Use Me

Though I had always fantasized about being used by not one, not two, not three, but four or five men at the same time, I never thought it was going to happen in real life until I met Dean. He was sexually adventurous, confident, and encouraging. We spoke about our secret desires, we experimented in bed… and in the bathroom, the kitchen, the garden!

Not long after we began dating, I told him all about my most depraved, most secret desire. I thought he’d laugh at me or mock me, or dump me for being such a whore, but he did the complete opposite. He made love to me that night, whispering in my ear as he played along with my fantasy, making me imagine I was actually surrounded by a group of horny guys.

At first, it was nothing but roleplay games, just our imagination flowing freely as we fucked. In time, though, the inevitable proposal arrived:

“I talked to some friends about your fantasy, and they’d be happy to give you a helping hand,” I stared at Dean with shocked delight, and his smirk made me know he was all too aware of how just aroused I was by his announcement. “So, should I call them and tell them to come over tomorrow night?”

“Yes! Oh, god, yes, I can’t wait!” I squealed, jumping into my boyfriend’s arms and kissing him in a perfect mixture of arousal and adoration. If it hadn’t been for him, I would have never dared take this step toward fulfilling my most ardent desire. Now it was only 24 hours away!

I took the whole next day to prepare myself for the big night, almost trembling with excitement by the time the bell rang.

Four of Dean’s friends stepped inside, and we warmly welcomed them into the apartment. There was a bit of small talk, but it quickly died down as Dean announced it was ready for the evening’s big event to begin.

“Undress for us, gorgeous. Show the guys that beautiful body of yours,”

I flushed furiously but didn’t hesitate, not for a second. I had been aching for this moment for years, and now that it was finally here, I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. They stared as I began to undress, removing my short, sexy skirt, my high heels, my blouse… only to reveal I wasn’t wearing any sort of underwear underneath my clothes. I had considered buying a brand-new lingerie set but decided against it. I would barely use them at all: after all, all those guys would need access to my entire body from the get-go.

“Fuck, she’s as hot as you said!”

“Her tits are a fucking work of art!”

“I can’t wait to stick my cock inside that soaked pussy!”

They all spoke at the same time, and my boyfriend was the first to step forward, as the others undressed in a hurry, aching to enjoy my curvaceous, sensual body. Dean kissed me passionately, sliding his right hand down my body until he discovered my soaked folds. He fingered me sensually just to get me going, and then slid away, winking at me playfully.

“Let’s have fun, shall we?” he said, and that was when all four men stepped toward me, finally fulfilling my deepest fantasy.

I suddenly found myself surrounded by them: hands that rolled up and down my curves, fingers that twitched and pulled at my hard nipples, and strong arms holding me up so they could all share what I had to offer.

One of them, I was honestly not certain who it was any longer, grabbed my arms and pulled them over my head. Another one tied my hands together, and then Dean revealed the big surprise for the night: He had installed a hook on the ceiling, strong enough to hold me right on the tip of my toes while he and his four friends had their way with me.

I had never been so soaked in my entire life, and they hadn’t even begun fucking me yet!

While his friends continued to grope and caress me from head to toes, Dean grinned at me one last time before covering my eyes with a silky blindfold. That way, I wouldn’t be able to tell who was doing what to me at any point of that night… and I loved every second of it.

“Yes, yes, please!” I moaned out loud, as they continued to tease and pleasure me, not a single inch of my body unexplored.

Someone sunk his fingers inside my ass, while another man did the same in my backdoor, and I let out a surprised, delighted gasp. I could feel something warm and moist brushing against my stomach, my tits, my legs… It didn’t take me long to realize they were rubbing their cocks against my skin, coating me in their precum. I felt so dirty and alive, all at the same time.

They shared my body, reaching for my tits, sucking at my nipples, and slapping my ass over and over again. Finally, fingers were pulled out of my ass and pussy, and immediately replaced by something thicker, throbbing. Two big cocks began to fuck me hard and rough from both sides, several pairs of hands continuing to roll up and down my curves. Someone spread my legs wide open, and another one began rubbing my clit with such a firm, sensual touch I found myself quivering from head to toes, reaching my first orgasm of the night far sooner than I could have ever imagined it would happen.

Waves of pleasure filled me to the brink, and I felt myself squirting all over someone’s cock for the first time in my life. They didn’t stop, didn’t pause, just kept going, calling me all sorts of names, using my body to their hearts’ desires. I moaned out loud, begging for more!

I felt myself being pulled down from the ceiling then, but the blindfold remained over my eyes, and my body was tilted downwards so that this gang of horny men could continue to fuck my ass and tight, soaked pussy, but also gain access to my mouth.

The instant I felt one of those men’s bulbous heads tapping insistently over my lips, I opened wide and let him inside. My tongue swirled around his girth with blind desire, and I began to bob my head up and down his shaft. Was it Dean? Or his friend Will? Maybe Hank? Or Luke? It could even be Bob. I had no idea, and that was just the way I liked it.

My legs were pulled further aside, as far as they could go, and someone else rubbed himself against my folds. I could barely inhale sharply as preparation before that new cock was shoved deep inside my cunt. Two dicks were penetrating me at the same time from the front, one from behind, and yet another was buried inside my greedy mouth. I closed my eyes behind the blindfold as yet another orgasm washed over my body, making me quiver and moan like a bitch in heat.

I was almost delirious with pleasure and arousal, lost in a sea of cocks and hands that demanded every bit of my attention. My every sense was overloaded: All I could smell was their musky scents, and all I could hear were their grunts and the hoarse words they uttered my way. All I could feel were their bodies crashing against me again and again. Inside me, over my skin, down my throat.

I was passed back and forth over and over again, passed from cock to cock as if I was some kind of sex doll, and that was precisely what I had always imagined this experience would be like.

By the time they cum for the first time, I already felt my holes overflowing with cum. And yet there was still so much left to taste, to enjoy, to experience. I knew instantly that this would hardly be the only night Dean and I hosted such parties.

Authors note: I really let my imagination run wild with this piece of erotica, I closed my eyes and imagined being in the middle of that group, having my body devoured and I let all of that slip out of me and into this story. Would you like more stories like this one? Let me know! Tamsin.

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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