The Man Who Gagged Me

It was my fourth date with Tom, and I knew it was going to be the night we had hot, rough sex. At least, that was what he kept promising me. We had met online a couple of weeks ago. I had always been curious as to what it’d be like to dip my toes into the world of BDSM, and Tom had years of Dom experience. I had done kinky things with my exes before, but nothing truly, deeply kinky.

“I don’t think you’re prepared for this,” Tom said coyly one night when we were curled up on the couch after dinner. He brushed a strand of my hair back and smiled at me, but his smile had a devilish layer to it that it normally didn’t.

I playfully rolled my eyes. He had been saying things like that to me for a while now, as though challenging me. I thought he was overexaggerating how kinky he was going to be. I’d believe it when I saw it with my own two eyes.

“I think I am. Why don’t you try me and see for yourself?”

Before I knew it, Tom was grabbing me and pushing me down onto my back as he roughly pulled my legs apart. His hands squeezed my breasts through my thin top, feeling them up harder than he ever had before. I immediately became putty for him, caught off guard in the best way possible. I loved the feeling of being manhandled by him, positioning me just how he wanted me.

“Oh yeah, you think you’re ready?” he growled, yanking my shorts and underwear down off my legs. “Spread your thighs apart for me. Let me taste your pussy, Claire.”

I moaned and let my legs fall open, as Tom’s bearded face went to town eating my pussy. He was aggressive and hard with it, shoving two fingers inside me as he licked my clit. I bucked up against his hand, writhing underneath him.

“Ooh, that feels so good,” I whimpered. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Ask permission.”

I froze. I had never been told I needed to ask permission to cum before. The idea of it thrilled me, and I felt my heart start to race.

“Please can I cum?” I panted, the sensation growing inside me as his fingers moved back and forth in my wet pussy. “Please?”

“Yes, you may.”

I couldn’t ever remember having an orgasm so powerful in my whole life, and not that quickly, either. Tom just seemed to have a way with me. He knew what to do with me, what buttons to push.

He lapped up all the wetness from my pussy and pulled me so I was sitting upright. He quickly tore off my shirt and unhooked my bra, letting my breasts spill out. He dipped his head down, took each breast in his hands, and began to lick my nipples. His warm mouth covered both of them, one by one, making me squirm. It was so sensitive and sent me shivering.

“Now get on your knees and take out this cock,” he said, reaching underneath my chin. He kissed me. “Be a good girl?”

I was eager to please him, and I quickly maneuvered my naked body onto the floor between his legs. I opened up his pants and pulled out his cock, which was already half-hard. It was so long and thick – my eyes widened when I saw it. I wondered how much of this I’d even be able to take down my throat!

“Ah, that feels good, baby. Good girl. Keep going just like that. Can you go even lower?”

Tom kept encouraging me, while simultaneously pushing and pulling my head up and down on his thick cock. I couldn’t help but gag on it, but I loved every second of it. I felt truly submissive and slutty, being made to serve him in this way.

“Stay alllll the way down now,” he commanded, breathing hard as I somehow managed to get all of him into my throat, my nose buried in his patch of pubic hair.

When he let me go, he bent down and kissed me again, smiling at me. I smiled up at him too, my mind was dizzy and thick with arousal.

“Come with me, babygirl,” he said, his tone serious and low. “It’s time to get properly used.”

He took me by the hand and led me toward the bedroom. When we got into the room, he sat me down on the edge of the bed while he undressed in front of me. I swallowed nervously. I was excited, but his cock was so big. How was it going to fit in my pussy?!

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” he said, grinning at me, with his eyebrows raised.

“Uh-oh,” I whispered, wondering what this surprise might be.

Tom pulled a ball gag out of his dresser drawer and got behind me on the bed.


I obeyed him, and he put the firm silicone ball into my mouth, latching the collar behind me. It immediately felt uncomfortable, but it turned me on at the same time. I had never been gagged before. I had always daydreamed about it, and here I was, living it out.

When I was completely muffled and gagged, Tom got in between my legs, lifting them high and pulling them apart.

“Be a good obedient slut and don’t drop your legs, do you understand?” he asked sternly.
I nodded. Spit was spilling out from between my lips and dribbling down my chin. I could only imagine what I looked like.

“Say yes.”

I managed to muffle some semblance of a “yes,” when suddenly, Tom had shoved his cock fully and completely inside of me. I could hear how wet I was. Tom immediately started to fuck me hard and fast, and all I could do was lay there and shake and take it. Having the gag in my mouth added an extra level of sensation to the sex that turned me on. My thighs trembled as he shoved them back.

“Good girl,” he moaned, watching his cock pound away in my pussy. “Such a nice pussy. It looks so good getting stretched out by my cock. You like that, don’t you?”

He looked into my eyes, and I nodded quickly. “Mmmhmmm!” I moaned.

Tom laughed. It was humiliating, but the humiliation also made me hornier.

Finally, he began to fuck me as fast as he could jackhammering into my pussy while I kept my legs obediently spread open, and before I knew it, I could feel his cock twitching inside me. It was such a hot and welcome feeling, his warm cum spilling its way inside of me, coating the walls of my pussy. I never wanted him to pull out.

He fell against me and reached down to yank the gag away from my lips, kissing my mouth.

“You’re amazing, Claire. A gag suits you.”

He pulled out from me, much to my dismay, and rolled onto his back, taking me with him. We lay there for a little bit, and I think he was reflecting on the night just as much as I was.

“I think it suited me too.” I smiled.

“So what did you think? Is BDSM really for you?”

I didn’t have to think long. “Yes. I think it really is.”

Tom smiled, brushing my cheek with his thumb. “I think it is too.”

Suddenly, a million possibilities appeared before me, just like that.

Authors note: For those of you that read my erotic stories regularly you will know that I love sub/dom relationships, I am way more of a submissive and love to be dominated in the bedroom. I can be a dom when the time is right but being a submissive comes naturally to me and being tossed around and pushed to my limits is such a thrill for me. I’d love to know, which role do you take naturally? – Tamsin 🧡

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.


  1. Hello Claire, I mean Tamsin!

    Great story. It really resonated with me as well being a switch. I guess if I had to say I am more of a pleaser. I get off knowing my partner is getting off. I enjoy soft femdom, being seduced and enticed into giving up control. Being stripped naked mentally and physically, while letting your senses be overwhelmed by someone you trust and cherish. That said though submission is a choice and sometimes with merciless teasing I feel like there is a tipping point where I can turn into Tom, the character in the story. Where you driven into a more primal state. Where I need to be in control, tease a little then get physical and take what I need. It’s fun to play naughty games, dirty talk, push boundaries before making love but sometimes with a deep mental connection you just want to physically and greedily fuck.

    I guess that’s why being a switch is the best of both worlds. With D/s and BDSM, you really have to get intimate with that person. I genuinely feel you are much more honest and nurturing with one another. Regardless of who is who in the relationship, both people are bound together and their roles get blurred as your feelings and fantasies mesh into one.

    I am very happy, I stumbled upon your page tonight. You seem like an incredibly sexy woman. It is safe to say I was feeling horny perusing your erotica but now you have me feeling quite hard. I enjoyed letting your words roll over me. I can’t wait to read more.


  2. Yes. Usually its the thought being in sub-space that makes my mind wander to the sensual side. But I have never been with a woman who enjoys being a sub, so who knows what kind of mischief I might enjoy given a little encouragement.

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