She Wanted To Let The Light In

“Bzzzz”, the familiar noise of a needle filled with ink heading towards someone’s skin, that’s what I like to hear, that’s my happy place, Malcolm thought to himself. He is a tattoo artist, a good one at that, clients begging to be tattooed by him, artwork he has permanently etched

Tiny, Shiny, Bity Snaps Of Steel

Pain and endorphins cause me lots of pleasure, it’s not for everyone but for me, it’s like heaven on Earth. I have always enjoyed breast play and breast stimulation, my nipples are ultra-sensitive, in a good way and I have found that constant sucking and nipple play causes me to

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

The song played out of the old radio, filling his dad’s dusty old SUV with the brilliant sound. Both of them were singing from the top of their lungs, screeching out the chorus and tossing their head from one side to the other as they felt the music and well-known

My Silent Memories

The memories that we can’t and won’t tell anyone about are often the most interesting. The ones that plague our memories with erotic visuals and spine-tingling satisfaction, the ones the people in your life now can never know about. One memory that continuously comes into my mind, is the memory

U Is For Undress

Closing the door softly behind me I stood in my professor’s office, making sure the door had locked, and I stepped closer towards his desk as I looked down at the floor, focusing on my feet inside of my sneakers. He cleared his throat and I looked up, his glasses

It’s Just Sex

If it’s just sex why does it feel so good? If it’s just sex why do they both keep coming back for more? If it’s just sex why are they both thinking about it even after it’s done? These are the kinds of thoughts running through Mia and Justin’s minds,

The Food Slut And The Semifreddo

Long before a time when you could open your phone and instantly find a match on Tinder, we used to use actual dating sites which were far more desperate and cringe than they are now. You would find all sorts of people on these sites, some strange some genuinely nice,

As Salty As His Cum

I was sitting watching my family playing on the beach, the sun bearing down on my skin, giving me that healthy glow we all so desperately needed after such a long winter, it was the first time we had all been out as a family this summer and the day

The Introduction

“Hurry we’re going to be late!”, Danni shouted at me as I expertly pulled on my heels over my freshly pedicured feet and grabbed my bag, hurrying out the door. Arm in arm we ran down the road, hailing a taxi and getting to the downtown restaurant just 15 minutes


This is a stream of thoughts, a hot summer’s day, two lovers, and something between them that neither wants to admit… He looked at me with something dark and arousing in his dark eyes as I sat on his messy bed, my hair curly and falling over my shoulders. I