The Sex Club

Maddie reached up to fix her shiny black curls, looking at herself in the mirror. She gave her hair one last spritz of hairspray. Anthony came down the hallway, already ready to go.

“You feeling nervous yet?” he asked, smiling at his girlfriend. “You look amazing.”

He looked pretty sharp himself, dressed in nice dark jeans and a dress shirt, which Maddie surveyed as she turned off the bathroom light and gave him a quick kiss. “A little bit. I’m mostly excited though.”

Anthony ran his hands along her skirt and up underneath it, squeezing her ass. “It’ll be fun. It always is, right?”

It wasn’t their first time going to a sex club, but it was their first time going to this one. It was a well-known club in their city, and they were excited to try it out and watch how the night unfolded. This was something a little kinky and fun they liked to do together every now and then. Maybe it wasn’t conventional, but they loved every minute of it.

“The same rules as always?” asked Maddie, locking her hand around Anthony’s in the backseat of the taxi.

He nodded. They had standing rules when they went to a sex club, which pretty much just included that they would not get undressed and would not do anything in front of people except make out and grope each other. They liked the atmosphere at these clubs but much preferred to be spectators more than anything.

So when they arrived at the club to find out that the entry requirements included stripping down to underwear only, Maddie and Anthony were shocked. Anthony was about to suggest that they leave, but Maddie was already shimmying out of her short white skirt. Something inside of her felt a little more wild than normal.

When they entered the club, the action had already taken off, with multiple groups and couples having sex in various parts of the club. A few women were dancing topless in the middle of the room. Someone was giving their partner a striptease.

Maddie and Anthony leaned up against a nearby wall, Maddie in her matching black bra and thong, and Anthony in his tight silk boxer briefs. They began making out, starting to unwind a little bit. Anthony ran his hands across his girlfriend’s small, perky breasts, reaching around her back to undo the clasp.

Maddie’s breath caught in her throat. She felt so exposed and loved it. This went against every other experience they had had at a place like this, but it wasn’t a bad thing. The other clubgoers quickly noticed these newcomers and started to move a little closer to them.

“Hi!” said a beautiful redheaded woman into Maddie’s ear. She was dressed in a gorgeous white lingerie set, which Maddie admired.

Maddie smiled at her, turning her head to begin making out with the woman. Her lips were soft and warm. As the two women kissed, Anthony dropped down to his knees and pulled Maddie’s thong over her legs so he could eat her pussy. He could feel all eyes on him.

“Oh fuck,” moaned Maddie, as the redhead’s mouth moved to her nipples, sucking them into her mouth. Maddie’s hands ran through the woman’s long hair.

Maddie came not long after that, every sense of hers heightened, her body a quivering mess. She didn’t feel self-conscious about cumming in front of people; if anything, the audience made her feel powerful and sexy.

Anthony stood up from the floor, grinning at her and wiping his mouth off. They found themselves getting ushered by another couple to a large leather couch in a dimly lit corner at the back of the club. Anthony held Maddie’s hand and squeezed it as they walked.

A fit, dark-haired man and his petite partner pulled Maddie and Anthony down onto the couch with them. The pair immediately got to town, the woman holding her legs spread open in the air so he could fuck her in hard, fast strokes.

Anthony looked expectantly at Maddie, who reached down to yank him down towards her, kissing him deeply. Anthony slipped his fingers between her legs, feeling how slick and wet she was, before pulling out his cock and bringing it toward Maddie’s mouth.

“Ohhhh fuck,” Anthony groaned as she started to suck his cock sloppily and hungrily. He hadn’t expected to be this turned on from getting busy in front of everyone, but he was actually enjoying every second.

They started to fuck next to the other couple on the couch. Other people had started surrounding the area to watch the action, which made Maddie feel like she was in a porn video or something. It was hot. She could see a few men stroking their cocks as they observed the action, and even a few women were standing there, biting their lips and playing with themselves.

Two men stepped forward to ask if they could hold Maddie’s legs while Anthony fucked her, and she happily agreed. She and Anthony exchanged knowing looks, realizing that each of them was enjoying this completely.

“Damn, you’re a lucky guy!” said one of the men, as he grabbed Maddie’s ankle and watched Anthony start fucking her. “You’re beautiful,” he said to Maddie. “Fucking goddess.”

Maddie didn’t say anything back but instead looked up at him, flirtatiously smiling. She felt used and objectified, which was one of her kinks, but at the same time, she felt completely adored.

“Do you guys ever swap?” said the man next to them on the couch, who had just pulled out from his partner’s pussy and was now receiving head from her.

Anthony looked down at Maddie, not slowing down with his thrusts. He cocked his head to the side and shrugged as though saying, “why not?”

Maddie nodded back eagerly, and before she knew what was happening, the two men had switched places. The stranger smiled warmly at Maddie, who got onto her knees so she could hold onto the back of the couch. She looked over briefly to see Anthony lying on his back, the woman bouncing up and down on his cock.

“Wow, you are stunning!” said the man, running his hands along Maddie’s cute ass. “And so wet, holy shit.”

Maddie shivered excitedly as the man’s fingers ran across her pussy. Then, when he shoved his cock into her in one deep, slow thrust, she couldn’t help but fall forward, her face pressed against the back of the couch.

“Holy shit!” she screamed, his cock stretching her out so much more than anticipated. It hadn’t seemed that big until it was inside her. “That feels so goooood, oh my god!”

Anthony loved being able to hear Maddie’s cries and moans. Listening to that while this beautiful woman rode his cock, her tits bouncing up and down, almost made Anthony cum then and there. But he was saving it for Maddie. If that wasn’t a rule already, it was now.

Maddie couldn’t believe how good this felt, being fucked by a stranger in front of everyone. She looked back over her shoulder at this man, whose hands were pressed firmly into her hips as he pounded her, pulling out and then slamming back in completely. Maddie began to tremble and shake, allowing one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced to wash over her.

“Good girl,” said the man, leaning over to kiss the back of Maddie’s shoulders. “You’re incredible.”

After a few more minutes, the couples decided to switch back. The men suggested they cum on their partners’ faces side by side, while everyone looked on. It felt like a grand finale of sorts. The two women dropped to their knees. (Someone had graciously taken off the couch cushions and put them on the floor so they could kneel there.) They held each other’s hands, which was very cute to Anthony, and stuck their tongues out.

Anthony gave his cock a few long, deep strokes, his breathing ragged and shallow. With a small crowd cheering him on and making comments about how jealous they were, Anthony coated Maddie’s face in thick streams of hot, white cum. Maddie smiled the whole time, squeezing the other woman’s hand as she received hers.

Happily, Maddie giggled and stood up, wiping the cum off her face. Anthony pulled her in against him and helped her clean up.

“Is it bad we broke the rules?” he said into her ear.

Maddie gave his shoulder a little bite. “I would say it’s quite the opposite.”

Authors note: I am feeling seriously flustered and wet after writing this piece of erotica. Sex clubs aren’t for the faint-hearted and this couple certainly got carried away by the sexual energy in the place. I loved writing this group sex story and I would love to write more publically, however, you can always find more inside my membership – Tamsin 🧡

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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