Some Girls Are Made To Watch

“Nora is coming over tonight”, my husband smiled at me as I stirred the chicken risotto I was making.

My heart skipped a beat, Nora was one of my favorites. She was tall, blonde and a real catch, with big breasts and a sexual appetite that even my husband struggled to keep up with.

My husband saw the smile creeping onto my face. “I need you to follow the rules tonight, you are going to be taught a few more lessons”, he said to me, coming closer and squeezing my ass.

I nodded obediently, for me, there was nothing better than following my husband’s commands as I watched his cock slowly disappear inside of a beautiful woman. I had been making great progress as a successful cuckquean until Melissa came round, I just wanted to join in and I did everything I could to disobey my husband, which has meant that tonight, when Nora is here, the restraints will be back on and I will have to watch from the sidelines rather from on the bed which I had worked up to for months now.

The time went so slowly until finally there was a soft knocking on the door and Nora was stepping over the threshold. My husband embraced her, kissing her on the lips before leading her toward the kitchen. I followed them in and Nora span on her heels, greeting me warmly, kissing my lips too. I felt a rush of arousal through my body and I kissed her back, my mind racing with thoughts of what was about to happen.

Nora doesn’t like small talk and so within minutes, my husband was leading her up the stairs and to our bedroom. I followed them obediently, silently, taking it all in, breathing in, and cherishing the moment.

“Now honey”, my husband says as I sit down on the chair by the bed he has prepared for me and he begins fastening my ankle and wrist restraints. “I am going to tell you something, only once, okay?”, he said, testing the strength of his knots by pulling on them. I nodded silently, my eyes wide and eager.

“You see gorgeous Nora here? well, she was one of those women made to be fucked and you honey, you were made to watch, does that make sense?”, he said, stroking my hair. He placed a gag into my mouth and I nodded again, it did make sense, I knew my role in life, I just needed to be more dutiful about it.

Satisfied with my response my husband and Nora climbed onto the bed together and began making out as they slowly undressed. I watched as each item got removed, Nora’s large breasts suddenly exposed, my husband’s mouth sucking on them as she pulled down his pants. Her pussy glistened visibly as he pulled off her panties and before long they were both in front of me, totally naked.

My own pussy throbbed with arousal as I watched my husband’s fingers disappearing inside of Nora as she bucked and moaned against him. His cock was rock hard, pulsating with excitement and I could see how turned on he was by this beautiful woman.

Pinning her down, my husband slowly began kissing down Nora’s trim torso, over her bouncing large breasts, and towards her pussy, he hesitated over her pubic bone before carrying on, parting her legs delicately, an act of romance that made my spine tingle and he pushed his tongue between her pink lips, making her wriggle and moan with glee.

My husband lapped at Nora’s perfect pussy, sucking and licking it with such enthusiasm. She moaned loudly, holding onto his hair as his tongue made her thighs tremble. She looked up at me a few times, making me shudder with arousal, I wanted so badly to help out and clean up any spillages for my husband but I was restrained to this chair, learning how to be the perfect cuckquean.

I watched as my husband ate Nora’s pussy with such ravenous expertise that she forgot how to breathe. I knew what that felt like and I was thrilled for Nora, my husband sure is talented with his tongue. She moaned his name as his tongue lapped at her pussy, her hands lost in his hair, pulling him harder and harder towards her. I wanted badly to touch myself as I usually do and so I tried grinding against the chair, feeling the tiniest amount of pleasure from the lining of my shorts mixed with the hardness of the seat I was on.

As I watched on, Nora began to breathe deeper and harder, her moans became louder and suddenly she was cumming. Her entire body trembling as she let out cries of pleasure, she gripped my husband’s hair and thrust herself against his face as he licked her until she could take no more. She left a huge wet patch on the sheets, one I know my husband will make me sleep in.

Turning and smiling at me my husband then moved up Nora’s incredible body and planted a kiss on her smooth lips, she kissed him back passionately, her body in a state of bliss, her eyes fluttering in a dream-like state, the post-orgasm relaxation simmering around her every fiber. My own body was alive with arousal, I was anything but relaxed, desperate for my husband to fuck this beautiful woman and see how well I was doing sitting so duteously.

“Turn over for me”, he whispered to Nora who did as he asked, suddenly animated and ready to be fucked.

She got onto all fours and turned side-on so that I could see everything that was going on. She smiled at me, her long hair falling clumsily down her back, and reached out to squeeze my thigh, I bit my lip as she did so and my husband positioned himself behind her, rubbing his throbbing cock over her swollen slit. Teasing her, making her buck, and grind against him. Turning and smiling at me he began to slowly slip his large throbbing cock inside of her, making Nora scream with delight. I had never heard her make such animalistic and passionate noises.

My husband thrust hard into her pussy, his body slamming against hers as she gripped the sheets and steadied herself beneath him, her face planted onto the bed, her body curved like a cat stretching for my husband to get as deep as he could inside of her.

I watched on with delight, hungry for the big finish, my eyes wide with excitement. The thrill of watching my husband with another woman will never become dull or boring for me.

My husband grunted and gritted his teeth, his balls slapping against Nora who was crying out with pleasure. My pussy soaked my panties, I was dripping wet, aching as I watched my husband with another woman. He reached around and grabbed her big breasts, squeezing them roughly as he continued thrusting in and out of her.

Suddenly his thrust became deeper and harder, he held her hips and without any warning he began to cum, letting his big load blow deep inside of Nora’s pussy. She moaned, as did my husband, they moaned in unison as his cum filled her womb. I moaned too, my moans were stifled by the gag in my mouth but the scene of my husband filling up her cunt was just too much to bear.

He pulled out of her tight slit and she turned her ass toward me, I got to see her used-up hole and my husband’s cream dripping out of her.

“You’ve been so good…clean my cum”, my husband said to me, encouraging Nora, still on all fours to press her ass right up toward me. My husband sat back, his cock covered in his cum, limp and drained but if I knew my husband, I knew it would be rock solid in just a few minutes.

He pulled the gag from my mouth and I moved my head toward Nora’s pussy, planting a little kiss on it before diving my tongue straight inside of her, lapping up her juices and tasting my husband’s cum inside of her sweet pussy. She moaned softly as I licked every last drop of cum from her hole and licked at my lips, not missing even the tiniest bit.

She moved away from me and my husband nodded at me with a smile on his face, I was being a good cuckquean, this is what I wanted. I was learning how to obey and submit and do exactly what is asked of me and no more is how I get more experiences like this. Being obedient and dutiful is how it’s done. No more breaking the rules and touching myself or trying to lick his cum-up for too long, this is how it’s meant to be done.

Nora and my husband went to clean up as I sat there, still restrained and soaked between the legs and when they came back in I saw my husband was rock hard again and Nora was giggling at something he had said.

My husband pulled the gag back up into my mouth and winked at me as Nora got to her knees and began sucking on his newly hardened cock. I closed my eyes and cherished the moment, for me nothing can be better than this.

Authors note: I have to admit, this is one of my biggest fantasies. I got off so hard writing this story, I want to be tied up and made to watch my future husband with another woman. I have only experienced being a cuckquean on a minuscule level and this is what I want to try out for real. Any takers?! – Tamsin 😜

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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