The woman who turned me

Amelie had always liked men, from the moment she started dating up to right now in her twenties. Sure, she had always had an attraction to women, appreciating their beauty and their similarities but she assumed everyone had that love for their own sex, that yearning to be in female company, and the desire that fluttered inside of her whenever she saw an attractive woman.

She went through life ignoring those signs until she joined a yoga class in her city.

Wearing her favorite tight yoga pants and a tight shirt that showed off the figure she had been working so hard on, she waltzed into the large room and was met by 20 other women of all different shapes and sizes. Each woman had their own yoga mat and it seemed that Amelie had forgotten hers.

“Shit”, she muttered to herself as she desperately looked around for a towel or a spare mat she could use without drawing too much attention to herself.

“Here”, a cute woman approached Amelie and handed her a spare mat, smiling at her as Amelie took it sheepishly, thanking her for saving her from using a towel on the hardwood floor.

She was gorgeous, Amelie thought to herself as the class began, she was next to her as they began stretching and Amelie couldn’t help but glance over and take in her marvelous figure. Her breasts were small and round, straining inside of her small sports bra, her ass peachy and toned and her face, smooth and pretty, she reminded Amelie of a pixie fresh from the enchanted woods.

Amelie could have sworn she felt the mysterious pixie woman’s eyes on her too but she was shy and didn’t want to embarrass herself if the woman wasn’t just simply naturally gazing in Amelie’s direction.

“Hey, you wanna go for some tea?”, the pretty pixie stranger asked Amelie as they rolled up their mats as the class ended.

Amelie followed her new friend, who was called Emma out and towards a vegan cafe. The pair got on really well and Amelie was feeling things she had never felt before and dismissed them as just nerves and excitement.

“You’re gay, right?”, Emma asked Amelie as they tucked into a slice of moist cake.

Amelie shook her head, blushing at the observation, denying her gayness to her new friend and suddenly wanting to run away and never have to face that sort of embarrassment again.

“Shame”, Emma smiled as they continued and Amelie felt her pussy flutter with arousal, something she had only felt happen with a man before.

That night Amelie lay in bed and couldn’t stop thinking about Emma, her mind was filled with images of her face and her toned body in that tight yoga outfit, the flirty smile on her face whenever she spoke. She was something else and Amelie couldn’t understand why she couldn’t stop thinking about her like that. As she lay there she didn’t realize her hand was slipping beneath the sheets and into her pants, she didn’t realize that her finger was slowly rubbing against her clit, and nor did she realize how wet she was.

She closed her eyes and let her fingers do the work as dirty thoughts of Emma washed around her mind, thoughts of her naked body, her small breasts, and the touch of her soft skin made her pussy moisten further until Amelie was masturbating furiously thinking about the pixie stranger she had met that day, she brought herself to orgasm as she thought of Emma’s lips against hers, her fingers deep inside of herself. She gasped loudly, completely shocked about what she had just done, quickly turning the lights out and heading to sleep, trying so hard not to think about the arousing sensations arising once again inside of her.

A few weeks go by, and Amelie continues going to her yoga class where she sees Emma every week after every class, the pair go out together to bars, restaurants, and little quirky cafes and when Amelie is home and in bed each night, her fingers slide inside of herself as she masturbates thinking about Emma. They grow close quickly and one day, Amelie, riddled with confusion and arousal tells Emma that she feels as if she has some feelings toward her.

After a yoga class a few days later Emma asks Amelie back to her place to talk. Amelie is smitten by this pixie girl, her apartment is fresh and bright with colorful art lining the walls. Sitting down, crossed-legged in front of one another, Emma enquires about Amelie’s feelings, asking her if she had ever been with a woman and what had been going on inside of her head and Amelie let it all pour out and she even decided to tell Emma about the masturbating which made her cheeks flush red. Emma pressed her on the topic, slowly moving towards her, resting her delicate hand on Amelie’s leg, moving it up her thigh and without skipping a beat, sliding it inside of her tight yoga pants and against her bare pussy.

“Tell me about your fantasy”, Emma said as Amelie breathed heavier.

“Well, it started innocently but soon I was picturing you naked, your body pressed against mine as your fingers explored me and mine explored you”, Amelie said, biting her lip as Emma’s fingers parted her wet lips and began rubbing against her swelling clitoris.

“Did you like it?”, Emma asks inquisitively, rubbing softly against her wet pussy.

Amelie nods, biting her lip as she thinks about all of the filthy fantasies she has had about this woman.

Emma rubs her thumb against Amelie’s swollen bean and pushes her middle finger inside of her, it tightens around her and Amelie lets out a little whimper as Emma’s finger buries inside of her and begins stroking her g-spot.

Amelie is soaked and Emma just wants to taste her and so, slowly peeling her tight yoga pants off, Emma begins undressing the girl, marveling at her cute pussy and her lack of underwear.

“You have a really pretty pussy”, Emma says as she kisses down Amelie’s smooth thighs and towards her opening.

Amelie giggles and parts her legs, letting her pixie girl begin licking at her, her tongue long and pointed, licking softly against her clit, her middle finger still pushing deep inside of her. Amelie thought to herself that she had never been in so much pleasure, no man had ever gone down on her like this and Emma was making her feel things she didn’t know she was capable of.

She arched her back as Emma’s tongue slipped around her most sensitive area, her body was alive with sensations, she breathed heavily and let out uncontrollable whimpers as Emma lapped up her juices and sucked expertly on her pussy. Amelie had never been so turned on and she felt her orgasm was coming way too quickly, she had never come so quickly, not even by her own fingers and suddenly she began to erupt, her orgasm squirting out of her and making her entire body trembling with the release.

Emma licked up her juices from her swollen pussy lips and kissed up her body, pulling up her tight sports bra to look at her breasts. She was impressed as she kissed them and suddenly felt Aemlies hands on her ass.

“Do you think you might be a lesbian?”, Emma asked teasingly as Amelie slowly opened her eyes.

“Oh God, I think I might be in love with you and your tongue”, Amelie snickered. “I also want to do the same back to you”.

Emma kissed her passionately and couldn’t wait to show Amelie how it was done, grabbing her hand and placing it against her breasts. Amelie let out a little moan and the pair hurried into the bedroom.

Authors note: This curious lesbian erotic story really got me going, the sweet scent of feminine divineness filled my soul and I found myself wanting to be a part of their love story every step of the way. Would you like more romantic lesbian stories? Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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