The Nude Photos For My Husband

It was my fifth anniversary of marriage to my husband. We had been through a lot during that time but only ended up being stronger in the end. I wanted to give him something special for our celebration, something that he could look at in years to come and think about how hot and beautiful his wife was.

Not that I planned to get worse with time, but I needed to take advantage of my body now, while it was still hot and beautiful.

I decided on a tasteful erotic photoshoot and I would gift him the results. I knew that he would love it and started looking for someone to take my erotic photos. I went through countless websites, looking at copious amounts of work that photographers put out for all to see.

Nothing looked right to me, there was either a problem with the setting, the pricing, or the overall feel of the photographer, but soon I found the ideal option. The women in these photos were captured perfectly, looking effortlessly sexy and I was about to book, when I noticed, that the photographer was male.

To be honest, I didn’t think that I’d feel comfortable standing in provocative poses in front of a man who wasn’t my husband, but I loved his work and I knew he was going to be perfect for what I wanted.

It took some time but I finally decided that it wasn’t that wrong, he was a professional, after all, so I booked a shoot and started buying things I needed for the big day.

I got myself a couple of lingerie sets that didn’t hide much and a few toys. I just hoped that I wouldn’t feel too awkward and that it would end up being a good experience with even better results. When I finally got to the place where we were going to be having the shoot I was surprised even more. Rick, the photographer, was tall and hot. He had the warmest smile and I instantly felt welcomed in the studio. It made complete sense why this man had gleaming reviews from so many other women.

I put on my first outfit – it was a white lacy set that barely covered my nipples and a see-through robe. I went to sit on the bed that was in the middle of the studio while trying to look sexy.

“Oh no, let me help you,” Rick said, coming to me. He moved my arms and took the robe off my shoulder. “So much better now. And try to remember what you’re here for – to seduce. Just keep it in mind and everything will work perfectly”

I tried to follow his advice. I was looking at the camera, changing positions, while trying to imagine that my husband was here, looking at me doing it, but it just wasn’t working. Then I got a better idea, it was a bit out there but nobody needed to know – I decided to imagine that I was seducing Rick.

I needed to show him all of my best angles to make him want me and I was trying my best. I went to take off the robe and then slowly take off my bra. Rick was looking at me, but it was still just professional, even though he had my breasts and most of my body in full view. He was standing closer now, guiding me in different interesting positions and I felt like he was touching me more often now.

“How about this?” I got on my back and pulled one of my breasts closer to my face, taking my whole nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it, looking up at Rick. I saw him looking really interested for the first time.

“Really good,” Rick said, sounding a little tense. “Do you want to change into another outfit now?”

“Yes, I’ll bring out the toys too,” I nodded, getting off the bed.

I changed into another sexy outfit, something that looked a lot more slutty – my black panties that had a slit in the middle for easy access, and my bra was made out of mesh fabric so he could see my hard nipples. I had another thing prepared too – I lubed up a butt plug that had a pretty rhinestone base and put it inside my asshole.

I walked outside, holding a slick black dildo in my hand. I was planning to use it too, to make it even spicier. I didn’t expect to make Rick surprised, he probably saw a lot riskier things in his career, but his eyes still went a little wide, especially once I turned my back to him and leaned down a little, showing him my butt plug tightly sitting in my asshole.

“This is becoming a lot more interesting,” he said, smiling. “Get back on the bed and show me how this toy works”.

When I thought about this photoshoot before I didn’t imagine that I’d do something like this in front of a man I didn’t really know, but now I was ready to show Rick all that I had and more. I felt excited and ready for more.

I got on the bed, resting on my knees with my back turned to him. I was just posing, letting him capture all of the ways I could bend my body, but soon I decided that it was enough. I took the dildo and put it between my legs, letting the tip touch my entrance. I was already turned on by the atmosphere and it took no effort to slide it in.

Rick came closer, almost putting his camera against my pussy, as he was capturing it. I smiled at him, enjoying the process. The dildo and plug created just the perfect amount of pressure to make me feel really good.

“Lay on your back, you’d be much more comfortable,” he said and I knew that he wanted a piece of me too. I followed his advice, putting a pillow under my ass and spreading my legs as I started to play with my pussy.

He was standing closer to my head now and I couldn’t stop myself. I went to put my hand on his groin and start massaging him. Rick didn’t say anything, he just looked at me with even more desire, so I took it that he wanted to continue.

I went to open his zipper and pulled his cock out. He was hard and thick, feeling nice in my hand. I started stroking him along with the rhythm with which I was pushing the dildo inside me. I was moaning, closing my eyes, as I still heard him taking shots. I hoped that I looked sexy for my husband in those.

I was getting close fast. This whole thing was an adventure for me, something new and exciting and I was ready to embrace it and take anything I could from it. Rick started groaning over me and I knew that he liked it too. He kept shooting, and I was surprised at how professional he could be while his cock was still in my hand. I stroked him faster, while still getting myself to the finish and I think I squeezed him just perfectly when I got my climax.

My pussy went tight around the dildo, as I kept pushing it in me and screaming, but I also felt a hot seed sprinkling all over my chest and stomach. Rick finished on me and I didn’t really mind it. It was an amazing shoot and we both enjoyed it.

After it was ready and I gifted the album to my husband he loved it. He said that I looked sexy and very attractive. He had only one question that I didn’t have an answer for – how did we make cum on my chest look so realistic?

Authors note: My mind works in mysterious ways and I like to imagine a world where scenarios like this occur all around us without anyone realizing it. Hot boudoir photos for an unsuspecting husband? Sounds like a wonderful plan. Have you ever had sexy pictures taken? – Tamsin 💕

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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