Public Flashing Makes Me Wet

I never understood why some things were considered inappropriate in public. What could be so wrong with me just not wearing panties or just showing a little more than people usually did?

It’s not like it was hurting anyone and I knew that people that were interested were watching.

My boyfriend, Nick, liked that part of me too and I made sure that he kept on liking it. On some days I would wear even less than usual – just a short skirt and top and no panties and there was something exciting about the fact that people around me could see how slutty I could be but didn’t do anything about it. It turned me on every time it happened and each time it ended with me and Nick having passionate sex. These are just a few accounts of when it happened.

We were on the date in a small diner and, as usual, I was wearing as little as I could. Nick knew that I wasn’t wearing any underwear and he smiled at me, knowing that as soon as we could I would let him fuck me.

There was another man at that diner that was paying special attention to me. He was older and once I walked past him he couldn’t take his eyes away from me. He was almost leaning down just to look under my skirt and see what my pussy looked like.

“Think he will be thinking about you today while masturbating?” Nick asked, noticing the attention I was getting.

“Probably. I think I should give him more things to think about,” I smiled.

In the next hour, I did everything to pass that man more and more times. I was going to pick up the syrup, the straws, cutlery, all just to see him looking under my skirt. I was intentionally leaning over to let him see my pussy, shaven and wet from how turned on I was. I knew that he saw it and I knew that he loved seeing it. I was getting more and more turned on each time he saw me flashing him and soon I couldn’t keep my desire held back.

“Let’s go,” I whispered to Nick, feeling too turned on to think about anything else.

We went to the restrooms and closed the door. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I instantly fell to my knees in front of him and started opening his pants. His cock was the only thing I wanted now that I was this turned on. I looked up at him, smiling as I took his cock in my mouth and pressed my lips around him. It felt amazing and so much better than just doing it at home. I was making it fast and trying my hardest to turn it into a pleasurable experience for Nick so he would allow me to wear short skirts more often.

I was sucking him, letting his cock go in deep, moving my head, and feeling him groan. Soon I felt the taste of his cum in my mouth and was swallowing it down until I milked all till the last drop out of him.

The next time it happened we were at the park. I was walking past all the people with Nick’s hand on my waist. At that point, he was in on my game and once we would go past men he would as if accidentally lift my skirt even a little higher to let them see my pussy. I smiled at him, knowing that he enjoyed what I was doing too and it made excitement grow inside me. I knew what I wanted and I hoped that I would soon get it.

One man even turned around and started following us, after we walked past him. I knew that he was more than interested in seeing what else I could show and it gave me an idea.

“Let’s go this way,” I offered Nick, nodding at the narrow road dipping into the park where no one could see us. He smiled at me, knowing what I had on my mind.

“Anything you want”

We turned there and I knew the stranger was still following us. I looked back at some point to make sure that he was still there. It was then that I decided it was time.

I went to the closest tree and started kissing Nick. He was answering me with passion and lifting my top. Without a bra underneath he had fast access to my breasts and he was kissing them and sucking them. I knew that the stranger was watching, so I made sure to give him a show with my loud moans. Soon Nick turned me away so I was facing the tree. I grabbed onto it, feeling him lifting my skirt. He unzipped his pants and soon I felt his cock against my cunt.

I moaned, taking him into my slick pussy, and looked to the side, where the man was watching us with his mouth slightly open. I bet he didn’t expect to see something like that on his walk in the park, but here we were. I didn’t look at him anymore, I only cared about Nick’s cock moving faster inside me and the pleasure I was feeling. I moaned and whimpered, moving my hips to take him in, until I felt that I was cumming. My whole body was shaking from how good it felt and soon I dropped to my knees, taking Nick’s load in my mouth. He smiled down at me, as my tight mouth filled with his load and I swallowed it down, showing him that there wasn’t a drop left.

When I turned there again the stranger already left, probably with a boner that he would need to take care of. I smiled thinking about it and knowing that I gave him this new experience.

Another memorable encounter was when I visited Nick at his job in the office. I was debating whether or not I should put on my sexy slutty outfit and decided to do it. I wanted everyone to see what kind of a hot girl he got for himself. I was walking past the cubicles, seeing all the looks I was getting. They all noticed my short skirt and my see-through top and I was happy about it. Walking to Nick’s office I knew that his boss saw me. He turned his head around and I could see what kind of thoughts he had at that moment. I didn’t care, but he seemed to be very interested in what I was doing there.

As soon as I walked into Nick’s office he smiled at me with excitement and pulled me closer. We started kissing and I put my hand in his pants, finding his cock. He was hard and I couldn’t wait to have him inside. He pushed me against the table, making me bend down over it and I felt even better now, knowing that I was in his power.

I was looking at the door in his office as Nick was pulling my skirt up and I was more turned on than ever, when I noticed that it was slightly open and someone was looking inside. I made it look as if I didn’t notice, even though I did. I wanted that person behind the door to be a part of it and I was getting more excited faster and faster.

“Fuck me in the ass,” I said, looking back at Nick. He was surprised, but not against it.

“Anything you want”

I smiled, putting my hands on my ass cheeks and spreading them for him. I knew that person behind the door loved it. Soon I felt Nick’s cock probing my tight asshole and I moaned, knowing what was about to come. He was fucking into me slowly, his every move inside me making my toes curl from pleasure. I moaned, wanting more, wanting him deep, and knowing that I had an audience I was trying to make it sound especially sexy.

Soon Nick was fully inside me, fucking his way deeper into my asshole and I was moving my hips to meet him, wanting to feel his hot cum deep inside me. I smiled, looking up to where the person was hiding, and I moaned even louder.

“I want your cum in my asshole, give it to me, please!”

Nick didn’t have to hear it twice. He fucked even faster inside me, making me shake and moan until I felt his load filling me. It was amazing and I felt so good. I said that I needed to clean myself from his cum leaking out of me and walked out of the office. There was no one outside, but I could see a wet spot of what was certainly cum on the floor. I smiled, happy that the audience liked my performance.

These were just a few times I had sex like that after I wore no underwear, but with how sexy and pleasurable they all were, I’m convinced I will never wear underwear again.

Authors note: I am filled with excitement and a burning desire to head outside without any panties on after writing this erotic story. It really turned me on playing the part of the exhibitionist slut and I hope you enjoyed it too. Let me know! Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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