We Tried To Be Quiet

“We can’t act like we do at home,” said Courtney, raising her eyebrows at Shane. “We have to be quiet.”

Shane laughed and pulled his girlfriend closer against his naked body. “Okay, okay! We’ll be quiet then. . .”

Courtney sat upright as she straddled Shane, and he began to run his hands over her smooth skin and up across her ample breasts. Courtney reached down and grabbed Shane’s hard cock and slid herself down on top of it. She had been so horny all day, waiting until they were back in the house so they could mess around.

“Fuuuuck,” Shane groaned, his jaw dropping open. “You feel so fucking good.”

“So do you,” Courtney said breathlessly as she began to grind back and forth.

The two of them had gone on a small getaway to Boston and had been fortunate enough that they had an old college friend of theirs living just outside of city limits. Jared had offered up his guest room, and of course, Courtney and Shane said yes so that they wouldn’t have to spend money on a pricey hotel or Airbnb. However, this meant they weren’t able to be as loud as they normally were.

Jared was headed to bed himself but had remembered that the guest room got colder than the rest of the house. He grabbed a stack of blankets from the hall closet and headed to the guest room to drop them off, so his friends didn’t freeze.

“Here you go, guys,” Jared said, unthinking, as he opened the door to the guest room. “Holy shit! Ohhhh my god. Oh my god. I am so sorry. I was just – I was bringing you blankets. I should have knocked. Fuck!”

Courtney laughed from where she sat on top of Shane and brushed her blonde hair out of her face. “It’s okay!

Jared removed his hand from his face and swallowed nervously. “Uh. . .”He wasn’t expecting that to be the reaction walking into two of his oldest friends having sex.

“Yeah man, would you want to maybe. . . I don’t know, get in on this?” asked Shane, looking his friend directly in the eyes.

Jared hesitated, unsure what to do. When Courtney began to bounce up and down on Shane’s cock, however, he dropped the blankets onto the floor and began to undress. How could he resist that? Courtney’s body was amazingly sexy, and he figured he only lived once, right?

Jared got onto the bed beside his friends, and Courtney fell forward, so she was able to reach Jared’s cock to suck it. She couldn’t believe how big he was. She moaned as her lips wrapped around his shaft, lowering all the way down.

As she sucked Jared’s cock, Shane began to fuck her from underneath, holding onto her thick ass as he thrusted.

“Fuck,” moaned Jared, looking down and taking in all the action. He wasn’t sure any of this was even real. This kind of stuff only happened in movies, right?

After a few minutes of fucking like this, Courtney got off of Shane so Jared could have a turn in her pussy now. Courtney got on all fours and started to suck Shane’s cock.

“Wow, your ass is perfect,” said Jared, as he got behind Courtney. He ran his hands across her skin, admiring her curves. Shane grinned. He was more than happy to have his friend share in the appreciation of his girlfriend. “Isn’t it though?”

Jared took his cock and slid it into Courtney’s wet pussy, watching himself disappear inside of her. He couldn’t believe how tight she was wrapped around his shaft.

“Holy shit,” he moaned, his hands gripping Courtney’s ass cheeks as he began to slide in and out of her, he couldn’t believe he was finally finding out what his old college friend felt like and why she broke so many men’s hearts. Courtney was in a state of dizzy bliss, her mouth and pussy being filled at the same time by two cocks. She and Shane had talked about this before, the idea of a threesome and Jared’s name had come up a few times. Unfortunately, since he lived so far away, it never seemed possible until now.

Shane gently grabbed Courtney’s hair out of her face and held it as her mouth moved up and down on his cock. Spit was forming at the corners of her lips, dripping down as she sucked him.

“What do you think, man?” asked Shane. “Should we cum on her ass at the same time? Babe, how does that sound?”

He knew Courtney loved being covered in cum, and she pulled her mouth away from Shane’s cock long enough to say, “Fuck yes!”

Shane and Jared kneeled side by side as Courtney laid on her stomach. She reached around to pull apart her ass cheeks, which made her ass even more enticing to the guys.

Jared and Shane began to stroke their cocks at the same time, while Courtney looked over her shoulder at them, eagerly anticipating the feeling of their hot cum dripping onto her skin.

“Oh shittttt,” groaned Jared, who was the first one to shoot his load. Shane quickly followed, after seeing his girlfriend’s ass covered in cum. It shot out in thick white ropes, landing on her lower back.

Courtney giggled, completely aroused by this whole evening. What a turn this had taken.

Jared and Shane helped Courtney clean up before instructing her to lie back and spread her legs. Jared went to town eating her pussy, while Shane moved upwards to play with Courtney’s nipples. The combination of these sensations wasn’t something she got with one-on-one sex, and she was loving every second of this.

“You feel so good,” Courtney sighed, melting into the bed at the touch of Jared’s deft tongue.

Within minutes, Courtney was clutching at the blankets as Jared’s tongue and Shane’s lips brought her to the strongest orgasm she had had in a very long time. Her back arched off the bed and she shook as she came.

The best part was she didn’t have to worry about how loud she was.

Authors note: Making fantasies become a reality is my favorite part of my job and as some of you may know, I am a huge fan of threesomes. It’s up to you to decide if this story is based on a real-life situation that may have happened or if it’s just a figment of my filthy imagination. Tamsin 💋

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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