Nice Warm Bed

I got evicted last week, my landlord who’s a complete jerk threw me out of the place I rented from him, for allegedly having a pet inside the house when the contract stated that I was not allowed, I rescued a cat, and kept it for a couple of days and found a nice home for him, now I’m the homeless one because the landlord does not understand humanity.

Luckily, I do have friends who understand it, and one of them is my guardian angel, Luke. The second I got evicted and found myself with all my stuff in the street, he offered me to stay in his studio, on a nice blow-up bed in the middle of his living room, how could I refuse? I promised him I would stay until I found a new place, the thing is, finding a new one wasn’t that easy, and now, I’ve been living on his blow-up bed for a couple of months now.

Luke is the sweetest man I’ve ever met, when he realized it would take me a while to get a new place, he started waking me up at 6 am, the time he leaves for work and offered me his nice warm bed, which I appreciated very much for the couple hours I still had left to start my days. So, every morning I would get into his bed and get comfortable, perhaps too comfortable for what I expected.

The thing is, Luke smells really nice, and getting in his bed almost felt like getting wrapped in his arms. Don’t get me wrong, Luke has always been my friend, and we’ve never crossed that line, but I did cross some lines when I started sleeping in his bed. At first, as I sank my face into his pillow, I would get a nice warm feeling around my body, especially between my legs. But the more I laid on his bed, the more this heat increased until one day, I found myself gently touching myself in his bed, smelling his sweet scent from his pillow as my hand caressed my warm hardened clit.

I´ve done that several times now, but things got really interesting when one day, I thought Luke already left for work, so I got off the blow-up bed and walked into his room. I never expected to see what I saw, especially because it was Luke, but when I opened the door to get inside his bed I saw Luke, lying in his bed, without his sheets covering him, and completely naked!

I got a heart attack at the sight of his impressive morning erection, I tried to leave his room without making any noise, he was still sleeping and I certainly didn’t want him to find me there staring at him and gawking at his cock. Once I snuck out, I needed a moment to process what I had just seen, his cock, completely erect and firm like a pole, had an incredible size, it was thick, and long, with a pink shiny head covered in a bit of precum.

Fuck! I couldn’t think straight at all that morning, I went back to my blow-up bed, got beneath the sheets, and started wondering about his taste, what that bit of precum would taste like, how would his size feel inside my mouth, his thickness while he entered me. Shit! I shook my head, this was Luke, after all, my pal, my friend, who happens to have a very big dick.

I remained in the blow-up bed, I knew he would be leaving for work in a bit so when I heard noises coming from his room, I hid beneath the sheets and pretended to sleep, I wanted to avoid him, especially after what I saw.

A few moments later, I felt him walking around the living room, and then, his hand landed on my shoulder, shaking me a bit, “Laura, I’m leaving, you can take my bed now,” he said, gently whispering to me. I grunted pretending to be asleep but the second I heard the door closing, I quickly ran inside his room and jumped into his bed, right where he was laying when I saw him.

Having seen his impressive tool got me all warmed up and I needed some sweet relief. So, I pulled his sheets over me and sank my face into his pillow. His scent was all I needed to get me started, I pulled down my pajama bottoms and started rubbing my cunt through my panties, his cock was stamped in my mind and I couldn’t stop imagining my tongue running along his long shaft. I moaned as my left hand reached my left nipple and pinched on it. I was still rubbing my entrance with my right and soon, I started feeling my panties getting wet.

I started wondering about his taste and couldn’t help licking my own fingers, I slid my hand inside my panties and started circling my hardened clit with my wet fingers, I would have loved to have his big cock teasing me, with his head pressed against my clit. My imagination was going a bit wild, I started imagining Luke kissing me as he pushed his cock, and I simulated the movement with my fingers inside my wet entrance.

“Yes… Luke,” I moaned out loud, one side of me was confused that I was masturbating thinking of him, but the other side of me wanted to let it happen, and that side was way bigger. I started moving my fingers inside myself just the way I imagined Luke would penetrate me, deep, slowly, teasingly.

I had to bite my lips when I thought of that pulsating vein near the tip of his cock, I started getting this intense need to lick his cock, suck it. I started fucking myself with my fingers quickly, rubbing my walls and reaching that soft spot that took me right to the edge, just to think of his cock made me want him even more.

I reached my climax with his name on my lips, I moaned throughout my entire orgasm as I felt the heat traveling through my body, and that sensation combined with his scent completely blew my mind. “Yes! Fuck me… Luke,” I cried into his pillow as I drowned in his scent. I never had such an intense orgasm just using my hands, but knowing Luke and now, knowing the size of his manhood, I think it was only fair.

Now every time he leaves for work, I get into his bed and caress myself over and over again, I can’t stop thinking of him, his great body, and his cock, and if he ever does catch me in here, doing this, I truly hope he joins me.

Authors note: I may have been touching myself as I wrote this steamy smut, daydreaming about the secrecy and power of self-masturbation. I liked to imagine what exciting would happen if Luke ever did find his horny roommate tucked up in his bed like that. What would you do? – Tamsin 💕

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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