The oldest guy I’ve been with

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You should know that I don’t nor have I ever actively sought out older men. I know some people have a preference for their perfect age range but for me, it’s all about connection and chemistry. I find people attractive at all different stages of their lives and age doesn’t really deter or intrigue me.

However, there was once an exception to that rule. I was seduced by a much, much older man and it was out of this world. He Is the oldest guy I have ever been with and I still think about him to this day.

We met at a grocery store, it sounds cliche but our carts collided as we both mindlessly walked down an aisle, and as my cart ricocheted off of his, I apologized profusely, my finger was injured as it had caught against the handle, and the pointed shelf and he made sure that I was ok. It was actually a hairline fracture and he waited with me as the medics helped me out.

We exchanged numbers and he asked if he could take me for coffee to apologize and I agreed. He was a much older man around 3 or 4 times my age, but he was still hot, he had a full head of silver hair, a lined face that told a story, and a soft tan that made him look like he played golf leisurely all day, which I found out later, he actually did.

I didn’t really know if meeting him for coffee was the best idea, it wasn’t his fault what had happened to my finger but I figured why not, I had nothing to do that day and he seemed like a nice guy.

The coffee ‘date’ lasted for four hours but it felt like 30 minutes, he was so interesting and attentive, he had a charm about him that you just couldn’t resist and he was the perfect gentleman, I was utterly besotted by him and I knew the feeling was mutual by the way his eyes glistened with lust and intrigue as I talked.

I used to work in a coffee shop and so I felt bad taking up two seats for four hours but they didn’t seem to mind, regardless I asked him if he wanted to go somewhere else and he suggested dinner. We spent all evening together and by the end of the night, he asked if I wanted a nightcap at his place. I practically jumped at the chance, I had been waiting all night, my pussy was fluttering with arousal and despite the bandage on my finger, I wanted to rip my clothes off and give myself to this silver fox man.

Although he was much older than me it felt like we were both the same age, carefree, and eager to do things both of us had on our minds.

His place was full of art and antique pieces, it was a real-time machine and I could have spent hours admiring all of his beautiful collection. He poured me a drink from his crystal globe filled with dark liquid and we sipped it in front of the open fire that he had lit. It was so romantic, no man had ever made me feel so swept off of my feet.

We began making out on the couch and as soon as our lips met, it was like a fire had been ignited inside of me. I climbed onto his lap and pushed my breasts into his face where he pulled off my shirt and began sucking on them gratefully. I enjoyed him lapping up my breasts and sucking on them sweetly as I slowly climbed down and got to my knees, looking up at him, I reached inside of his pants for his cock and felt it harden as I squeezed it and began jerking him off before putting his cock inside of my mouth and sucking on him greedily.

He let out a long sigh as I sucked him, his cock hardening in my mouth as my tongue explored his uncut meat. He felt delicious in my mouth and I was so excited to feel him inside of my wet, and eager pussy.

He pulled me back onto the couch and I leaned back against the cushions, he spread my legs and gazed under my short skirt, I felt shy but also so aroused. He rubbed my pussy through the thin fabric of my panties before he slowly pulled them off, gazing between my legs longingly.

“It’s perfect”, he said, staring and taking me in. I felt like the most beautiful woman on the planet at that moment and that was all down to him. I whispered a small and shy thanks and slowly he moved his face between my legs, my pussy was hot and eager and as his head disappeared beneath my short skirt I slowly felt the wetness of his tongue against my throbbing pussy. I let out a little moan and glanced at the crackling fire, my body warm and my nipples soft. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensations of this older gentleman’s tongue against my most sensitive part.

He was incredibly good at licking pussy, his tongue swirled and sucked on my clitoris and I was soaking his couch, I could barely contain my moans as he licked me and all I wanted was to fuck him but he made sure that I came first, sucking me and fingering my tight hole with his big manly fingers, making me tremble and scream as I came to orgasm, soaking his couch with my juices.

“Sorry for soaking your couch”, I muttered as he kissed me with his soaked chin and lips.

“That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen, never apologize for your creamy, soaking cum”, he said, kissing my neck and nibbling my ear.

As soon as I recovered from my orgasm I climbed back on top of him and angled his cock against my opening. He nodded eagerly, I ran my fingers through his thick silver hair and slowly pushed him inside of me, his uncut cock felt slightly different as he slid all of the ways in, touching my womb with his tip and I began to ride him, he squeezed my breasts and held my hips as I bounced up and down enthusiastically, enjoying his uncut cock deep inside of my throbbing pussy.

His lined face looked even more handsome with the glow from the crackling fire. He squeezed my ass cheeks as I rode him and his lips sucked and kissed my small breasts. My skin was smooth and tight whilst his face lined and old, dark spots covered his arms and the contrast between us was a huge turn-on, as I rode him, I focused on that and felt my pussy letting out even more wetness all over his old-man cock.

“Tamsin…I..I will cum”, he said, whispering into my chest and I smiled. I wanted it so badly.

“Fill me up”, I said softly, riding him hard, his balls slapping against me as I felt his cock throb inside of me. His whole body tensed as I continued riding him, my own body aching with desire and arousal and suddenly he let out a groan and he began to cum, I felt his cock throbbing side of me, depositing his seed into my womb and coating my walls with his seed. He gasped and moaned as he filled me up and I moaned softly, delighted to have his cum inside of me.

“That was amazing”, he said and I nodded in agreement, it was, it was the most passionate sex I had ever had with an older man, and I knew I would never ever forget him.

Authors note: I always smile and get so aroused thinking about this moment in my life, it was so romantic and yet so wild and passionate, he may have been 3 or 4 times my age at the time but he was a real gentleman. We never pursued a relationship but we met up frequently until he moved out of state to be closer to family, I hope he is happy and I would love to see him again one day. Have you ever fucked someone a lot older than you? – Tamsin.

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