I gave some virgin guy a chance to fuck my ass

Virgins aren’t my usual choice but on this steamy night, everything changed.

It was almost midnight, and I was fed up and just wanted to be fucked, I wanted out of these tight clothes and yet despite my efforts, I was yet to find the right guy. You see, me and my friends enjoy sex and when we go out to clubs, we like to get laid. Hours before I thought I was going home with a jock from Arizona but he was too much of a douchebag even for me, which is saying a lot. Then there was the businessman who had flown in from Chicago who was nice, he had bought me drinks but he was married and I don’t do married men. Well, only sometimes.

My friend Krystal had found a guy, she was just about to leave the club when I saw him.

Nerdy, awkward, skinny, and far too cute to be in a place like this. He looked so out of his depth and I was going to introduce myself.

“Hey handsome, what’s your name? I’m Amber-Lynn”, I said, sipping my drink seductively through the straw.

He looked at me confused, wondering if I had gotten the wrong guy. You see I am a 5-foot-something, petite blonde with natural busty breasts, he definitely thought I had the wrong guy. He stuttered as he said:

“Hey…Um…Nice to meet you. I’m Doug”, smiling awkwardly as his hands twisted together and moved from pocket to pocket. He was so anxious and I loved it.

“Do you wanna go somewhere more private?”, I asked, biting my lip and batting my eyelashes at my new friend. He looked at his friends who all seemed to be enjoying themselves, dancing to the electronic music, and then he nodded, following me into a quiet back-alley outside of the club. I had been here more than a few times and I knew the only people who ever came this way were other horny individuals or security.

“So…are you having a nice night?”, Doug asked as I stood against the wall and took a hit of my vape. I nodded, smiling up at Doug who stood at least a foot taller than me. He was lanky, his hair disheveled and floppy over his forehead, his teeth nice and white and his eyes a deep hazel. Under all of the anxiety and nerdiness, he was actually quite good-looking.

“Do you have a girlfriend Doug?”, I asked him, smoking my vape again, pressing my shoulder blades back onto the rough brick wall, pushing my breasts out. I was wearing a leather tight tube top and a matching leather skirt, my cleavage visible as my long necklace cascaded down it. I caught Doug looking and moved my head to one side.

He went red when he saw I had noticed. “No..Um…no, sorry, no uh…I do not have a girlfriend, no”, he said, his eyes still flickering towards my busty cleavage whenever they could.

“Are you a virgin Doug?”, I asked in a sultry voice, biting my lip as I stared into his eyes and waited for his answer.

Looking from one side to the other, Doug looked down at his shoes and then back at me before muttering: “Yeah”.

“Well, how about we change that Doug? How about we give you a night to remember?”, I said, putting my vape back into my pocket and leaning up to him, before running my hands through his hand and holding the back of his neck. He nodded, submitting to my touch and we began making out and for a virgin, he was a great kisser.

I reached for his hands and placed them on my breasts and encouraged him to squeeze them, which he did enthusiastically. As I pressed up against him, I felt his cock hardening and it felt like it was going to be a good one. I moaned softly as I rubbed my knee against his cock and pulled away from his lips to kiss his neck, he breathed heavily as I nibbled on his erogenous zone and slowly I slipped my hand down the waistband of his pants and reached for his cock, rubbing him inside of his pants, he moaned softly and kept his hands on my breasts.

“Please…I’m sorry…I will cum”, Doug said breathlessly as I jerked him off. I forgot momentarily how quickly he would blow and so I pulled my hand out and guided his hand up my skirt and into my panties, he didn’t do anything, he just rested his hand in there and so I encouraged him and guided him his fingers inside of me. I moaned and he wiggled his fingers into me, pulling them in and out with great rhythm, I felt how wet I was as he fingered me and knew it was time to really blow this virgin’s mind.

I looked around to check there was nobody watching, kissed him on the lips, pulled up my skirt, and turned to face the rough brick wall, poking my ass in the air and wiggling it at Doug. He held my hips and I felt his cock probing against my pussy. I shook my head and said: “No handsome, I want you to fuck my ass”.

He pulled his cock towards my asshole and he struggled a bit, unsure how to push himself inside of me or how to position himself but I waited patiently for this virgin to finally squeeze inside of my tight asshole. Once he was in, I bucked back onto him, bouncing on his cock as he penetrated my ass, my tight anal walls contracting around his virgin shaft. He held my hips limply, his moans loud and unintelligible as he made an effort to thrust into me, his balls slapping against my wet vagina.

Doug was a great lay, despite his obvious lack of experience. His cock was impressive, it was stretching me out and making me want more, I reached around at rubbed at my clit as he fucked my ass and felt myself being plagued with that familiar sensation, I was going to cum, I continued rubbing myself, letting the wonderful sensation wash over me and I began to cum, a hot, thick orgasm poured of me and made me shudder as Doug continued lovingly fucking my ass.

I told him breathlessly that I had just cum and that made him moan more, his clammy hands tighter now around my waist. I knew he was close, he was going to blow and so I urged him to fill me with his cream, to coat my asshole with his sperm, and on that note, he came, filling me up, his cock throbbing inside of my asshole as his cum poured out of me with him. He gasped and moaned, catching his breath as he pulled up his pants, no longer a virgin.

“Now Doug, nobody is ever going to believe a 10/10 let you fuck her ass tonight so let’s keep this between you and me, ok handsome?”, I said, pulling up my panties and combing down my hair with my fingers. I took a hit of my vape and kissed him on the lips before heading back inside of the club to see if I could find any other virgins to satisfy, that was too much fun.

Authors note: Hey! It’s Tamsin. I loved writing this story, a horny and kinky young slut looking to be used up finds her Prince Charming in ‘Doug’. I have never done anything like this but it sure has played on my mind more than a few times. I don’t think I could be as brash as Amber-Lynn but perhaps I have her hidden inside of me somewhere? What do you think?

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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