The Big Bonus

Richard adjusted his tie in the mirror and splashed a little bit of cold water on his face. The evening was important. It would be the evening that determined if he’d get the year-end bonus or not. It was his first year at the company, and he heard from his coworkers that this business dinner was a big determining factor in how the bonuses were calculated.

The company had rented out the bar owned by the CFO’s brother, and Richard couldn’t believe how nice it was. It was a dimly-lit bar with sofas and plush chairs in one area, and a long mahogany table in another. 

“After dinner is where it gets really serious,” said Austin, one of Richard’s older co-workers. His face was mysterious. “Just you wait.”

Richard swallowed nervously and stabbed the last piece of steak with his fork. What did that mean? What had he got himself into?

The CFO, Bill, sat down next to him on the couch, wrapping his arm around his shoulders. He gave Richard a big cheesy grin. 

“How was dinner?” 

Richard smiled graciously. “It was excellent, sir. And I just wanted to thank you, for your support on that bank deal.”

Bill waved his hand nonchalantly and was about to say more when a sexy blonde woman came over and began to grind on his lap. Richard was stunned. Where had she come from? She was in a tight black pencil skirt and was moving her ass all over Bill’s lap. She was acting like it was no big deal at all.

Richard looked around then to realize that the entire room was filled with couples making out and beginning to undress. It appeared that all of the upper management had brought their wives with them and were now in the early stages of some sort of orgy. Richard’s heart began to pound. Sweat beaded on his forehead. He had no idea what he was supposed to be doing right now.

“Oh come on,” said Bill, laughing. “You know you’re enjoying it.”

Richard smirked. He couldn’t disagree. 

“This is my wife, Theresa,” said Bill. “Honey, this is Richard. Why don’t you give him a special dance?”

Richard wondered if he should object to be polite, but he found himself unable to speak. Theresa, who looked like a complete and total MILF, smiled at him, winked, and then began to straddle Richard’s lap. She started to strip, with her husband helping to undo the zipper at the back of her dress so she could pull her tits out easily.

“Oh my god,” Richard mumbled under his breath, looking at her sexy body in awe.

“Go on, touch them!” Bill said, his smile broad. “I know you want to!”

This was not Richard’s idea of a work event, but he knew it would be easier to just enjoy himself and go along with it. He reached up and squeezed Theresa’s tits. They were massive and soft, pillowy mounds of flesh. He ran his thumbs across her nipples, and they hardened under his touch.

Things escalated quickly after that, the atmosphere thick with sexual tension and the nearby moans of everyone fucking. Richard looked around to see women bent over the backs of couches, their pussies stretched out with huge cocks, or men on their knees eating pussy from the floor.

Theresa pulled Richard’s cock out from his khaki pants, jerking him off until he was rock hard. Bill watched happily for a few moments as his wife lowered her head down to start sucking Richard’s thick length, her face bobbing up and down on him. Bill took this opportunity to lift up her skirt and start to eat her ass and pussy as his employee enjoyed his wife’s mouth.

“So, about that bonus, sir. . .” Richard said, his voice tapering off into a groan.

“Oh, this isn’t work time, Rick,” Bill chided, standing up and wiping off his lips. “Let’s just enjoy the evening.”

After Theresa had sucked Richard’s big cock for a good ten minutes, she moved on to getting fucked by her husband. A slender dark-haired woman, the wife of the Vice President, was bent over the back of one of the couches and was shaking her petite, smooth ass for Richard, begging him to fuck her.

“God yes,” she groaned, arching her back as Richard slid inside of her. He fucked her dripping wet pussy in long, deep strokes, as Austin came by and pressed his cock between her lips. Then the woman got busy with two other cocks, stroking each one in her hands. Richard couldn’t believe his luck.

This was like something out of a porno, and he was loving every second of it. A fiery, loud redhead came by and began to fuck him from his lap. She bounced up and down hard and fast, her huge tits swaying as she did so. A few men and women walked by and admired the view, occasionally reaching around the woman’s voluptuous curves to caress her breasts. She laughed and groaned, tossing her hair back as she enjoyed the touch.

“Your cock is so big!” she exclaimed, her bright blue eyes wide as she continued to thrust up and down on Richard’s lap. “That’s gonna make me cum, fuck!”

“Yes,” Richard hissed, holding onto her hips. “Cum for me. Let me feel that pussy cum on my cock.”

Within seconds, the redhead was a howling, writhing mess, her pussy contracting on Richard’s cock. He could feel how wet she was, how soaked he had made her.

Richard stood up and started to notice that a few of the other guys were filling up a pussy or mouth with cum, and he wondered if he should join them. He didn’t want to be the only one who hadn’t cum. Luckily, Theresa had appeared next to him, pulling him down onto a couch with her, beside another sweaty, fucking couple.

“Why haven’t you filled my ass with cum yet?” she said roughly, pulling on Richard’s shirt collar. She got on all fours.

“Um,” he stammered, his cock already about to explode.

He ate her ass for a minute, getting it nice and wet, ready for his cock. He pressed the thick head in first, watching her ass stretch out around it. This was his boss’s wife! The whole night felt like a dream.

“Fuck!” Theresa cried, her voice animalistic and so loud. “Fuck me, Richard! Fill my ass with your cum!”

Richard held her waist and started to fuck her, following her lead. She bounced back onto his cock, showing him exactly how deep and fast she wanted him to go, and it wasn’t long until she had made herself cum by playing with her clit at the same time.

“Here it comes, Theresa,” Richard moaned, remaining still as his cock twitched inside her tight asshole. “Lots of cum for you.”

Theresa looked back over her shoulder, a satisfied expression on her face as Richard’s cum flooded her ass, seeping deeply into her. He slowly pulled out and watched the way the stream of cum dripped out.

A heavy arm wrapped around his shoulder, pulling him back onto the couch. It was Bill.
“So about that bonus,” Bill said, his face sweaty and red.

“Yes, sir?” Richard asked.

“You can count yourself in.”

Richard leaned back against the couch and wiped his damp forehead with his tie, sated and relieved.

Authors note: Working for a big company has to come with its perks, right? I often wonder if things like this do go on behind closed doors because I sure as hell fantasize about them from time to time. Does this kind of scenario turn you on too? I love hearing from you! – Tamsin 💕

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.


  1. It is my dream to be part of an orgy. A great story, very arousing.

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