Room Service!

“I’ll have the number 3 and the number 12 please”, the glorious Mr. Kingsby says into the hotel telephone.

His charm oozes through the phone, making the receptionist on the other end swoon at his soft buttery voice and salacious demeanor. She confirms his order and tells him how long it’s going to take and Mr. Kingsby can’t help but flirt as he puts down the phone to the receptionist who is now feeling a fluttering inside her pussy, aching for a gentleman like him to take her out for some fun.

“She said it’ll be 20 minutes”, he beamed at his equally charming wife, Mrs. Kingsby.

A flash of excitement crosses across her face as she gets herself ready for the waiter to bring their order up to their luxurious room.

As she begins to slip off her robe, she looks back on how this exhibitionism first started with her husband. It was a long time ago, it was when they first started dating, they were in a hotel room in Greece. Mr. Kingsby at the time was a young, handsome bachelor and as they lay naked together on the bed, after some serious love-making he professed to her that he very much enjoyed public nudity and flashing. She didn’t really know what to think at the time, putting it down to being a wealthy young man and feeling all kinds of perverse after such good sex.

He called up room service, ordered another bottle of their finest, and asked her to open the door, wearing just a towel. The young greek waiter could hardly contain himself, his eyes everywhere as he tried so hard not to look at her, barely covering herself in the small white towel.

She felt a rush of adrenaline, understanding in an instant why Mr. Kingsby enjoyed it so much. She pounced on top of him in the bed and they fucked, excited and filled with adrenaline as she came down from such a high.

From then on it became more and more daring. One of her most memorable was the time she was wearing just her lingerie, opening the door to a shy waiter who made no effort to avert his eyes from her luscious body. He handed her their order and stared mindlessly at her full breasts and she loved the feeling, closing the door and turning to her husband, smiling from ear to ear.

After that, there was the time that she wore nothing but a slip dress, the kind people would wear under a dress to provide some modesty, except that was far from what she wanted. As they heard the knock on the door, she let one of the small straps slip down her arm and as she bent down to pick up their order from the trolley, her entire juicy breast was exposed to the waiter. His eyes seemed to pop out of his head as he stared at her perfect full, round breast. She made no effort to apologize or pull her strap back up, she simply smiled at the young man and closed the hotel room door, elated and feeling like she was on cloud 9.

Over the years they had had countless experiences like this and tonight was going to be their most daring yet.

Mrs. Kingsby stood naked and waiting for the familiar knock on the door. Mr. Kingsby lay naked in the queen size bed, his cock in his hand as he watched his darling wife, nervously twiddle the giant diamond rings on her fingers. She was excited and he knew she was going to want to fuck him all night long after doing what she was about to do.

Suddenly there was a soft knocking on the door and a male voice called out, “Room service!”. This is done to protect the occupant of the room’s modesty and to allow them time to dress, however, for this couple, that was the whole point.

Mrs. Kingsby took a deep breath and opened the door, standing completely naked in front of the waiter. His mouth fell open and quickly closed again as he composed himself. Mrs. Kingsby was hard to ignore, 5’5, with large full breasts, cute nipples, a trim torso, and shapely legs. She was the epitome of femininity and her expensive demeanor ties her whole look together.

“I’ve got a number 3 and a number 12 for you ma’am”, the waiter said shyly, trying hard not to look at her incredible body but failing miserably.

“Sure, just bring it through”, she says, smiling at him. He pushes the trolley inside and quickly moves back out of the door, glancing once again at Mrs. Kingsby. She looks down at his crotch and sees the obvious bulge and smiles at him, feeling on top of the world. Closing the door she hurries to her husband on the bed who is rubbing himself delicately, she perches down next to him and smiles.

Moving his hand from his cock he slides his fingers between his wife’s legs and presses against her opening, his eyes widen as he remarks on how soaked she is. This latest conquest had really got her going.

“I have an idea…”, she says as he begins pushing a finger inside of her as she lays beside him, his lips nuzzling against her neck.

“Mmm”, he says, his cock throbbing to be inside of his wife.

“Let’s turn things up, let’s leave the door on the latch and fuck me as they open the door?”, she asks, fully serious, her eyes filled with lust.

Mr. Kingsby likes the idea very much, moving his lips from her neck, he picks up the telephone and makes another order down to reception…

Authors note: This story was a little different for me but I really enjoyed writing it. There was something so exciting and naughty about this piece of erotica and although just a fantasy for many, I want to hear from anyone that has done this sort of thing, it really turns me on! – Tamsin <3

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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