Sexless husbands cum the hardest

I could spot it a mile off. A man, alone, sitting at the bar, nursing a drink that had been poured too long ago. His mind thinking about something other than this dive and his eyes see a completely different scene than this one.

I see his shiny wedding ring, it’s been played with too many times, making it glisten against the orange bulb on the ceiling above his head.

I know it’s wrong to be so wet for this one but I can’t help myself. I pick up my own drink and sit down next to him, he doesn’t notice me at first until I clear my throat, he snaps out of his daydream and looks at me, noticing my shiny long dark hair and my green eyes first, before his gaze turns to my slim figure in my vibrant green silky dress.

“Belle”, I say, holding out my hand. He looks at it, “Alec”, he announces. “Drink?”, he asks and I nod politely as the server refills our glasses.

We strike up a conversation, he tells me about his job and his life, with no mention of his wife and I tell him about me, giving little away, letting him make up his own mind about me.

“Your wife?”, I ask, glancing at his shiny ring. He instinctively traps it between his other fingers, looking at me solemnly. “She…er, she and I…we are going through a rough patch”, he says dishearted and I smile softly at him, putting my hand on his back to comfort him. Another drink and he opens up to me about his wife, he tells me in no uncertain times that they haven’t been intimate in well over a year. I act shocked and sad for him, telling him exactly what he wants to hear. “Nobody should have to put up with that”, I said, my hand squeezing his thigh in a sweet gesture. He smiles at me, thanks me for my solid advice, and tells me he’s going to break things off with his wife, “enough is enough” he says. The energy was charged and we began making out shortly after that and my pussy was eager for this sex-deprived man.

“How about we celebrate?”, I ask him, smiling seductively and glancing at his lips. He looks at me confused as I grab his hand and lead him up to the hotel room that I am staying at this weekend for business. I am not always this forward with sexless men but this one was special, he had something about him that I liked and I knew he would be grateful to fuck someone like me.

We got up to my room and I could see he was nervous but he was ready. We lay down on the bed and began making out, I initiated by slowly putting my hand down his pants and feeling his hard cock. “I have never cheated…I would never…”, he said and I put my finger on his lips. “I know honey”, I say. He groaned as I rubbed him and he reached out to my body, feeling me through my silky dress. I told him that it was ok and he began undressing me, peeling the straps of my dress down my shoulders first, exposing my milky white breasts, and pulling my dress up to show off my black thong. I pulled everything off and began undressing him too. He marveled at my body, telling me how beautiful I was as I reached for his cock, getting to my knees as I began sucking him. His wife was a lucky lady, he had a nice one, hard and thick too, my favorite size. He ran his fingers through my hair as I sucked him, he was grateful for the intimacy but I had more to show him yet.

Climbing on top of him I began sliding his cock inside of me, I was soaked already, something about sexless married men really gets me going. He held my waist as I rode him, getting off on his length and his obvious burning desire for me. “wow, wow, wow”, he kept repeating as I bounced on top of him and for being so cute I decided to give him a really special treat. I got onto all fours and told him in no uncertain terms to “Fuck my ass”, he got up behind me, spread my ass, and without thinking twice, began pushing his length inside of me, I moaned loudly, not caring that our neighbors in the room next door might hear. “Oh fuck that feels so good Alec”, I said as his cock plunged deep into my tight anal canal.

He moaned too, breathing heavily through his teeth. “I want your cum Alec, I want it deep inside of me”, I said, asking him something his wife never had. He thrust harder, I could feel his cock beginning to pulsate and without any warning, he began to blow, a thick burst of hot cum deep into my ass. I moaned and thanked him, telling him how good that felt. He came so hard that he had to lie down, telling me he hadn’t cum like that in years. He thanked me profusely and I showed him out, knowing I had changed his life and quickly I got showered and dressed and went on the hunt for another sexless man who I could make never forget me…

Authors note: I didn’t know if I wanted this story to be from the male or female perspective but I think it worked really well from Belle’s view. She sure is a naughty slut but I loved that about her and I couldn’t help but feel how turned on I was as I finished this story. What did you think? Would you fuck Belle? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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