The Toxic Boss

“Uh Oh”, I thought to myself as I hear my boss slamming the phone down and pacing around his office.

“Secretary, here NOW!”, he bellows, not even calling me by my real name. Commanding me to his office, I stand up clutching my notepad, and hurry inside, my heels clicking against the marble floor as I usher myself quietly inside.

He has a look in his eye, a look that tells me everything I need to know. I put my notepad down and hurry over to his desk, bending over it and pulling up my skirt, my head turned to the side and I watch him slowly walk over to me. Without saying a word he peels my panties off and lets them glide down and around my ankles before roughly spreading my legs further apart. He sighs deeply before slamming a hard palm against my bare ass, I don’t make a sound, I bite my lip and feel my wetness pooling in my throbbing vagina. Again he smacks my ass hard, leaving red marks on my cheeks. I am his secretary, I am meant to take his stress away I think to myself as he lands another blow on my ass. I shouldn’t enjoy this as much as I do but being treated like a piece of meat, a sex toy for his pleasure is the most turned-on I have ever been in my life.

I hear his pants being unzipped and wait to feel his hard cock diving inside of me. It only takes a few moments and suddenly he is pushing inside of my wet hole and penetrating me roughly, slamming into me, his hips hitting my ass hard as his cock buries its way into my vagina, hard, quick thrusts, quickening and becoming more vicious with each second and it feels so good.

He pulls my curled hair with his hand in a fist as he slams into me. “You’re such a whore, aren’t you? but you make me feel so much better”, he whispers into my ear as his cock destroys my tight wet hole.

I whimper, excited, and turned on, I have never had a boss quite like it.

“On your knees”, he suddenly says and I do as he asks. “Tits”, he says and I unbutton my shirt, pulling my busty tits from my bra, and looking up at him. “Now, touch yourself as I fuck your whore mouth”, he says and I listen to his every word, my hand rubbing at my clit and pushing inside of myself as I open my mouth to let him in. He forces his cock down my throat, holding my head sadistically as he pushes past my tonsils and as far down as he will go, making me splutter and cough as I finger myself, enjoying being the source of his pleasure and sole reliever of his stressors.

I had never been used and fucked like this before I started working here, I was always treated like a princess, the pretty girl everyone tried to impress but with him, it’s the opposite, I can’t get enough of his attitude and ownership of me. I am supposed to hate this but I have never been more sexually fulfilled in my entire life.

As he fucks my face I begin to taste droplets of his pre-cum, my boss is getting close and I know this isn’t the end of his stress relief yet.

“Up. Bend over”, he says, pulling his cock roughly out of my throat. I bend over as he asked, back across the desk, spreading my legs, and suddenly feel two of his fingers rubbing my asshole, probing their way in. We have only done what is about to come next a few times and I am excited. He fingers my asshole ferociously, I am dangerously close to an orgasm, in a state of euphoria but I know he doesn’t care about that, this is all for him.

He pulls his two fingers from my asshole and slowly pushes his cock inside, stretching me out and filling my tight ass with his entire wet cock. I gasp and moan and he tells me to be quiet, a coldness to his voice that makes me want to moan louder. He begins thrusting roughly in my asshole, holding my hips hard before grabbing a fist of my hair and pulling my head back as he fucks me with everything he has, his balls slapping against my soaked vagina, my ass tensing around his shaft, feeling his entire length deep inside of me. He doesn’t make a sound but I know he is about to cum, his body tenses, and his thrusts become sharper, much harder, and suddenly he is filling my asshole up with his seed, I feel it pouring out of him and inside of me and as he pulls out, his seed pours out with him, his cock had plugged my hole and now it’s dripping down towards my vagina. I stay where I am, just in case he needs more, bent across his desk, my panties still around my ankles, now collecting the drips of cum from my asshole.

I hear him zipping up his pants as he says: “Get Zurich on the phone”, ignoring me as he sits back down in his large chair. I stand up, pull my panties back to where they belong, grab my notepad, and head back to my secretarial desk, punching in the numbers to the office he wants.

I hear him shouting, getting angrier and I feel a flutter in my pussy, I know he will need to get those stressors out one way or another…

Authors note: Phew! I loved this one. I have worked in a few offices and I have always had a sick, twisted fantasy of fucking my boss or even a colleague in there. I have never done it but I sure do get off on it. There was something about the dynamic of these two that really got my heart racing, I really enjoyed it and I will definitely write more if that’s something you would like. Let me know! Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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