The Office Wife

I saw her from across the office, she was eyeing up every employee in sight. As she strolled through the large room she gave everyone their smiling, happy looks but when she set her eyes on me, it was as if I had just committed a crime.

For some reason, she seemed to hate me. She always targets me, she will go out of her way to make my day miserable and everyone else gets the friendly, helpful, and committed manager.

I try my best to pay no attention to her but she’s a fiery woman and she is hard to pretend is invisible. I have been working at this company for almost 4 years, she started before me and is already a high-ranking manager, in charge of every employee on our floor, she is sweet as pie to clients and other employees but to me, she is a nightmare.

Even worse is that she is smoking hot. Slim figure, perky breasts, a face you can’t look away from, and full lips that I am not ashamed to admit I have fantasized about wrapped around my cock. Even when she is being a bitch she is attractive, she is one of those people you can’t help but stare at and she has men lined up at her door and yet she refuses every single one, or so the rumor goes.

Recently though, things have gotten worse, she is managing a project I am on, overseeing my work and progress and she has not let me forget it. She nitpicks everything I do, she calls out my mistakes continuously and she is always in my office, talking down to me, and finally, I lost it.

“You target me, you’re a complete bitch!”, I shouted at her, my face was riddled with anger, I should never have said anything but I just couldn’t take it a moment more.

She stared at me, her eyes wide but her expression unchanged and yet I couldn’t read her, she was not giving anything away. As I stood there, aghast at my own outburst she surveyed me for a moment longer and then continued with what she was doing, delegating tasks and pretending as if it had never happened.

I ignored her for the rest of the day, I was worried she would be able to fire me and set the whole office against me but she did none of that, she just continued as normal. She continued being harsh with me, she mentioned nothing of my outburst and when the day came to an end I knew I had to go and speak to her and sort this whole thing out once and for all.

Everyone began leaving the office and I headed over to her desk. She was still typing away on her keyboard when I cleared my throat and said: “May I speak with you?”.

She didn’t look up, she continued typing before slowly lifting her eyes towards me and glancing over my body. She nodded and her eyes moved back to her screen.

“Look, I am sorry about my outburst, I just feel as if you target me”, I said with confidence, but inside I was trembling. I really didn’t want to lose my job.

She didn’t say anything, she continued typing, the clacking of her nails against the keys beginning to irritate me. “Are you listening?”, I said, raising my voice slightly.

“There it is”, she said, smiling.

“What? what do you mean?”, I said, becoming more agitated.

She looked up, her eyes filled with something I didn’t understand. “There’s that anger I want you to take out…on my pussy”, she said, suddenly stopping typing and standing up. She came around her desk and perched herself down on it, crossing her ankles, her sleek black heels clicking against the hard floor.

“Is this some sick joke?”, I said, looking around for the hidden camera or HR boss who was going to fire me on the spot.

She smirked, “You’re so aggravating…yet I just can’t get enough of you”, she said, eyeing up my body.

I did find her attractive, despite her bitchiness and nasty tendencies, she was stunning, a real head turner and now she was coming onto me? I couldn’t understand it.

“Look I don’t get this, you hate me!”, I said, putting my briefcase down.

“Don’t you hate me too?”, she said, biting her lip and uncrossing her legs.

“I guess”, I said, shrugging.

“Well then, fuck it out of me, make me pay for my hostility and for how I mistreat you”, she said, her body flushed with arousal.

It suddenly all made sense, she wanted to push me to breaking point, she wanted me to fuck her with venom and she was right, I did hate her, and punishing her pussy was going to make me feel a lot better about the torment she put me through on a daily basis.

It all happened quickly. I began ripping open my shirt and then quickly ripped her blouse, exposing her bra, we made out as I pulled her bra harshly from her body and got to squeeze on her juicy breasts. I was turned on by her dark nipples, they were hard and supple, I pulled on them viciously as she let out a little moan as we kissed roughly.

