On My Knees For Her Boyfriend

“On your knees slut”, he says, looking at me as I slowly get to my knees, the hardwood floor digging into my skin.

“Shirt and panties off”, he says, staring at me and slowly I pull my shirt over my head and sit there, my small perky tits exposed. I pull my panties off too, tossing them to one side and leaving just my skirt and knee-high socks on my body.

He reaches out and pinches my breasts, not making a sound as he inspects them with his strong hands, making me shiver with excitement. His touch sends me into overdrive and I feel my pussy moistening from just this brisk touch.

“Mouth open”, he says, slowly unbuttoning his pants as I wait for his cock to touch my hungry lips. His cock is hard as it approaches my mouth and without a word it pushes it inside of my waiting throat and begins thrusting, faster and faster, my hands are by my side as he uses my mouth for his own pleasure, not knowing how soaked I am between the legs just feeling his cock in my mouth.

You see, I have lusted over this guy for months. My roommate’s boyfriend. I know it’s wrong but she’s out of town and he came onto me first, so, I’m not to be blamed for just following my carnal urges, am I?

It started when I used to hear my roommate and him fucking and one night I just started masturbating to their sex noises, getting off on their pleasure through the shared wall and I used to fantasize about that being me, about feeling his hard cock inside of me and being tossed around the bedroom. I was on fire for him, desire coursing through my veins whenever I would see him at our place and once my roommate, his girlfriend, went away for a little while to see her family he would still turn up, hanging out with just me and slowly one thing lead to another and now he treats me like the slut that I am, just using me for sex and my body, just what I want and as soon as my roommate is back, we will put a stop to this, I am sure of it.

His cock hits the back of my throat roughly, making my eyes water. I ache to touch my pussy but I know he will tell me when that’s allowed. I feel like such a slut but, dear reader you must know, that is my favorite feeling in the entire world.

I can taste his pre-cum on my tongue, he is too comfortable in my throat and right on cue he says: “Bend over and stay on your knees”. God, I love dirty talk. I do as he asks, excited and anticipating a rough, incredible fuck. My ass in the air, my knees firmly on the ground, the hardwood stinging my knees, my pussy glistening with my wetness and I feel him behind me, I feel his cock rubbing up against my opening, my face is pressed roughly onto the hard ground and I glance behind me, seeing how intently he is watching my wet holes, I get off knowing he is absorbing my body as he begins probing his cock into my entrance and beginning to fuck me mercilessly. I feel his cock filling me up, his entire length deep inside of me and I let out a little whimper, my body responding to his deep hard thrusts.

He reaches around and rubs at my clit enthusiastically and my mouth widens, my eyes closing as I become lost in the tremendous, mind-bending pleasure I was feeling. “I want you to cum for me, slut”, he said as he thrust harder into me, leaving my ass red and my pussy quivering from his manly touch. He rubbed my clit with impressive rhythm, making my thighs shake and my body aches for a release. The more he rubbed and thrust into me the closer I came to orgasm and as I got closer, I told him how I was going to blow and he thrust harder and quicker but kept the rhythm of his fingers against my clit the same. I began to tip over the edge, my orgasm pouring out of me, my body alive with overwhelming pleasure, my thighs trembling as I came, my pussy dripping with my cum and his shaft coated too in my glistening fluid.

“Good girl”, he said, congratulating me on obeying his orders as he continued thrusting into me, holding hard onto my hips before blowing his load silently into my wet pussy. His cum and mine mixed together inside of my tight slit, the remnants dripping down my plump pussy lips and trembling thighs.

Silently we got dressed and he planted a kiss on my tits before leaving the apartment. I don’t like doing this to my roommate, but he is too hard to resist, he makes me cum better than I ever have before and I know he desires me to. It’s going to be interesting when my roommate comes back to see what happens but hopefully, we can stop this whirlwind affair before it’s too late.

Authors note: Cheating is a taboo topic but I know many of you just love to read these smutty and steamy tales of destruction and desire. I enjoyed writing about the carnal urges of these two characters and their inability to stop something so wrong, it made my heart beat a lot quicker and certainly kept me on my toes. Would you ever do anything like these two did? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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