My Neighbors

There they are again, midday, balcony door open, curtains mostly open as they make out on their kingsize bed.

I am a simple man, I am sitting at my desk, trying to work but in my eye line is an attractive couple, getting it on in the middle of the day.

What a luxury to enjoy and why can’t I enjoy it momentarily with them?

I reach inside of my pants for my cock and start masturbating as she gets on top of him, pulling her shirt off and going down on him. For a second, I swear she glances at my window but there is no way she could have noticed me, I am concealed by my desk and even if she did, my hands are in my pants, it would be hard to see me touching my very erect cock.

I watch in awe and envy as she blows her husband before getting on top of him and riding the shit out of him, completely naked she bucks and wriggles on his cock, letting out loud moans that I can just about make out. I cum seconds before her, watching her shake and moan as my cum leaks out of me, watching on for the big finale of her husband filling her up, this time they surprise me by having him finish on her tits and it makes me smile.

I clean up and get back to work, thanking my neighbors for that short interval from corporate life.

A few hours later and I am getting a drink in my kitchen, I glance down at the communal pool we all share and see my pretty neighbor, she is sunbathing in a pink bikini, her skin glistening under the hot sun, her tan building in front of my very eyes. She glances up at my window and I stay there, she puts her book down and takes off her bikini top, tossing it to the side and laying flat so that I had a birds-eye view of her juicy breasts. My mouth hung open, I had never seen them from this angle before and I could see why her husband could never keep his hands off of them.

She seemed to be looking directly up at me but I couldn’t make it out with her sunglasses on her face and so I moved away from the window – just in case, I didn’t want her to think that I was a creep.

The next day they were getting ready for their mid-day fuck again, I politely slipped my hands into my pants as always and noticed her opening her curtains more, really pushing them back, giving me a full view of their bed, as she did it, she glanced into my apartment and I froze, was she doing this for me? so that I could see them better?

They began making out, I had a full view of everything they were doing, he was going down on her today, spreading her legs abruptly and plunging his face between her mound. She looked heavenly on the bed, naked and gasping for breath, turning her head to face my apartment. I continued jerking, there is no way she could see me jerking off I thought, that is of course before she smiled in my direction.

I smiled back politely and she giggled before going back to moaning feeling her husband’s tongue on her clit.

I continued jerking off, her being happy with me watching made this so much hotter. She came from his tongue before she got into doggy, facing me as her husband stood behind her and pounded her ass. I came hard and fast as she watched me, knowing her husband was buried deep inside of her and she was getting off to her audience.

As soon as he came, they collapsed next to one another and I had to go out onto my balcony and take a breather.

The next day the event from yesterday was still clouding my mind, I was worried I had imagined her smile but my gut told me this wasn’t a joke.

I noticed her lying by the pool, reading her book, sunscreen making her legs glisten and not another soul was around. She glanced up at my window and smiled at me and I smiled back, being the friendly neighbor that I am. She pulled off her bikini top again, her breasts were tanned and perfect, round and juicy, her pink nipples soft under the hot sun. She looked around her and slowly began pulling off her bikini bottoms, tossing them next to her. A small slither of hair was on her pubic bone, leading down to her inviting entrance. She lay there naked, her entire body displayed to me, her knees bent so that anyone could see her delightful cunt.

She looked straight at me as she moved her tanned arm down her body and began parting her pussy lips, rubbing her manicured finger across her clit. I watched her silently as she rubbed herself, her mouth opening slightly as she got off.

I reached into my shorts and began rubbing my twitching cock. She looked tremendous as she played with herself and as she glanced at my window again she slowly pushed two fingers inside of herself as I watched on.

She was slow at first, just teasing her two fingers in but she soon got quicker, thrusting her fingers faster into her wet cunt, her mouth open as she began dripping on the towel beneath her. I rubbed my cock furiously as I watched her, pre-cum leaking from my head. She fucked herself vigorously, her cunt visibly wet and a few moments later she was cumming, the towel beneath her now with a clear wet patch, she was panting too and eagerly trying to steady her breathing. She pulled her bikini bottoms back on and lay flat, biting her lip as she glanced up at me. This was definitely all for me, she liked guys jerking off to her.

I have the best neighbors ever.

Authors note: I love masturbation stories, female and male and I wanted to incorporate that into this steamy piece of smut. There’s something so intriguing about exhibitionists and I wanted to portray that through my story, I kind of wish I had a neighbor to watch like this. Have you ever had a similar experience? Tamsin

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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