You Don’t Deserve To Cum, Do You?

I always told my husband, Brian, that he was not giving me enough attention. He had a business that was taking a lot of his time and I was understanding of it for the most part, but not when it was coming between us. I loved how passionate he was about it, how much he loved what he did, but I couldn’t allow him to love his business more than me. I was cutting Brian some slack here and there, but when he forgot about our anniversary I decided that enough was enough and I wasn’t going to just forgive him.

On the day of our anniversary, I was going to make a surprise for him – set up a dinner, meet him in sexy underwear and make this night one to remember. He didn’t acknowledge what special day it was that morning when he left for work and it made me annoyed, and when he called me later and said he would be late home in the evening, I realized that my surprise would go to waste. At that moment I concocted an evil plan – if Brian was going to make me wait for him, I’m going to make him wait too.

I didn’t hear him come back home, but when I woke up my husband was next to me in the bed. I felt annoyed, but thinking about my evil plan made me feel much better. I smile, putting a hand on his chest and pulling a blanket down. Brian moved in his sleep, opening his eyes.

“Good morning,” he said with a smile, not knowing yet what will wait for him.

“Not for me,” I said, letting my hand go lower. I felt his cock through his boxers. He was hard and more than ready for some fun. “You forgot about our anniversary”

Brian wanted to get up, but my firm hand around his shaft stopped him. I was stroking him slowly, smiling, and thinking about what was going to happen.

“I’m sorry, I will make it up to you, I promise,” he said, already starting to enjoy the movement of my hand.

“Oh, you will,” I smiled.

I kept moving my hand, looking at Brian’s face and seeing how much he enjoyed it. I was waiting for that moment of absolute pleasure that I was about to see and hoping it will happen soon. He was groaning lightly, his eyes closed, as I looked down, at his cock in my hand. The moment I saw drops of pre-cum forming on his tip, I stopped, seeing a surprised expression on his face.

“Doesn’t feel good when you’re not getting what you want, right?” I laughed, getting off the bed and going downstairs. It was only the first step in my plan, but seeing my husband, lost and confused was giving me a lot of pleasure.

I made breakfast and waited for Brian to come downstairs. I looked at his pants and it seemed like he was still hard. I served him a plate and waited for his reaction. He stopped me when I came close, his eyes fixated on the front of my shirt where my top was cut very low.

“I know I fucked up,” he said gently, holding my wrist. I knew he only wanted sex right now and I didn’t intend to give it to him. “But I’m ready to fix my mistake, just give me a chance”

I smiled, knowing that he was ready to say anything to me right now, just so I would give him what he needed. Well, if he thought I would change my mind because of that lame apology, he had another thing coming.

“I will see if I can do something for you,” I said, getting on my knees in front of him.

Brian smiled, thinking he was about to get what he wanted, but it wasn’t what I had in mind. I smiled at him, looking up, while I pulled his pants down. His still-hard cock was right in front of me, but I kept looking at his face, making sure that I would see a moment when he would be ready to cum.

He groaned, as I started licking his shaft, running my tongue around the tip, while watching my husband’s every reaction. He was enjoying it a lot, especially after I denied him before that. I took him in my mouth, being careful to not apply too much pressure, while he moved his hips, trying to get deeper.

I did my best to suck him slow and lazy enough to now allow Brian to cum and he was getting frustrated. I was torturing him more, than giving him a proper blow job and it made me want to laugh. The moment he put his hand on the back of my head, about to push me down, I moved away.

“You don’t deserve to cum,” I said, looking down, at his hard wet cock that was almost twitching from how much he wanted me. “Do you?”

Brian looked at me in disbelief, as if I ruined all his hopes and dreams. It made me laugh again. He looked at me with anger now, putting a hand on his cock, about to finish the job, but I stopped him.

“If I see you jerking off I won’t let you touch me for a month”

“Please, what should I do to make you change your mind?” he whined, pulling his pants up, his cock still hard. It was probably painful.

“I’ll let you know when you suffered enough,” I smiled.

For the rest of the day, I kept Brian on his toes. He was trying to distract himself, but I would always come close and start touching his cock or stroking him, making it torture for him again.

The moment he was calm and not hard anymore, I would do everything to leave him suffering and wanting more. He needed to learn his lesson and I was making sure he would remember it.
By the evening, Brian was done. He almost crawled to me, a plea in his eyes, sweat covering his chest, his cock still hard in his pants. I knew what he needed and that I was the only one who could help him.

“I swear, I will never forget this date again. Anything you want I will give you, just let me cum,” he said through his teeth.

“Think you had enough?” I smiled, letting him sit next to me.

“Yes,” he said in frustration, as I pulled his cock out again. “Just make it happen, please”

I looked at his tip, all bright red. It was probably painful and frustrating, so I started slowly, just touching him with the tips of my fingers and watching his reaction. He closed his eyes, shaking from the smallest touch I would give him until I closed my hand around him.

I stroked him, slow at first, then faster, hearing his groans and watching Brian react. He needed to cum so badly, but I made sure it wouldn’t happen, not now.

“Yes, keep going,” he moaned loudly, while I saw the drops of cum on his tip again. “I love you so much”

My hand moved faster and faster, as I looked at his face. Until I stopped.

“No!” Brian screamed in frustration.

I laughed, looking at how pathetic he looked. I leaned closer, pinching his tip, enjoying the power I had over him.

“Let’s see if you have learned your lesson by tomorrow and then we will see if I will let you cum or not”

Authors note: Who could dare forget an anniversary? Probably not Brian ever again. I love dominant females in erotica, there’s a special place in my heart for their wicked smiles and strong willpower. Do you enjoy this type of content? Let me know if you want more! Tamsin 💚

I'm Tamsin (also known as Tammy), I'm the writer of all of these erotic stories. I write what turns me on and it used to be just for my personal use, but I decided to release it publically. I hope you enjoy and if you do remember to leave a comment and if you want more become a private member. If you want to know more about me, this is my personal page.

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