Where Are You Going To Choose To Cum?

I always loved sex. Ever since the moment I first learned how to masturbate I knew that I enjoyed it a lot and I didn’t feel ashamed about it. I loved my body, I loved the bodies of other people and I loved having pleasure and giving it to others. It was a simple, harmless concept and I didn’t want to change it in the slightest.

I became even sluttier when I got to college. There were so many opportunities and so many chances to have sex that I had to use as many of them as I could. I was with a lot of guys, starting with the jocks that loved to show off and always be on top and ending with the shy preppy guys that were ready for anything to have a girl like me around. I enjoyed all the attention and all the sex, making me develop an interesting theory.

The guys that I’ve been with all were so different up until the point when they wanted to cum on different parts of my body. Looking at who was choosing which part, I started to realize more about who my lovers were and how sex with them felt.

To my surprise, not many guys wanted to cum on my tits. I always thought that men loved, seeing a girl on her knees with their cum covering and dripping down her chest after just being sucked, but I only had four lovers that preferred to cum on me like that.

I realized that despite what porn told me, the guys I was hooking up with, preferred my face more. Even after they just fucked my pussy and I was in the most uncomfortable position, they would still turn me around and stroke their cock, until their seed was dripping down my chin.

Most guys loved cumming in my mouth too. I enjoyed it a lot, there was something special in getting on my knees or them getting on top of me and fucking my mouth all till the point until they finished and let me swallow it all. I loved the taste, I loved it dripping down my lips and it was amazing. That happened many more times and I expected that, after all, many guys loved talking about it and I was happy to deliver that as an option.

There was something special in the moments when I got to please them, to look up at them as I had their cocks in my mouth and my lips around them. They just let me please them till they couldn’t handle it anymore and there was something special about that. There were around seven guys that preferred me swallowing their load before anything else. I took each of their load in my mouth and took it down. They just loved seeing me swallow it all and never spit it out.

The guys that loved cumming into my mouth, as much as they loved me pleasing them, were also happy to make me happy too. I had a lot of fun with them, especially when they went to put their mouths on my pussy. There was something special about them wanting to please me too and I loved it.

There was also a special type, that, even as they fucked my pussy and my other holes, preferred to cum either on my stomach or my back. Yes, I had all the other kinds of sex with them too, but more than ten were there, enjoying my body, just to pull out and spill over me other than inside me. It was different, but not in the worst way, even though it annoyed me sometimes that they were pulling out their cocks when I was just about to cum. It wasn’t always like that, sometimes I really loved it.

There was something special at that moment when I was laying with my legs wide open as they pounded me hard and I was moaning under them, just for them to pull out, leaving my pussy still aching, and spill all over my stomach. It was hot and thick and I was laying down as it was drying on my skin. There wasn’t a feeling that could compare to that and I loved it.

More than a dozen preferred my ass over anything else. I know, not all of the girls like having that kind of sex, but I really enjoyed it, especially knowing that many guys begged for it. That was a special treat for them and I was happy to give them a chance when they did something nice for me too. Most of them also loved finishing right inside my tight asshole, leaving it slick and wet. After that, I loved having one more round, that felt even better because my asshole was that wet. Nothing could compare to that feeling and I loved having them inside as they fucked their cum deeper inside me.

These guys were all about showing their power and strength. They were letting me have it all and feel everything, just to show that they could have anyone they want and that I was special, even if I knew it wasn’t like that. My asshole meant more than enough for them to make them act nice and I used it to my advantage.

Most guys, of course, loved cumming inside my pussy. Every guy I ever had inside me would spill inside that hole more than once and there were more than twenty in total. Yes, I know, some would think it’s a lot, but not me. All of them just enjoyed fucking me, and if I told them they were allowed to cum inside my pussy they did it, leaving it wet and creamy, more than ready for another round. I loved the feeling of it leaking out of me with more thrusts they gave me, it was something I didn’t expect to like that much, but I allowed it to happen again and again, almost begging for it.

Any guy could cum into a pussy, I realized, as long as they were turned on enough by my body and my actions, they were ready to lose themselves and give me more than enough cum inside my cunt. They were sweet and happy after that, this primal desire to finish inside a pussy satisfied me.

I still continue my little research, getting into more and more adventures as I go. So far I haven’t found a guy that would want to cum somewhere else than these places, but maybe I will. So tell me, where are you going to choose to cum?

Authors note: I often daydream about what it would feel like to be like this character, with carefree constant sex, an adoration for cum, to be used and use others. I like to fantasize about this sort of thing and let my imagination run wild. Tamsin <3

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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