Throatpie For My Sweetiepie

She knew her husband would be home from work very soon.

It’s Friday, Christie’s favorite day of the week, her husband always clocks out right on time and hurries home to her.

Their dinner is cooking in the oven, the oozy, cheesy smell fills their home and she can’t help but feel a grumble in her stomach as she inhales the savory and addictive aroma.

Brushing her bouncy curled hair and sipping on a fizzy fruity drink she bought earlier that day at Walmart, Christie waits patiently on her knees in front of their couch, for her husband to open the front door and give her what she has been waiting for all day long.

Suddenly she hears the familiar jangle of the keys in the lock, the door swinging open and her husband walking in, bringing the cool winter air in with him.

“Honey I’m home!”, he shouts, smiling as he puts his briefcase down, not noticing his wife down by the couch.

“Hey sweetiepie, I’ve missed you”, Christie says, making her husband jump. He walks over to her, coming nearer and stroking her hair, planting a kiss on the top of her head before setting himself down heavily on the couch. The cushions hissed as his weight fell down onto them and Christie could smell the cold air on her husband’s suit.

“I have been waiting all day for this”, she beamed at her husband who smiled down at her, a lustful look in his eye that made Christie swoon and remember the days when they would just spend hours in the bedroom together, not a care in the world, no job to get too, no house to run.

He let out a big sigh, letting the troubles of the day out from his body, relishing the moment, his gorgeous wife on her knees ready to relax him before they eat whatever delicious meal she had cooking in the oven.

Without saying a word, Christie began unbuckling her husband’s belt, unbuttoning his pants, pulling down his zipper, and pulling down his pants, revealing his half-soft cock. She smiled at it, she loved her husband’s cock, it gave her so much joy and since he had left that morning this is the moment she was thinking about and it was finally here.

As she touched his cock softly, it began to harden in her hands, her husband spread his arms wide, watching his wife as she gently caressed his meat, letting it grow against her fingertips. She licked her lips as his cock sprang to life, ready for action. Christie slowly took her husband’s cock into her mouth, kissing it gently at first, slowly teasing his tip with her soft lips and wet tongue before taking him inch by inch.

Her husband groaned and breathed through his teeth as his wife sucked on his head, her mouth like a vortex as she caressed it with her tongue. Each inch that she took felt better than the last and she was enjoying it as much as he was, her love of cock and cum apparent as she rubbed herself through her cute skirt and rocked against her fingers as she swallowed her husband’s meat.

Outwardly you would never suspect Christie to be so hungry for cock, she is the perfect twee housewife, attending PTA meetings, always showing up looking immaculate, and having a home everyone envied, yet, Christie had a dirty secret, her husband’s cock was the best thing in the world to her and she would do anything to please him and make sure his balls were always empty.

She sucked hungrily on his cock, taking it all of the way down her throat, making her saliva and his pre-cum dribble down her chin. She loved pleasuring her husband and she could feel her wetness pooling inside of her panties.

“You’re amazing honey”, her husband groaned as he ran his fingers through his wife’s perfect hair.

Christie let out a little moan as his cock throbbed inside of her throat, letting her know subtly how eager he was to cum and how close he was to blowing his load and it’s all she wanted, all day long she thought of the delicious throatpie he was going to give her and now it was finally about to happen.

This was her starter before their main course that was cooking away in the oven and Christie almost came with the excitement of almost having her husband’s cum, warm and filling inside of her.

She continued sucking on his meat, caressing his shaft with the hand that wasn’t rubbing against her pussy and tightening her lips around his swelling meat. Suddenly his breathing became heavier, a telltale sign that he was about to cum, he held Christie’s head delicately and began to unload his warm seed into her throat, filling her up to the brim with his cum, emptying himself inside of her, thick bursts of cum coating the lining of her throat. She swallowed it all down and continued sucking, trying to get every last drop from his throbbing meat.

They both moaned as Christie licked up every last drop and as she was sure there was absolutely nothing left for her to taste, she stood up, brushed down her skirt, and thanked her husband for such a delicious throatpie, telling him she had worked up such an appetite. Opening the oven, she declared their main was ready and hurried around the kitchen to get things ready for them to eat.

The perfect suburban couple.

Authors note: I get so excited thinking about naughty housewives who are completely different behind closed doors and that’s exactly what I wanted to create for this piece of erotica. Christie was an ideal character, her devotion, her love of cum, and her sweet housewife charm. If you want more like this, please let me know! Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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