She was perched on the edge of her desk, which left her at a perfect height for my cock. I pulled her toward me and I forcefully pulled up her grey pencil skirt, pulling her panties to one side as I brutally pushed my cock inside of her. She was already wet, allowing me to squeeze in without too much resistance, I began fucking her roughly, holding her body in place so that I could use her hole however I wanted.

She moaned loudly and I clamped my hand over her mouth, shutting her up and pounding her pussy with everything I had. I gritted my teeth as I punched my cock inside of her ferociously, we were both sweating, she was letting out loud, intense moans, and all I could think about was teaching her lesson, much to her approval.

Suddenly I worried she was having too much fun and so I roughly pulled her from her desk and pushed her down onto her knees, the hard floor making them red as she took my cock without me having to say a word and began gagging and spluttering on my meat. She took me right to the back of her throat, her eyes watering, her mascara beginning to run as she chugged on my cock, making my eyes roll back into my head. I grabbed her face and began thrusting myself into her throat, I wanted it deeper and harder.

She was salivating all over my cock, the mix of her spit and my pre-cum dripping down her chin. She moaned as I fucked her throat and I saw her playing with her pussy as I roughly pulled her hair and made her take me again and again.

I wanted to teach her a lesson, to never treat me like one of her minions ever again, and if she did she knew what would be waiting for her.

Pulling her up by the hair, I bent over her desk, pulling her skirt up as we both gasped for breath. She clutched the desk with her hands and spread her legs for me, enjoying this too much. I pulled her panties off and stuffed them in her mouth, which only made her moan more.

I squeezed her ass cheeks, still in awe of what was happening, having to pinch myself and remind my body that I was fucking the woman who had made my life a misery for so long. With that thought in mind, I rubbed my cock against her opening and felt it guiding me in but I had a change of heart and I went for her ass.

I felt her ass pucker against my cock as I pushed my way in, I heard her moaning loudly, her cries of ecstasy muffled by the panties I had stuffed in her mouth. I began thrusting deeply into her ass, it tightened around me with each deep push inside of her. I held onto her hips and pressed down on her waist to get as deep as I could, fucking her hard, her ass stretched more and more with each thrust.

“Fuck you”, I said as I made her asshole gape with my cock. She let out a loud moan and I roughly pulled the panties from her mouth. “Fuck you too”, she said back breathlessly, smiling at the same time.

I felt my cock swelling, I was ready to blow and I couldn’t wait to fill this bitch with my hot seed.

“I am going to fill you up slut”, I said, thrusting hard and fast into her. I was merciless with my cock, not giving any time for her to cool down.

“Get to your knees, now”, I said, pulling my cock harshly from my tight ass and pushing her down onto her knees, she opened her mouth obediently and I shoved my cock inside of her throat, pulling her hair and pounding into her face. She gagged and spluttered, drooling as my cock hit the back of her throat and suddenly I felt it coming.

My orgasm began spilling out of me, shooting straight down her throat and she swallowed it all, a huge load coated her mouth and she chugged my cum hungrily. I pulled my cock out and rubbed it across her face and she licked at it manically, searching for any traces of cum. I slapped her cheek with my still erect cock and she bit her lip, looking up at me with wide eyes.

“I expect that project to be finished tomorrow and if not, you know what’s going to happen”, she said, still catching her breath and looking at me with fire in her eyes.

“It won’t be finished and you will be unless you’re bent over this desk tomorrow at 5 pm”, I said, zipping up my pants and grabbing my briefcase. “I still hate you, bitch”, I said, leaving the office.

Authors note: Rough around the edges and filled with naughtiness, just how I like my men and my erotica! This story misses out on all of the romance and seducing and goes straight for the jugular, I wanted to create tension, hatred, and desire, these two don’t realize what passion they have between them but they will find out. Would you like a part 2? Let me know! – Tamsin 💕

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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