I fell together into one big, sweaty pile. Every time I thought about that dildo sliding inside of him, I couldn’t help but feel turned on again.

After that, we fell into a fun routine of pegging and dress-up, where Ray and I would gender swap – he would slip into one of my dresses and I’d bunch the skirt up around his waist and fuck his ass. We’d be watching a movie and I’d use a dildo on him until he was shaking and cumming. And Ray would be so horny from it all, that our “regular” sex life became more frequent and hot than I ever could have imagined.

Having a crossdressing husband ended up being the best thing I could have asked for, I thought to myself one evening, as I slipped the strap-on harness onto my waist, as Ray was slipping into a dress. It was going to be a fun Saturday night. . .

Authors note: Pegging is a passion of mine, I love seeing the pleasure on a man’s face as his prostate gets played with and his body convulses in a way that makes him shiver. Reaching for my long strap-on and letting him revel in the glorious sensations is like heaven to me! Do you enjoy pegging as much as me? – Tamsin 😍

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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