I never understood the way people dream about their past lovers. In my mind it went like this – you meet them, you fuck them and once it’s over you forget and hope for something better. I didn’t understand what other people were talking about until I met Seth.

We only met because I decided to go to my friend’s party instead of studying for an exam and I didn’t regret it after I had the night I did with him. Seth was arrogant and rude and I was annoyed by him, but something deep inside was telling me that I might like that man, that I might like him enough to let him fuck me.

I’m not sure how it happened, but we ended up in a room all alone and behind closed doors, I felt that the sexual tension between us was even stronger. He was a prick, someone who would ruin my life just for fun, but I wanted him badly. To my luck, he wanted just the same thing.

Not long after we were on the bed, kissing and tearing on each other’s clothes. I wasn’t ready for something like this and was wearing a mismatched pair of underwear, but it didn’t stop him even for a moment. When I finally got to feel Seth’s cock through his pants it stopped mattering to me too.

He was hung, the way I had never seen or experienced before. I thought that cocks like his didn’t exist, that it was all just an exaggeration to make women believe that it was possible, but he proved me wrong. At that moment I felt panic, thinking only about one thing – how is he going to fit inside my pussy. But with that thought also came excitement and arousal. I knew that I wanted him and I knew that we were going to make it work.

He wasn’t acting like a gentleman, not at all. He was grabbing me roughly and moving me onto the bed until he thought that our position was perfect. He pushed my head against the mattress, forcing me to stay put while my ass was in the air, giving him easy access. I never allowed any man to treat me like this before, I thought that I deserved respect and would never let anyone take it away from me. I was wrong. The moment his cock was rubbing against my ass I lost all my senses, giving up myself to him and letting Seth use me any way he wanted to.

That night was fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday and I knew exactly why – it was just too good, too amazing, and right in all senses of the word. I never felt this way with anyone else before and it made my time with Seth special. He never treated me like a fragile sweet girl the way the others did, he was just fucking me fast and rough, letting me feel all the length of his cock deep inside me. I was a slut for him and I didn’t have a single complaint about it.

It was the first time we had sex, but it wasn’t the last. We both liked it, so we met a few times after that to fulfill our needs, but it wasn’t working. We were too different and it took us a lot of effort to even agree on the meeting spot, not even talking about anything else. He was rude and harsh and I couldn’t take it, even if it meant that I would be deprived of the best sex I ever had. Our paths separated and I thought that it was for the better, until I started to think about him more often.

Years went by and I was still thinking about him, about a man who thought that he was so much better than me, about a man that just fucked me senseless and didn’t care about anything else. I thought it would go away, that I would be able to return to my normal life, but I was wrong. No one compared to him. Even if everything else was perfect no one fucked me like Seth did, the way I wanted to be fucked.

I know, it sounds stupid, who would still think about their lover ten years later, but I did. He ruined me the moment he let me feel him pumping his cock in me and I couldn’t go back. What I didn’t expect at all is that we would meet again…

It was an accident, I was just swiping on a dating app when I saw his face. Seth looked a bit more mature but still amazing. He was honest in his bio, saying that he was only looking for sex and nothing else and in that case, I was looking for it too.

We connected and I felt more than excited to return to my previous role of the woman that’s just getting fucked and used by him.

We met at a hotel, knowing exactly what both of us wanted, but still spent some time at the bar, talking about what happened in our lives. I think he was just feeling the ground, trying to see if anything changed since the moment we last met and I wanted to let him know that it didn’t. I was still ready and excited to be his in any way he wanted me. After that we went upstairs, to the room he booked, to see if there was still the same fire between us.

The moment I stepped inside, Seth grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me over for a kiss. It was harsh and fast, his tongue tearing inside my mouth to claim me once again. I could already feel the wetness between my legs and the way I was shaking, excited for him.
He pushed me against the wall, unzipping my dress and letting it fall down until he saw my body. He smiled and I knew that he liked it.

“Get on your knees, slut. I’m sure you remember what I taught you,” it wasn’t a question, it was an order, one I was happy to follow.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, showing me once again the way he thought about me. He moved his tip against my lips until I opened my mouth and took his length inside. He felt and tasted just the way I remembered and it made me even more excited.

I worked him up with my tongue and my lips, hoping that he would be satisfied with me and let me have another chance after this night. I looked up at his face, seeing how much he loved what I was doing. I kept sucking and sucking him, hearing him groan under my attention as I was taking more and more. He loved it and that was enough for me.

He didn’t finish in my mouth the way I wanted him to. He pulled me up and pushed me to the bed. I was on my stomach, helpless in front of him and I could feel his hands on my ass, smacking it hard.

“Did your pussy miss my cock? Tell me,” he said in a rough tone, pulling my hair just a little. I loved it and I was ready to tell him anything to get what I wanted.

“Look between my legs and you’ll know the answer,” I let out, looking back at him. I lifted my ass just a little, letting him see how wet my panties were. I could see that he loved it.

It happened the same way it did the first time we fucked, bringing me the sweetest memories. Seth pulled my panties off me, pushed my head against the mattress as he penetrated me, and started fucking me harder and harder.

I could feel the way his cock was ruining my pussy all over again, making it fit with his every thrust, but I didn’t care. I already knew that I wouldn’t agree to have sex with other men if he wouldn’t have a cock at least close to being this amazing and thick as his.

I moaned and screamed as he fucked me hard, my wet pussy taking him in with more and more ease as I grabbed the sheets and was begging him to not stop. He was telling me how slutty I was, how dirty for saying all those words and I agreed with him every time. I was a dirty little slut that would beg for his cock over and over again just to get it and I was ready to admit it as long as he was inside me.

His thrusts became rougher and I knew that he was ready to put his load inside me. I moved my hips to meet him before it happened, feeling its hotness filling me up and making my whole body tense one last time before I dropped on the bed, thoroughly fucked and filled with his seed.

I was grateful that I had another chance with him and if I’ll be lucky again we’ll repeat that night.

Authors note: Writing this one made me seriously damp between the legs, I hated Seth but I also loved him and truthfully I want to fuck him too. I love the desperation, the sexual tension, and the pure chaos of this one, I hope you did too, let me know! Tamsin ❤

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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