An Orgasm In The Shower

I know some people think that masturbation is something dirty, a thing we shouldn’t talk about, but I don’t agree. It’s just a way to let the pressure wash away, a way to calm yourself, a way to relax. At least that’s the way that I use masturbation. There are also things that I like in theory but didn’t want to try in practice, and masturbating to those little fantasies helps me to let off some steam…

As usual, after a long day at work, I would go to the shower, where all my fantasies would come true. Cleaning myself was one thing, but satisfying my needs was something I just had to do. I never denied myself that and I wasn’t planning to ever stop.

More often than not, I also thought about the people that I liked and who I wanted, but couldn’t have. I know, it sounds dirty, but I don’t see how it can be a problem if it’s not harming anyone. There is nothing wrong with me just wanting a little bit of relief, right?

That night I came home, thinking about an especially dirty thing. I was having dinner with my friend at her house and her father was around. I noticed that he was in great shape. His gray hair and beard were making me look at him more and more and I felt excited at that moment thinking about her father. When my friend noticed me staring, she laughed at me, asking me to not fuck her dad. I laughed it off, saying I would never do it and I wasn’t planning to, but the fantasy was still there. I needed to get it out of my system quickly.

Thinking about something dirty while masturbating for me was the equivalent of crossing it off the list. Once I finished thinking about that person, they were out of my mind and I was free. Me, being so turned on by the thought of my friend’s dad, I just had to let it out and let it go, so, as soon as I came home, I went to the shower.

I thought about this older man and all the things he could do to me, the things he could teach me and I was almost shaking. My pussy was already wet and I knew I could make it end quickly, but I needed some time to really enjoy it and I was willing to deny myself for a bit to get even more pleasure later.

I took my clothes off slowly, trying not to touch myself much, so I would get a chance to do it later. There was something special in letting my body ache just for a few moments before I really got to enjoy it.

I turned on the steamy water, making it a little cooler than usual because I knew once I’m turned on enough my skin would begin to get hotter.

Before stepping in there, I thought about the scene I would play in my head. I’d imagine that I stayed at my friend’s place for the night and woke up early in the morning, wanting to take a shower. There, undressed and wet, I’d feel that someone came inside the shower too and that’s how my fantasy will start.

Smiling at myself, I moved under the water, feeling it warm and nice on my skin. I started washing myself, closing my eyes, and imagining what I actually wanted. I wouldn’t hear the door of the shower open and him stepping in. He would look at me, at my young sexy body, and feel excited. It’s even more exciting to know that I’m his daughter’s friend and he’s about to fuck me.

He would come behind me, press his cock to my ass and start moving his hands over my front. I would turn to him, startled, and ask what he was doing. He’d say that he saw how I was looking at him, that he knew that I was nothing but a little slut craving an older cock and he came to let me have it. I would play innocent for a moment, but soon I would allow him to explore my body and fuck me.

I started rubbing my hands over my breasts, enjoying how firm they were and imagining that those weren’t my hands at all. It was my friend’s father, teasing me and pinching my nipples, while I tried to keep quiet so no one would know about our shameful affair. He would play with my tits for a while, making me excited and horny, before he would pull me down and present his cock to my face.

I liked that part of my fantasy, where I was used and taken roughly, it was making me wetter and wetter and, while I was just massaging my hips and inner thighs, I knew that I would be close soon.

This older man, with his big cock, would make me open my mouth and suck him. He would push it deep, not caring about anything, and use my mouth thoroughly. I would look at the door, still thinking about his daughter that was sleeping in the other room, but in the end, I didn’t care much. I imagined him pushing my head down with force, so I could take him in my throat. He would tell me how great of a slut I was, how tight my mouth felt, and that I had a talented little mouth. He would’ve finished inside, not letting me have a chance to spit out. He would close my mouth shut and look me in the eyes with a smile.

My favorite part of the fantasy was coming, so I leaned against the wall, opened my legs, and put my hand on my pussy. I started slowly rubbing my clit, closing my eyes, while enjoying the fantasy in my head.

He would turn me around, make me bend over, and smack my ass. I would whimper, but his cock is already inside, fucking me deep. He would pull on my hair and tell me that he loved my tight young pussy, that he would love to cum inside me and make me even more of a little slut. He’d say that I’m doing really well giving my pussy to him and that he loved it.

With all of that on my mind, I moaned and rubbed my clit, feeling my legs shaking. I needed more though, I knew it wouldn’t be enough, so I put my other hands lower, pushing fingers inside my aching cunt and letting myself feel it all. I kept moving faster and faster as my fantasy was unfolding.

He’d be rough with me, his balls would be smacking over my pussy while he took what he needed from me. I’d be moaning and asking for more while being called a slut. Finally, he would go even deeper and I would feel his cum inside me, filling me up.

At that moment I felt myself shaking and close to an orgasm.

With his cum leaking out, I’d put my hand there, take some, and put it in my mouth to get a taste. In reality, I was moaning out, with my fingers deep inside and my body shaking from an orgasm. That fantasy was amazing and I felt every bit of it.

I had the best sleep that night and didn’t think about that man ever again so if you ask me, I’d say masturbation is very good for your body and for your mind.

Authors note: I’d agree that masturbation is extremely important, however, you do it and in this piece of erotica I wanted to get that across, show the world just how some of us get off and put our fantasies to work. Do you ever masturbate in the shower? I personally love it! – Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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