I’m The Roommate

Sophie and Mark have always had an interesting relationship. One that friends and even family over the years have never really understood and one that kept the married couple at arm’s length of the ‘normies’ as Sophie liked to call them. Sophie is a cuckquean and she has had plenty of people who just don’t understand her favorite thing to do.

“Mark!”, Sophie shouted down the stairs of their large home. She was playfully frustrated with her husband, she had something pressing to ask him and she couldn’t find him anywhere.

“In here honey!”, he shouts back, repeating himself for the umpteenth time.

Sophie opens the door to his study and finds her husband browsing through online dating profiles. Most wives would storm out at this point and never see their husband again but Sophie feels a flutter in her pussy and stands behind her husband, rubbing his shoulders as she ponders over his shortlist of chosen women.

“Horny?”, she asks him whilst bending down to kiss his ear. He does this when he is looking for a new woman to join them.

“Mmm, guess I am”, he says holding his wife’s hand and feeling his cock hardening at the thought of his wife.

“I have something I wanted to propose to you”, Sophie says, still staring at her husband’s screen and noticing a pretty woman with large breasts that really caught her eye.

Mark nods and Sophie continues,

“Well, I want to find you a woman and pretend to be your roommate as you fuck her in our bed”, Sophie blurts out. She has let her husband fuck plenty of women but she was always either present or out and her being the ‘roommate’ was a whole new level of excitement for them to enjoy.

“That sounds amazing honey”, Mark suddenly said, knowing how much his wife would get off to that scenario and desperate he was to fuck someone.

Scrolling through the endless profiles, a few hours later and Mark had found the perfect woman. Slender, big breasts, a pretty face, and luscious blonde hair. He arranged the date and a few days later Mark and his date were on the way back to their house.

Sophie throbbed at the whole idea, as she lounged on the couch in her sweatpants, a tv show she had no interest in on the TV as she waited for her husband and his date to arrive. She had practiced playing the part of the roommate and she knew she was convincing. She heard the keys in the door and in walked Mark with a leggy blonde under his arm who was grinning with lust.

“Hey,”, Sophie said enthusiastically.

The woman greeted her and Mark held her hand.

“This is my roommate”, he said, not making eye contact with Sophie.

Sophie nodded and turned her attention back to the TV, her hands trembling with excitement and nervousness. “I’m going up for a nap soon”, she says, letting Mark know she would be in the room next door, listening in.

The leggy blonde wasn’t interested in Sophie she just wanted to get Mark upstairs. He led her up there and Sophie watched discreetly as her toned legs took each step and she wondered how those legs would look wide open for Mark.

Sophie hears giggles from upstairs, the sounds of two people getting into bed and quietly she tiptoes up the stairs and into the guest room next door to the large master bedroom and wriggles under the blankets, searching in the quiet for any noises coming from the room next door. She can’t hear anything and so she inches closer to the wall, sitting on the floor with her ear pressed up against the adjoining wall and suddenly she can hear everything.

She hears them kissing, the obvious sound of wet lips against one another, she hears giggles, and the sound of clothes being removed. She hears her husband’s mouth sucking on his leggy blonde’s tits, the sound of her breathing getting harder and soft moans escaping her pretty mouth.

Sophie can’t help but slide her hand inside of her sweatpants and rest her hand against her wet pussy, she slowly begins dragging her fingers across her swollen clit and feels a shudder of relief coursing through her body.

She can hear her husband sucking on the other woman’s pussy, she is moaning loudly and she knows just how good it feels, her husband’s tongue is magical and her long legs will be shaking at this very moment. Sophie rubbed her clit a bit harder now, closing her eyes as she imagines the scene in the very next room. Her husband’s cock is rock hard as he sucks and licks the blonde’s perfect pussy with total satisfaction.

“Please, fuck me”, Sophie hears the blonde whisper to her husband.

Sophie pushes a finger inside of herself as she hears Mark clambering on top of the blonde. Both of them groan with pleasure as his hard cock enters her pretty pussy. “Oh God, yes!”, the blonde shouts. Sophie rubs her pussy faster now, listening to the sex next door. She hears her husband’s cock slamming into the blonde’s pussy, his balls slapping against her, the bed creaking with the vigor of his thrusts.

Sophie can barely control herself, her orgasm is already close as she rubs herself but she can’t stop.

She hears her husband and the blonde changing positions, “Yeah, fuck my ass, please”, she listens through the wall as her husband obviously spreads the blonde’s ass and begins fucking her tight hole.

Sophie clamps a hand over her mouth as she rubs herself, her pussy soaked, her body trembling with pleasure.

The blonde is moaning loudly, enjoying Marks’s cock deep in her asshole.

“You like that?”, she hears Mark say through gritted teeth. “You’re a good slut, aren’t you?”, he says and the blonde moans loudly, “Yes!! fuck yes”.

Sophie realizes the pair are changing positions again. “I’m going to make you cum as I fuck your ass”, Mark says loudly to the blonde. She is in missionary now, her legs wide as Mark fucks her asshole and rubs at her clit, the blonde cries out with pleasure, her inability to stay quiet pleases Sophie as she rubs at her own clit and hears the blonde announce how close she is.

She hears Mark grunting as the blonde screams louder with pleasure and suddenly begins to cum and at that very moment, Sophie lets herself cum too, whimpering with the woman next door, who has no idea that the ‘roommate’ harbors a dirty secret. Both women come down from their orgasm at the same time, Sophie rubs her pussy softly, enjoying the wetness as she continues listening to her husband and the blonde through the wall.

“You are amazing”, he says and Sophie can hear how wet her pussy is.

“Now, are you ready for me?”, Mark says and she hears Sophie whimper with approval.

Mark thrusts fast into the blonde’s ass, making her scream and suddenly Sophie hears his cumming, filling her asshole with his warm seed.

The pair grunt and moan together, breathing heavily as Sophie composes herself and tiptoes back downstairs.

Not long after she hears her husband and the blonde talking, kissing at the top of the stairs before Mark holds her hand and walks her down to the front door.

“Have fun?”, Sophie teasingly asks from the spot on the couch she had been before.

The blonde reddens and hurries out the door whilst Mark winks at his wife.

He notices the wet patch on her sweatpants and knows she is going to love the clean-up operation required on his cock.

Authors note: Cuckqueans intrigue the heck out of me! I am so turned on by their way of thinking and so incredibly jealous of their sex lives. I have only done this on my small scale (check out my true sex story category to read about that) and whenever I let myself run free, I begin to wonder how it would actually feel to do it full-time if it turns me on this much just writing about it. Have you ever done anything like this? – Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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