Valentines Day With My Quean

I rolled over to my side and watched Allen stroke Claire’s blonde hair. She was smiling and looked beautiful and happy. His green eyes shifted up to look at mine, his eyebrows raised. Sure, this wasn’t most people’s idea of a typical Valentine’s Day, but to me, it was the best way I could have asked to celebrate.

Claire and my husband had been dating now for several weeks. At first, it started slowly – I’d hear them fucking in our bed while I was in the office finishing up work things. I’d hear him ramming her with his cock in the shower while I did the dishes in the kitchen. Claire’s cute moans, knowing that she was getting pleasured by my husband – I couldn’t think of a bigger turn-on. It drove me absolutely wild.

But tonight was the first night the three of us had been in the same bed together. Allen and I had had a quickie earlier that day, before he left for the office, but I hadn’t finished. I was hornier than ever, and he knew this. I had a sneaking suspicion he was going to use this against me. . .

“Mmmm,” Claire moaned, as Allen rolled her over onto her back and began to suck on her nipples. “That feels so good, baby.”

Allen was in the middle of us but hadn’t been paying much attention to me so far. I figured as much. His lips wrapped around Claire’s pink peaks, dragging his tongue over them, causing Claire to whimper and sigh. I so desperately wanted him to be doing that to me.

I began to touch my pussy, moaning a little louder than I normally would so that Allen might pay some attention to me. He looked over and smirked. I could tell he was enjoying this torture just as much as I was.

“Someone’s needy, isn’t she?” he said, letting out a little chuckle.

I bit my lip and looked into his eyes, pleading with him silently to pleasure me. Couldn’t he see how raring to go I was? I had been a dripping mess all day!

For a minute, he looked as though he was going to eat my pussy. I felt excited for a second, eagerly anticipating his touch. He ran his fingers along the wet slit of my pussy and positioned himself so that he was in between my legs. I took a sharp inhale, ready for him fully, but to my dismay, he was simply rolling over me to close the blinds on the bedroom window. What a tease, an absolute tease.

Claire giggled as Allen returned back to bed and crawled on top of her, sliding his cock in between her glossy lips. I watched as she eagerly bobbed her head up and down against my husband’s thick shaft and how much Allen seemed to be enjoying it. He gently pulled her hair out of her face as spit formed at the corners of her mouth. Her heavily made-up eyes looked up at Allen, doe-like and wide.

“Don’t you want to fuck this pussy?” I blurted out, spreading my legs to show him how ready I was. “I’m so wet, baby.”

Allen reached over to me and ran his hands across my breasts, tugging my nipples. I cried out. He knew how sensitive my nipples were, and how much I loved that.

“Shhh, baby, maybe in a minute.”

I groaned and watched in arousal and horror as Allen slid between Claire’s legs now and shoved his cock deep inside her. Claire’s back arched off the bed, her fingers clutching the blankets and twisting them as my husband started to thrust in a hard, steady motion. Claire’s breasts bounced up and down from the action.

“Oh, fuck, you feel good,” Allen said, his eyes looking into Claire’s. “So wet and tight.”

I started to touch my clit again, feeling unable to control it.

“Fuck me next, Allen,” I said, frustratingly. “From behind, baby.”

Allen looked over at me, a mischievous gleam in his eye. To my shock, he had withdrawn his cock from Claire’s pussy and had positioned her so she was on all fours.

“Allen – ” I started, letting out a long sigh as my husband began to fuck this lucky woman from behind, just like I had wanted.

He gave Claire’s ass a few playful smacks, and Claire’s moans were only getting louder. She was going to cum on my husband’s cock like she always did, and I was going to be here suffering in my horny state like I always was.

“Oh, right there! Right there!” Claire’s breath was ragged and quick now, and I watched as she fell against the bed so that her face was right in my pillow while she came.

Allen’s jaw was hanging open now, clearly enjoying himself and the show that Claire was putting on in front of both of us. I could only imagine how good she felt as she was cumming.

“You could finish in me,” I suggested, desperate at this point. It had been so many long, torturous hours since our quickie this morning. I was craving his cock.

Allen clicked his tongue. “You want this cum in you?”

“Oh yes, please,” I moaned, moving closer to them. “Please, baby?”

Moments later, I saw the familiar expression cross my husband’s face, and heard the familiar telltale signs. He was cumming inside of Claire. She was so lucky. I watched as Allen fell forward, panting as he shot his load deep in her, Claire’s hands running across his sweaty back as he did so.

“Baby!” she said, giggling. “That was a big load.”

Allen laughed and leaned up to kiss her. “I know! I was saving it.”

I groaned and rolled onto my stomach, frustrated but unable to look away. Allen pulled his cock slowly out of Claire’s pussy, watching as he did so.

“Becky, come get a look at this,” he said, grinning as he nodded his head towards me.

Rolling my eyes, I crawled over to Claire’s parted thighs and watched with envy as my husband’s cum trickled out of her in a warm, gushing stream. Claire reached down and spread her pussy even more apart, pushing the cum out. She did have such a pretty pussy, I had to admit.

“Becky, why don’t you get your vibrator?” suggested Allen, as he stood up and helped Claire up as well. “You seem really horny, babe. We’re just going to pop in the shower real quick, aren’t we, Claire?”

I made a face at him as they all but skipped out of the room.

Sighing, I rolled onto my back and reached for the vibrator in the top drawer of the nightstand. I pressed the buzzing sensation against my clit and settled into the bed. I shut my eyes and listened to the laughter and spanking sounds coming from the bathroom. I imagined what they must be doing in there. Maybe they were fucking again. Allen always was a man with a quick recovery time.

I pictured Claire’s legs wrapped around his back moments ago.

I pictured her pussy lips pink and spread open, my husband’s cum seeping out.

The buzzing kept going, kept going. The sensation kept spreading. My toes were curling. I came twice by the time they got back from the shower, fresh and new.

Authors note: We see situations like this often from the male perspective and I wanted to try something new with this damsel in erotic distress and her husband’s lover, Claire. It certainly turned me on writing this piece and I would love to hear from anyone who has ever been in this situation before. Tamsin ❤

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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