Soldiers In My Small Town

I grew up in a small rural town that no one ever passing through even knew the name of. It was a small community where everyone knew each other and nothing went unnoticed. By the time I grew up most of the people that could do so left and there were only a handful of people in the town, most of them older folks that didn’t want to leave the place they grew up in. I was among just a few people that were at least around my age and it was getting really boring and dull -until the soldiers arrived.

They were stationed in a camp just outside the town but would come to the only bar in our town to have a drink and enjoy themselves.

Ever since I first saw how many new men were there I was excited. The truth was, I rarely had a chance to be with any man before. All the men in the village were either married or old and I was left to my own devices when it came to satisfying myself.

The truth was, it never did satisfy me when I took care of myself. I knew that I just needed a cock or two for me to calm down for a while and I thought that getting it done with one of the soldiers would’ve been enough to satisfy my urges and make me more relaxed, even just for a brief period of time.

I knew that people in the town would probably judge me, but I didn’t care much. I was a woman and I had my needs, so once I had a chance to get closer to the soldiers I did so. That was how I met that guy, Marc.

He was my age, muscular and tall and he had a kind smile. I knew that he could take care of me and that I wouldn’t regret sleeping with him, so I went for it. He was in the army for some time now and he was missing the warmth of a woman’s body too, so I was willing to give it to him.

After we had a few drinks at the bar, he walked me home and I offered him to come in. He agreed and both of us soon ended up on my couch, with his hand under my skirt and his tongue in my mouth. I moaned, enjoying his touches, and the way he caressed my thighs and my breasts. It felt exactly like I imagined it would be and I loved it.

He was gentle with me, spreading my legs and pulling my panties off. My pussy was wet already and when I felt his cock pushing inside me it felt like heaven. Everything I dreamed about was becoming true and I loved it. He fucked me slow and gently at first, but I didn’t want it like that. I pushed him away and straddled him instead, moving as fast as I wanted on that thick cock of his. He was telling me how good I was, how much of a perfect slut and I smiled at that. I loved the way he said it.

That was the first orgasm I had on a man’s cock and it felt so good to be filled with his cum.

When Marc left I went to look at myself in the mirror, seeing someone new, a woman I hadn’t seen before, a slut. I loved that image and I loved calling myself that, so I continued with my quest.

I was still sleeping with Marc every single day that I could and it looked like it was more than enough for him, but not for me. I needed more, I needed more horizons open, so I asked him to bring friends the next time he comes to visit. He was surprised but pleased. The next day when he came to visit there were two more soldiers with him. They both were attractive in their own way, but I only cared about their cocks and the way they can make me feel with them.

We had a few drinks and once everyone was relaxed we went to the bedroom to do what they came here for. They undressed me, touching my body, caressing me everywhere and I never felt so cared for. I got on my knees and got my mouth and hands on their cocks. I wanted to suck them for as long as I could do it and they all seemed to love it. I sucked and stroked them, getting loads in my mouth and on me, knowing how dirty and slutty I looked. It was amazing and I needed more of it.

Soon they got me on the bed and I was opened to a whole new sensation. I never had had a cock in my pussy and my mouth before, but now that I did I felt better than ever, knowing that they were using my body like that and not giving me a break. Soon they all wanted to fill my holes and I experienced anal for the first time. It was better than I could’ve imagined and I just wanted to make them all feel good.

Very soon I turned into nothing but a sex toy for them – all three of my holes were filled with cocks as I was pressed between their bodies, just taking whatever they were giving me and loving it. I couldn’t even count how many loads I had that day and how many ended up inside of me. I knew that it felt better than anything I ever experienced and that was all that I needed to know.

After that day I felt even more of a slut and I was fully embracing it. I knew that people in the town were starting to gossip about the soldiers coming into my home, but I didn’t care. I had men that loved me and my body and I was just giving them what I needed. What was shameful about that? I didn’t know and I wasn’t planning to stop.

Marc started bringing other men to me, each time a different two with him and I loved having that variety of cocks inside me, but soon it wasn’t enough again. I needed more. So, I asked him to get me to the camp. He wasn’t sure about it at first, but I convinced him that all of the soldiers could use a little pick-up. It would be good for them, I said and he agreed.

The next evening he took me there. At that point, most of them had either been inside of me or heard about me and I felt that they all wanted to know me better again. At first, I was intimidated by how many there were in the camp, but soon I realized that I could do it. I was slutty and insatiable and there weren’t enough cocks in the world to make me tired of sex.

Later in the evening, it all started. Many were getting closer to me and I knew what they wanted, what they needed from me. I got on my knees and got to work. There were many cocks that needed stroking and sucking and I was trying to satisfy all of them. Soon just my mouth and hands weren’t enough and I was undressed and shared in a way I never was before.

Not only was I fucked in my pussy and in my ass at the same time, but sometimes I had more than one cock in my holes. It was stretching and filling me in a whole new way and I just wanted more. I knew that I would be sore in the morning after all the cocks that were fucking and using me, but I didn’t care. I just wanted more.

I was held in the air with all of them just passing me around as they used me, came on me, and inside me. My pussy was sloppy with the loads I was getting and each cock added more to it. I smiled and moaned when my mouth wasn’t busy and I loved every second of being with them like that. I knew that I could never go back now. I was a slut through and through and I couldn’t imagine myself being anything else now.

I slept between all of them that night, still with my holes gaping and leaking with their loads. I knew that they still needed me, still needed my love and I was willing to provide it. That’s what sluts do.

Authors note: Stationed in an unfamiliar town I wanted these soldiers to have some fun with the locals and fun is certainly something they did have. Slutty and adventurous, I closed my eyes and wanted so desperately to be put inside the protagonist’s body -Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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