The Orgasm Denial

Bondage and cheating can go hand in hand and for Lily, this was exactly the case. Charmed by the suave man beside her, Lily finds herself in a swanky hotel room about to have a threesome with two handsome strangers, all behind her husband’s back, much to her delight.

The Fitness Freak

A man with a god-like physique and a way with women that make them utterly enraptured by him and willing to do anything. This naughty tale is all about one man’s whirlwind with the ladies as he joins a new gym and finds some new pussy to destroy.

On My Knees For Her Boyfriend

I am a cheating slut but I wouldn’t change it for the world. He dominates my body, he makes me tremble with pleasure, I have never felt anything like this, he may be my roommate’s boyfriend but he knows my body and he knows how to make me beg for his touch.