The Guy I Wish Would Impregnate Me

You might probably think I’m a bit crazy, wanting to get pregnant from my ex might sound like a wild idea, but to think of his cum shooting deep inside me, feel his sperm traveling through my womb and creating life is just so hot to me, there is nothing else that can make me feel like this.

I don’t want to get pregnant from just anybody, it has to be him, my sweet Matt. We were perfect together, he was so caring, dedicated, and loving, there was not a single day he wouldn’t say he loved me, we were always supporting each other, and the idea of having a family together was not something that came up lightly, we really thought about it, Matt would be a great father, and I wanted to have the honor of having his kids.

The problem was that we weren’t quite ready for it, whenever we had sex, he would tease me by telling me he would cum inside me, leave my cunt full of his sweet jizz and dripping, and I loved the idea, it would always push me deep into my own orgasm but right when he was about to finish, he would always pull his cock out of me and cum above my belly, not letting me live out my dream of getting pregnant with his baby.

After a while of talking about it, playing with the idea, and teasing me about getting me knocked up, I was offered a job position in another city, something that would truly allow us to have a family, so I accepted it right away thinking that Matt would be happy as hell, but I was wrong. When I told Matthew that we were moving out to another city to have a family and that I had accepted the job offer, he stepped back, he said, “my life is here, there’s no way I’m giving my job and my friends up, you should have told me first,” he was pissed at me and I was mad that he wouldn’t make a little sacrifice for the family we had been planning for so long.

It all ended that night, he packed up his stuff and left me with not just a broken heart and dreams, but with something else I just can’t get enough of. I started dating other guys because I have to move on, but whenever I have sex, it truly is hard for me to get turned on without thinking of Matt, without thinking of him sticking his delicious cock inside me and getting me pregnant. I don’t care about the guy I’m with anymore, Matt is all I have in my head, so I start fantasizing about him while I have my partner fuck me.

It always starts with my partner kissing me, I close my eyes and think of Matt, of his mouth, I always try to convince myself that is his body, that it’s delicious his cock that I’m touching. So, I get naked and get on the bed, spreading my legs and showing my pink swollen lips, just to have my partner give me a good oral while I have my eyes closed and think is Matt’s mouth preparing me to receive his cum. Nothing gets me as wet as this thought, feeling his tongue running around my entrance, exploring my folds, and toying with my clit just to create a baby.

My body starts getting so warm, my skin becomes so sensitive, and my core is so alive. I start feeling my nipples harden while he eats me like a hungry beast. “Yeah, just like that,” I moan as he sinks his tongue inside me and start drinking my juices, that’s when I start begging to get fucked cause I can’t take it anymore.

Then, my date would get in bed with me and push his dick deep inside of me, while I imagine it’s Matt, that it is him moving his cock in and out of me, telling myself inside of my head that he’s gonna cum hard inside me, he’s gonna push himself right into my womb and cum hard to try and get me pregnant. I instinctively start moving my hips with him, seeking a deeper penetration and it drives me closer to the edge. I can already feel his precum coating my entire cervix, improving our possibilities and nothing makes me tremble like that. I start feeling his head pushing against my womb’s entrance, tickling it and making me get even wetter.

We start moving faster, his pelvis clapping against my clit increasing the heat of my core, making me get ready for that explosion, and the moment I start feeling his cock wildly throbbing and twitching inside me, against my walls, I completely lose my senses and start releasing my own orgasm with Matt’s pleasured face right behind my eyelids, he’s everything I can see. I feel his sperm warming my cervix and going inside, I can feel it spreading like butter and traveling far, seeking my eggs to get me knocked up. I’m delighted with the sensation it leaves around my body, the warm wave my orgasm created around my skin, I’m ecstatic by knowing I might already be pregnant with Matt’s baby and that I have a second orgasm, a little but pleasant one right after.

After this bliss, I always come back down to earth realizing that whoever just fucked me is not Matt, that the warm cum dripping from my pussy is not the sperm I want, and that I still love him badly. So, I stand up, go to the bathroom and take my time cleaning myself up, letting the water run through my slit and washing away that sperm I don’t want inside me. Then I would come out with any excuse and get rid of the guy in my bed.

My heart and my womb will always be Matt’s, I don’t think I’ll ever let another guy cum inside me and get me pregnant, and I don’t think I’ll ever plan a family with someone else that’s not him, so if one day I get to see Matt again, I truly hope my fantasy comes true.

Authors note: I don’t know why I love the idea of a slightly unhinged and very horny woman desperate for sperm. I find it so arousing to write about her desperation and neediness, her desire for cum and pregnancy. It’s instinctual for this character, a burning desire alive from thousands of ancestors learning how to pick the right mate, and for this character, Matt is the one. Have you ever done something so desperate? – Tamsin ☀

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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