Short skirts & no panties

I finally bought a long 6 ft tall mirror off eBay and it gives me the perfect view of my petite, slim body. I can see every inch of my figure from top to toe in my new mirror and when you have the same kinks as I do, it helps to see what you’re working with.

I slide on a mini skirt as I am watching myself in the long mirror, the skirt is a khaki green color, with two button-up pockets on either side. It’s cute and it’s perfect for today’s antics.

Doing as I have been doing ever since my mirror arrived, I turn around and bend over, touching my ankles before peering back at the mirror and admiring my exposed pussy and ass. Wearing no panties is the only rule I live by and staring at my bald, pink pussy and puckered tight ass sends a shiver of thrill through my body.

Pulling on a white tank top, forgetting my bra, I take one last look at myself. My blonde hair effortlessly cascades down my back, my body toned and slim and I head out the door, ready to run some errands in my favorite, slutty outfit yet.

The breeze is a little cool when my first step outside, erecting my pink clam shell nipples, poking through the fabric of my tank top. I notice a man staring as I walk past him, I smile to myself because he has no idea I don’t have any panties on either nor does he know how slutty I really am.

I continue walking, heading to my favorite coffee shop in town. As soon as I head inside, the AC is blasting, making my nipples fully erect and visible through my tank top. I sit down with my iced coffee and enjoy the moment, the freedom, the peacefulness, and the fact that I am completely bald and naked between my legs.

A man sits down on a small table opposite mine, he opens a laptop and he glances up at me, smiling and I smile back. He’s cute, I think to myself. I sip my drink and notice him staring at me and so I do what anyone would do, I uncross my legs, parting them slightly, just enough so that he can glimpse between my toned thighs and see my bald, juicy pink lips.

His eyes visibly widen, I notice him gulp as I cross my legs again, limiting his view of my pussy and I let my lips curl into a little smirk, letting him know that he wasn’t just seeing things.

He continued working on his laptop and I was getting restless, I leaned back on my chair and parted my legs again as I played mindlessly on my phone. I glanced up and once more saw him staring between my legs, his eyes all over my body, capturing my erect nipples and my bald pussy in his mind, thinking of all the things he wanted to do to me.

I sometimes leave at this point, leave them with the memory of me but this guy was too cute to forget about and I was horny.

I gathered my things and got up to leave, walking over to him. “Hey”, I said, smiling sweetly and he greeted me back, his cheeks flushed.

“You’re not imagining things”, I said, a glimmer of lust in my voice.

He smiled, “You’re something else”, he said, visibly turned on.

“Do you have a car?”, I asked, biting my lip.

The stranger quickly grabbed his things, left half of his expensive coffee on the table and we went straight to his car, a modern white four-door hatchback. We both climbed inside onto the backseats, my breathing unsteady with the excitement and immediately we began making out, our hands all over one another. He tried to speak, and make conversation but I didn’t want it, I just wanted to fuck.

I squeezed his hard cock through his pants and I was impressed by what I felt, unable to wait a moment longer to have him inside of me. I pushed my hand into his waistband and reached inside for his cock, pulling it out tenderly, jerking him off as I kissed him, his hands cupping my braless tits through my tank top. He rubbed his thumbs over my sensitive nipples and I flushed with excitement, eager to be fucked by this cute stranger.

I climbed on top of him and straddled him effortlessly, my skirt wandering up my thighs and exposing my pussy. He kissed me as he rubbed my slit and I moved my hips in rhythm with his fingers. He moaned lightly and I grabbed his cock and began pushing it inside of me, aching to be fucked.

He responded to my neediness, grabbing my hips and slamming his cock hard inside of me. Our sex was desperate and animalistic, I rode him, my hands in my hair as he thrust hard into me, his grunting deep and dark and my moans loud and passionate. He was a stranger but we had a connection and his cock fit inside of me like a glove.

As he drove his cock hard into me, I began rubbing at my clit, the sensation was overwhelming and I felt my body convulsing with pleasure, my orgasm rippled throughout my body and made me cry out. The cute stranger continued fucking me, his mouth wide open as his cock thrust deep inside of me, making me ache with desire.

I could feel his cock pulsating, his eagerness to cum obvious over his entire face.

“Fill my pretty pussy up”, I said, biting my lip, shocked at my own filth.

He nodded, one last thrust before spilling inside of me, thick, large bursts of cum filling me up, making me tremble with anticipation.

The cute stranger closed his eyes as the last drops of his cum dripped inside of me before I climbed off of him and kissed him goodbye, I don’t like to stay around for long.

As I walked back toward the coffee shop, I felt his cum spilling out of me, trickling over my slit and now I was on a mission to find another guy to push it all back deep inside of me.

I headed to the park, the sun was shining and I needed to catch my breath. I sat down on a bench, it was stiff and wooden but it was in the perfect position for people watching and enjoying the sunshine and so grabbing my book I sat back against the stiff bench and pulled my knees up beside me, giving my pussy a birds-eye view of everything going on around us. I glanced over the top of my book and already noticed as people glanced between my legs, my pussy glistening with mine and a cute stranger’s cum.

I felt so sexy and turned on as I sat there, reading my book, my quivering pussy ‘accidentally’ on full display.

I felt eyes on me and as I looked up I saw a man, walking a puppy coming closer to me. I smiled over the top of my book and he smiled back, greeting me with a devilish look in his blue eyes. My nipples came to life, visible once again through my white shirt and my pussy glistened with wetness.

“Hey”, I said as he came and sat down near me. I tuck my blonde hair behind my ear, putting my book to one side.

“Do you have a car?”, I asked inquisitively, my eyes filled with lust.

Authors note: This erotica story was seriously steamy, it was taboo, all kinds of wrong and I absolutely loved it. Exhibitionism, voyeurism, slutty antics all get me going and those desires and hidden thoughts of my own just wanted to escape into this story, filling it up with excitement and wonder. What do you like about exhibitionism? I’m so intrigued! – Tamsin 💋

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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